Skin care after 30 years: beauty tips

Many women agree with the statement that, after thirty the life only begins. This is the truth, because the majority of studies in the past, there is a constant work and stable income, and the children have already grown. Apparently, life is beautiful. But it is at this age, the sex will notice that the youth gradually goes on, it comes to maturity, which means wrinkles, darken the color of the skin of the face, dark circles under the eyes and swelling of eyelids. Now, looking in the mirror, it is possible to find the new wrinkles and a lot of defects.

facial 30 years

Youth is not eternal, but if you know and enjoy the advice facial after 30 years abroad, may be in 37 look 25. So, today let's talk about skin care after 30 years.

Skin care after 30 years: the secrets and recommendations

The main rule, which will help you to always look new, have well-being is a moderate exercise, balanced a healthy diet and stop bad habits. Avoid finally of foods rich in starch, reduce the number of drink alcohol.

Without meeting these requirements, you will not achieve the precise result even with the help of more expensive creams. In fact, many of cream 30+ are made based on the ingredients in hormone, it is important to remember when choosing cosmetics.

If you are an adherent of a correct diet, exercise, then it is time to learn about all the secrets that will help you prolong the youth of the skin of the face and entire body in general.

  • Start your day well. With the cleaning of the skin of the face. In any case, soap, just clean water, milk or tonic. In the evening, on the face if make up the deposits of fat, which should be cleaned before applying the day cream.
  • Learn how to wash. It is not every woman know, from 30 years of washing need not cold and not hot. For such a procedure is ideal cold water, the temperature of the environment. Some beauticians recommend the use of mineral water with gas.
  • Include in your diet the juice of parsley, celery and/or cabbage. This will not only benefit your health and increase the immunity, but as well that affect the appearance, especially the color of the face and the skin tone. YES — it is not delicious! YES — nasty! And as you wanted to?! In the fight for the beauty after 30 need drastic measures.
  • Don't neglect the 8 hours of sleep. This is important, otherwise, the digital print, in the form of bags under the eyes and swelling in the morning coordinated.
  • Keep track of your facial movements. Otherwise, the age wrinkles added lines of expression.
  • To drink in a normal day of water and enjoy green tea. Water improves the metabolic processes in the body, and in green tea contains substances that produce the free radicals from the body, thus, slow down the aging process. I want to emphasize that it is better to drink green tea chinese. It has more benefits than packaged.
  • Drink fluids, at the latest, a couple of hours before sleep. During this time, drunk water, kefir, and t. d. have the time to "come out" of the body and does not manifest itself in the form of edema in the morning.
  • Use the cream. 30 years is the time that it is time to start using the cream with the words "Antivorastnye". In its composition should be fruit acids, collagen, elastin, vitamins from group a, With, In, P.
  • Limit the time spent in the sun. Enjoy the sun in the morning and in the evening, when the sun rays are not as aggressive. Make sure you use a sunscreen with a high SPF-filter.
  • facial 30 years for oily skin
  • Regularly use day and night creams. In the composition of the day, the cream must be a member of the SPF-filter, t. to. even sitting behind a computer, the person is exposed to radiation.
  • If changes related to age since "scream" in your face, then you can buy cosmetics marked with anti— age. But remember, the data of cosmetic work while you use them, when you stop using the construction of batteries back in the original position.
  • Use the serum for the face. In such methods, the concentration of nutrients several times higher than in creams. Therefore, use them every day, throughout the year is not recommended. Spends at least 2 courses per year (spring and autumn).
  • Apply cosmetics only massaging gently.
  • Regularly use cleansing and hydrating mask.
  • Several times a year, visit the beauty treatments, where the beautician will produce a professional cleaning, nutrition and hydration of the skin. After such procedures, aligns the color of the face, decreasing the wrinkles, the puffiness disappears.
  • Start to pay attention to the neck and the skin around the eyes.
  • The end of the day so need to correctly: with the cleaning and nourishment of the skin. Using the milk for removal of make-up, and after that, the cleaning tonic you kill two birds with one stone: the purification and nourishment of the skin. Be sure to remove the makeup before sleeping, using the specialized tools. Use cream to the face. It is more complex than the composition and so that the skin has all the nutrients need time and, of course, the lack of additional external exposure: cosmetics, ecology, and t. p. At the disco solar is not necessarily the content of the SPF-filter, and lo and behold retinoids, collagen, ceramide, coenzyme much need the same. Try to pick up the cream, with which you will be these elements.
  • Do self-massage and gymnastics for the face.

It is worth remembering that the skin of the face needs to care for daily (cleaning and moisturizing), weekly (peeling and mask), and during the whole year (in winter use more fat cream, and avoid using solutions to the alcohol-based cosmetics, and in the summer a cream with sun protection filter).

Phases of care that are needed for skin after 30 years

Phases of the care of the skin, at any age, remain unchanged. This is:

  1. Regular cleaning.
  2. Important to toning.
  3. The necessary nutrition and hydration.

But the skin, which is age changes, requires a special approach and the use of cosmetics. At this age, it is not enough to perform all the complex procedures only, at night. Now, cleanse, tone and nourish the guy needs 2 times a day. Carefully Determine the selection of the product, use only the means which are suitable for your skin type. Do not use makeup dubious manufacturers.

