The professional care of the face

Take care of your skin should be a constant. More often than not, the girls are doing this at home, using a wide variety of pieces, cosmetic products, and applying the folk recipes of beauty.

But at the same time more and more close to the fair sex, and especially to those whose skin has significant drawbacks, there is the desire to surrender oneself into the hands of the experts. The beauty is now at the peak of its development are being created every day and new products and services, you will be able to transform the look and feel of a woman by a series of visits to the beauty salon.

Talk about the benefits that you have a professional to care for the skin on the face, as well as the things that can be done with the aesthetic.

The pros and cons of european union

the care of the face

Professional skin care products has its own advantages prior to the pet procedure.

  • Estheticians who work in good beauty salons and clinics, it has received a proper education, and continuously improve their skills. Many times, these people are also on-site dermatologists and therefore, can be calculated based on the disease of the skin, and if there are any, and get the necessary treatment.
  • The animals in the conditions of the realization of beauty, and especially serious ones, are significantly lower than the beauty salon. It is very difficult to self-observe to the reader, which is required when a different type of intervention. If confirmed in the clinical has always supported the complete purity, are used in disposable instruments and the sterilizers.
  • Not all of the make-up that allows you to achieve a good result in the fight with the various problems of the skin. Many times, these tools can do is to keep the state of the skin, and not for the better. The professionals that are of the same brand differ in a large number of products, in order to exactly transform a person's your skin rejuvenation, whitening, elimination of scars and inflammation.
  • A variety of procedures, the proposed treatment shows, it is quite large, and you can choose from a range of measures are needed to improve the condition of your skin.
  • In this case, you must choose a uniquely proven, hair salons, who work with the plants with appropriate certificates and licenses, as well as to observe all of the terms of the bill.
  • Is not devoid of any care professionals and some disadvantages, which, however, have nothing to do with the quality of the services provided, and other factors.
  • Procedures done good, to the application of the quality-of-ways, are priced relatively high. When a session is usually does not produce the desired results, and therefore, it is necessary to pass a course.
  • There is also the possibility of coming to a bad career. It is very important that before you visit a salon, read the reviews about it, make sure that you have all of the necessary documents, which certify the quality of their services.
  • The following procedures, you must first select a sufficient amount of time. Home can be done at any time of the day, working in parallel with the family's works. Are you a beautician, for example, by peeling or by a mechanical of the material, it will take you less than an hour, including the training and not the mask.


Your beautician can give you really a lot of variety to the proceedings. Another substantial advantage of professional nurses is that only an expert can really evaluate the condition of your skin, and they are available to you in your trouble, and also to take the necessary measures in the complex.

The beauty is not in place, it constantly evolves, there is the introduction of new technologies and methodologies.

So, we're going to talk about the type of procedure, it is possible to get in through a skin care professional.


It is well known that the facial massage will help to keep the young people through the activities to tone up your muscles. It also occurs in the drainage system, through which it is pulled out of the swelling, if there is one. It improves the color of the cover, as it increases the flow of blood to the skin. The battery pack is exhausted of minerals from the inside to the outside. The procedure can be carried out by means of different techniques, such as, for example, features or settings.

The shell

the mask on the face

The procedure, which is aimed at the rejuvenation of the skin of the face, and the resolution of the problems that are present on the surface, such as pigmentation, scars, acne, wrinkles, and also called for a comprehensive cleaning of the skin.

There are three types of peels, depending on how the deeper layers of the dermis, they may include:

  • of the surface;
  • the median;
  • not be underestimated.


An in-depth cleaning of the skin helps to get rid of dark spots, acne, and also to normalize the production of sebum. The procedure can be done in several different ways: with the help of hearing aids or without them.

The most popular types are:

  • mechanical work with his hands and metal tools);
  • the ultrasonic device, the tip actually affects the skin, ultrasound vibration);
  • vacuum;
  • with the application of acid;
  • the use of the galvanic current.


This is a special procedure that helps you take care of the face, decrease swelling, and improves the elasticity of your skin, fight back with flares, tracks, of, acne, wrinkles, and shrink pores. All of this is done by electrical impulses that it generates in the apparatus. The dermis reacts to the impact, activating the metabolism, and regeneration.

The mask

Many times, the application of the masks is a part of other things, but sometimes the girls come into the salon is exclusively for a quick hydration or nutrition for the skin with professional. Popular with a wide variety of alginate impression material of the mask, and that the freeze on the face of it, increasing the depth of penetration of a solution, especially under them.


The rollback procedure for a deep moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. In the process, by injection under the skin, that is introduced to the hyaluronic acid. In the session, it is very painful, but the end result is visible already in the next few days, the cover is very good, the red velvet, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and other imperfections.

The Plasma

The technique of skin rejuvenation, which is an injection procedure, an injection into the skin with a rich platelet plasma of the patient. As a result, they run the natural processes of rejuvenation and renewal, skin smoothed, it takes on a healthy color and elasticity.

Muscle toning

Is microcurrent therapy, which is aimed at the increase of the muscular tone, as well as the elimination of toxins and excess fluid out of the skin. It helps to make the oval of the face more clear, smooth, wrinkle, fix, stuck on the point that, in the face.

This list is, of course, is not complete. Each room offers you all its services, and that you have the proper license.