Straightforward recommendations to care for your skin problem on your face

Welcome to you, dear friends. We have repeatedly written about, you have the right tools to wash your face and various topical creams that will help you to get rid of spots and pimples. Today, we pay for the time you have purchased the sharp young men and women subject matter — the care of the skin on the face, oily skin, sensitive and oily skin.

Many people do not know that the faults have become the constant companion of those who incorrectly took care of. Today, we are going to explain to you what you should give preference to the purchase of tools for the problem of the skin.

The main rules are

skin care

The proper care of your skin problems at home, depends in large part on the stability and regularity. Too often, through ignorance, in the region of a weak half of mankind to make a number of mistakes. We recommend that you adhere to the following rules:

  • The exemption from the wash of the soap is normal. Very dry, the frosting, and the feeling of a "film" on your face. The soap is not worth it to apply to a clean skin in the neck area, the neck and the back. If you really want to use this toolbar, choose the tar, or lava soap.
  • Buy a special soft brush. The use of the fingers of the hand, the application of creams and serums is simply unhygienic. It's just as easy to delete the infection and the gain of the inflammatory process.
  • With the proper nutrition. Too many times, tell you about special diets, which keep the skin in its normal state. We recommend that you leave your skin oily and smoked food.
  • The denial of injury to the skin. Beauty you repeatedly talk about how it is harmful to press the zits, and blackheads, and it does not rub your face with a dry towel. More hygienic to use disposable paper towels.
  • The use of paper to clean the screens. Beauticians do not recommend the use of these tools, many times a 1-2 times a week. They cause damage to the skin.
  • In the mechanical cleaning a person you trust just in the salon. In the absence of sufficient financial resources to visit a beauty salon, we recommend the use of a special quota — in the spoon and the needle is the One.


The integrated and rational management for the nursing that is based on some of the steps — clean, apply a hair tonic, a powerful acne cream treatment or gel that is specific for your skin type. And right now, everything is in order.


To bypass this stage, it can't be, because of the special accounts allow you to clean a stall of cosmetics, a flea market, on the street, dirt, dust, and dirt. An important feature of the cleaning tool, the use of the compositions with salicylic acid. Preferably, the drug in which it is present, hydrogen peroxide, benzoyl-peroxide. For the gentle cleansing of the skin, the use of amber soap. The ideal blade, and formulation available.

Tonic or astringent

This is the category of cosmetics and medicines, which enables you to settle for the scraps of the fat, and fat inside the breast is effective in the combat with acne breakouts and flare-up. You should choose the formulation with no alcohol, this component is strongly dries the skin and results in an increase in the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

To use the tonic, it's easy to get a disc and a container with the tool. Stir up the jar and spread it evenly with a small amount of fluid in the disc. Clean the skin of the face and neck, by massaging gently. For the duration of the proceedings should not exceed 3 to 5 minutes.

The tool-of-acne -

In this case, it is worth to give preference to proven options. If you didn't catch it, check with a beautician or a dermatologist. An experienced practitioner teaches how to choose and use the tools that are appropriate for your skin type.

Care product, cream or gel

When you buy a cosmetic for oily skin and acne have oily skin it is worth to choose formulations that have no oil. This component contributes to the clogging of pores and excessive sebum secretion. Oily skin in need of hydration, not the least of which is the dry season. For this reason, it is important to make the right choices for the cream or the gel.

Displayed on the shelves of the stores, the products and formulations that are often highly dry out the skin and deprive it of nutrients. As a result, there is a burning sensation, and flaking. Often times, this leads to the appearance of early wrinkles and premature aging.

For people whose skin is prone to dryness, and the appearance of the bark, it is worth using means which are known.

Hardware, skin care products

the care of the face

In beauty salons today offer a wide range of different options. Hardware is taking care of the problem of the skin give positive results, but it requires a lot of investment in the financial. In the salons of beauty, offered in many

security procedures in place to help you to get rid of the itching and inflammation of the face.

  • Clean. There are several varieties of this type of procedure is in manual, ultrasonic, and resistance to chemical and laser. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. The mechanical equipment is a cost effective solution but on the skin after you done the procedure you will remain red, he spent a few more days. Saves the method with ultrasonic technology, which not only brings pain and prevents scarring of the skin. Your missing the point of the impossibility of penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin. The Laser procedure is an excellent option to get rid of the inflammation into the stage of implementation. But, in the end, it is the result of the completion of the session, you have to wait a couple of days.
  • The mesotherapy. This procedure is performed by experienced cosmetologists. In the process, it is inserted under the skin, an injection of hyaluronic acid. This is medicine that nourishes and nurtures the skin of the face. The indications for performing the procedures are incorrect, the work of the sebaceous glands, there are certain varieties of acne breakouts and the age of the patient, for more than 35 years of age or older.
  • Instantly. During the course of a session, the skin is the impact on the liquid nitrogen. The procedure, which promotes the recovery of the functions of protection, removal of redness, the alignment of the pitch and to remove the inflammation.
  • Such. This gives you the opportunity to get rid of the dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin on the face. The action of the means to be used in the top-surgery, which are applied in the home.

To get rid of the inflammation, and cosmetics is easy. Important thing is to carry out the treatment on a regular basis. Optional to have to spend half of their salary to the care of the skin. Use of folk medicine, they are also powerful and effective.