Take care of your issue facial skin

The youth has always been synonymous with beauty, fragrance and freshness of the fruit. This applies to every aspect of our lives. However, at times, the healthy and the young woman's body releases in problems such as acne, minor rashes and blemishes of the skin. It is a visible disadvantage, which would hide the beauty of the natural, can lead to psychological, complex, and also to distort the image of a man in the eyes of others. If you have a look at this topic from the point of view of the medicine, these symptoms will respond to all of the features of the problem of the skin.

skin care

Points of view in relation to the "problem" of the skin may be different. To someone's problem can be considered to be in leather, with a 30% skin rashes, and, to the smaller, acne is a real tragedy. In this article, we will give a description of the terminology, the problem of the skin, talk to you about the root causes of the problems and practices of how to solve it. On the basis of dealing with failure is to take care of the problem of the skin on the face. The basic, and the systematic ignoring of these rules, it is often the cause of the appearance of early acne and worsening the situation.

The symptoms of

Basically, it's the state of the skin of the face, the more engaged the employees ' representatives of the female sex, in spite of the fact that all men and women are very frequent symptoms.

When you do this, the young people are ignorant of the issues of care, taking into account that with time, the bones themselves were, and then, as if by magic, one day you will wake up beautiful. In fact, every human being is faced with the problems of the skin. On tv screens we are used to seeing perfectly smooth faces and natural tones. But for the most part, the consequences of properly taken care of. If you meet all of the requirements, the time, the health of your skin, it can bring you to the same goal.

Many of the girls allow you to clear up the error, by considering the problem of the skin with eruptions, and that's it. In the Face of the notion of the need to expand, because the problem is in the leather, with symptoms such as:

  • in the presence of a pigment;
  • advanced vascular loop at the area of the nasolabial folds;
  • red, as a result of excessive dryness;
  • the precipitation is in the form of an eel, of acne, dark spots, and the Dr. of defects.
  • in advance of the onset of the first signs of aging;
  • the natural color of a person's (too much pink or yellow in color);
  • the increase in the dryness or oiliness;
  • in the presence of a scar;
  • with the onset of fungal diseases.

These are all indicators that identify a problem that is related to the condition of the skin. The solution to this question is in the realm of medicine and cosmetics.

Since each and every situation in regards to your skin problem, then you can get back on their feet, due to the fact that there are now lots of cosmetic products, tools, and devices of any kind to interfere with the education of the disabilities.

You begin to take care of the problem of the skin that is in need of a person, directly, with the discovery of more problems.

Causes of

The condition of our skin, more than 40% of certain of our heritage. So, if your parents were the salient issues of the skin in the teenage years, with very high probability, you're going to be faced with the same problems. But it is the irreversible process and cannot be adjusted. To do this, you need to know how to take proper care of your skin problems on the face.

According to the reason for the emergence of adolescence and weaknesses it is a drop in hormones. At the period of puberty, occurring destabilizing processes that lead to changes in the external. Further, a fall can mean the onset of an excess of pimples on his face. This is perfectly natural. To deal with these small defects, it can be a corrective tool and the right of the washing machine.

A lot of girls think that once the teenage years, acne will not leave your face and it also creates an excess of trouble. In this case, the root cause of the problem is a bad power supply, wrong choice of cosmetics and the use of inappropriate tools for the skin.

the skin on the face

In most of the eruptions are on the face of the signs of an allergic reaction. It can also be a reaction to food items, cosmetics, and medicines. Therefore, the causes of their disabilities, are located both on the outer and on the inner level.

In addition to the reason, on the condition of the skin that may be affected by factors such as:

  • the contaminated air;
  • the presence of bad habits (excessive smoking and alcohol);
  • the extreme taste of food (too much of salty, sour, or fat, or in the sense of feeding);
  • the problems with their own internal organs;
  • immunity;
  • the drugs (hormones and antibiotics), that affect the overall context of the whole organism.

The diagnostic rules and the general

The first step in the introduction of the care that is appropriate for your problem, the facial skin sets out, a visit to the doctor. Why is the doctor? The point is that, for the proper measures are taken it is important to first diagnose it and understand the reason why your body reacts in the form of blemishes on the face. The doctor guides his patients on the blood, and gives you the recipe to put in the other reviews.

The indicators of the survey allow us to identify any problems with the internal organs. For girls, the most common cause of imbalance is the problem in therapy, or kidney disease. Examination to do a good job for us in the event of diagnosis of any of the parameters in the body. If you have kidney problems, your doctor will tell you, for instance, by eating less fatty foods. After that, you have to follow this rule, and the condition of your skin improves.

In addition to the diagnosis, the doctor may also prescribe a therapy of medicinal products (mash or mask) to the radical solution of the problems (acne, blackheads, under the skin pimples). If the treatment is affect your internal organs, your doctor may also prescribe a treatment with tablets can bring to the functioning of a particular organ. After that, it will come with the next stage of care for his / her facial skin, is on a visit to the beautician. This is the expert that you have to identify your skin-type (oily, normal, mixed and dry). According to these indicators, the doctor will tell you which type of treatment is more ideal.

The Medic is not obliged to call on the name of the specific brands. It just gives the general characteristics and the composition of a cosmetic product that's best for you individually.

In addition to medical treatment, the beautician might as well go for a course of treatments, and the treatments that are going to be working on the outside. Both internal and external, and the fighting in the complex will give a quicker and better outcome.

In the house

Once you pass the first two stages, you will need to follow the rules of care for your problem skin is the facial in the home, in order to determine the outcome of the treatment. The set of tools are provided for aesthetic, as well as the advice of a skin doctor in regards to the necessary requirements. In the arsenal of every girl has to be either a gel or a buyer, the scrub brush (scrub or peel), hair tonic, skin cream for her face.

The sequence of actions

The procedure for the care of problematic skin in the face of a teenager, it requires a systematic and correct sequence:

  • Step 1 – wash in the morning and in the evening the smooth tool to remove the makeup, remove the debris of dead skin and dirt).
  • Step 2 – exfoliate (it gives the effect of deep cleansing, removes impurities, which could not, with the help of pionki, and the gel).
  • Step 3 – get (closes the tiny pores of the skin, so you don't spill any excess dirt, and the colour of her face became much more gentle).
  • Step 4 – nutrition and hydration (allows you to recover all the forces of nature on the skin in order to intensify the process of recovery and struggling with a disability at a deep level. In the morning it is used for moistening, and the late – night food).
  • Step 5 – obtaining an effect of the applying of a facial masks with a different target, such as a support).


the treatment of the skin

Don't you think that the use of cosmetics, will allow you to get to the end, as shown in the picture. Problems with the skin of the face, they appear to be a natural reaction of the body to certain stimuli. If you ignore the problem of the skin, and it's going to ruin his life, and after more than 25 years of age or older. To deal with the problem entirely, you are going to help the integrated approach is the work of the internal and the external. The key to proper treatment is recommended by a physician based on a diagnosis of the body. The sooner you have to pay attention to a minor problem "locks," you'll have to later dig up.