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  • Natascha
    Goji Cream with extract of berries of Goji one of the most effective rejuvenating funds. I come back to it, already in 3 times. The cream is lightweight, soft, very quickly absorbed by the skin. My combined skin approached as well. The sebaceous glands work in the same mode, therefore, the excess fat of that the glow on the face does not appear. Cream well tightens the skin, increases its vitality. About 50% of the wrinkles disappeared from her face, the rest was not so pronounced. The cream is in the ergonomic packaging, allowing them to comfortably enjoy. The skin помолодела, is evident!
  • Barbara
    Super effect goji creamI didn't expect, but, yes, needed only a good moisturizer, which you could use at any time of the day. I put the cream on the face and before you leave for work, and before bed. Moisturizes the skin with perfection, and she is very prone to dryness. The smell of the cream taste. The consistency is not too greasy, is absorbed quickly. About to soften the wrinkles I am not sure, the usage is relatively recent. It is possible, through a long period of time of use, the effect will be visible. But until the properties that I like very much.
  • Anna
    On the berries goji several heard, but products with this ingredient have not yet tried. Goji Cream came to me very fast. Taste of light texture and pleasant odor. Until the wrinkles have not disappeared, but the skin gets better. If more gentle. I have dry skin, so here is the cream of good nourishes, and even though I prone to allergies to these means, but this cream came as well.
  • Katharina
    I never thought that the cream you can get rid of wrinkles and not only, and without cosmetic surgeries offices. Satisfied, then, that there are no side effects and contra-indications. I bought goji cream especially not thinking, I use now for a few months, instead of a cream. The face toned and fresh, разгладились wrinkle in the corner of the mouth and the eyes. I advise all to experience and enjoy life, like me.
  • Anna
    I've never tried berries of goji, but had time to buy a cream with your statement. The berries, usually, are very useful for our body, is especially relevant to the age of the skin of the face. Soft cream, almost as флюид. It is quite lightweight, it does not clogs the pores and leaves no greasy shine. Under the make-up of responsibility is wonderful, but I have noticed that make for it for a long time does not stand, 3-4 hours at most. Daily, morning and evening, I put the cream goji in the whole face (even around the eyes and on the eyelids) already almost a month. The results are good. Small wrinkles disappeared without a trace, the deep part of the steel is not as pronounced. The person more elastic, smooth skin. I don't believe in miracles, but the action of the cream is simply stunning. At the time a most effective way to combat wrinkles is not found(except for injection). To maintain the result, you must use constantly, in a certain measure, the cause of dependency. Consumption fast, too much. Missing almost a month. You can, of course, a place to apply, but I for the prevention of pus all over his face. The composition of a good action is excellent, the price is good. I want to similar tools with extracts of berries of goji are sold not only through the internet.
Comments Goji Cream