Washtect water and cleaning material tool pYongparaOh, milk and t. d.). After the purification invigorate skin tonic, or prepared decoction of herbs. In the morning apply the cream day, and at night the nightlife. In the morning it is better to use a cream for hydration, and in the evening for the nutrition of the skin.

All the procedures will take a little time (about 15 minutes per day), and the result is fantastic.

Skin care oily face after 30

facial 30 years for dry skin

For bold, type of skin has an over production of sebum, resulting in the face, ever-present unpleasant brightness. Many women disguise the large number of tones of funds, which more pollutes the pores and leads to different throatpaniam. This can help the properly chosen cosmetics. Wash in the morning, you need to use the tools that are suitable for your skin type and tone produces a tonic alcohol based or lotion. The alcohol who has already made in practice the skin and prevents the appearance of undesirable brightness. Do not use fatty acids of cream, remnants of tools of cosmetics, removing the cleaning cloth.

Care the dry skin of the face after 30

You aboutlanddandtelinit type of dry skin faster appear of age, and wrinkles and expression lines are more pronounced. Everything is due to the fact that the skin cannot save the right amount of moisture. In this case, the skin is vital for constant hydration. Buy micellar water in the aerosol, and during the day, apply it on your face (makeup will not be harmed). Eliminate the use of tonics alcohol-based. It will dry up and without the dry skin. Necessarily simply: to moisturize and nourish the skin creams in the morning and at night. Women with dry skin is not desirable to do the procedure with the scrub and peeling more than 1 time per week.

Taking care of your skin problem after 30

At 30 years old the woman can't be teenagers for acne, acne scars. If, even so, they emerged, so this is a problem, with which you should consult your doctor or beauty salon. The fact is that eruptions of the body signals various diseases of the internal organs. Therefore, do not tighten with a walk in a health facility.

Aboutlanddandtelinitы a skin problem like no other should regularly visit the beautician, to produce a professional cleaning of the face and use cosmetics, it is recommended by a specialist.

Beauty salon procedure

If the skin 25 come with beauty treatments, which can be done at home (pilling, hydrating mask and t. d.), with a resolution of 30 years of the barrier of the care professional is essential. All prepared independently, or purchased cosmetic act on the upper layers of the epidermis and do not solve the problem completely. Only in beauty salons can perform special treatments, which will influence deeply the skin (purified, нandсыtIt the components, рandзгlanddIt wrinkles). Here are some of them.

  • Chemical pilling – profoundly affects the skin, cleaning of Horny cells, dirt, dust, after that any cream or serum more deeply penetrates the skin and works the best. Such a procedure aims at the recovery and rejuvenation of the skin. The majority of consumers point out that the wrinkle becoming less visible and leaves the swelling, improves the color of your face.
  • Lymphatic massage – it is recommended to perform the 2nd course in the year of 5-7 procedures. After him, the skin becomes noticeably ponсвeжeвшeй, improves the microcirculation of the blood, the wrinkles are softened for a few months (especially in the area below the nose), the skin becomes firmer and visibly pOMOlondeвшeй.
  • Botox injections, hyaluronic acid, photorejuvenation, mesotherapy is a partial list of procedures that aim at the rejuvenation of the skin and get rid of the wrinkles. Before you apply them to yourself to consult a dermatologist.

Beauty treatments at home

Visit the beautician after 30 is very important, but not the least is your daily care routine at home. For the performance of any procedure you need or parts you have purchased, or made by my own hand cosmetics. As the first can be questioned, and body scrubs, masks, tonics from natural components do not exactly evil. For its preparation you will need ingredients that you have in the kitchen and the medicine cabinet of every housewife. So you will save the family budget, rejoice the little face and enjoy all of the changes made to the procedures.

Very useful to clean the face with milk, the main thing to do is to clean the skin. You can leave for a few minutes the milk in the face, and then rinse with lukewarm water.

For dry and saggy skin, you can prepare a juice of aloe vera and clean them the face two times a day. After all, what can be better than most natural ingredients. In addition, it is not surprising that the use of aloe the leading manufacturers of cosmetics.

Softening mask to the base of the banana

Pick up the banana, crush it with a fork or in a blender, add 1 h. l., sour cream and 0.5 h. l. of potato starch. Mix all the ingredients and apply the mask of banana for your face clean. After 15 or 20 minutes, rinse with water at room temperature.

Green mask vitamin"

To prepare a mask, you should take the leaves of parsley, lettuce, celery. Grind and grind them until paraandшeaboutрandзнOh mass, where pour 1 h. l. oatmeal. The mass to put in рandсpandрYongнone face and through 25-30 minutes, rinse with cold water.

Rejuvenation mask with milk

To do the mask is very simple. Take the warm milk, then add the flour and stir well. Should be a thick paraandшицand. Then add 1 egg yolk and once again everything well, mix. Apply the mask should be previously cleaned skin for 20 minutes, then wash and lubricate the skin nourishing cream.

The cubes, magical ice

For a morning to tone the skin are ideal herbal ice cubes. You will need herbs, broth (andptehнOh chamomile, calendula, classes, linden flower color and dp.) pour into a form for ice and freeze. Every morning, after cleansing to tone the skin, by rubbing a piece of ice on the face and neck.

Fruit pulp skin nutrition

In the summer period, do not forget about the existence of rejuvenate and nutrient masks of fresh fruits. To prepare the ideal is apricots, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, apples. Choose an ingredient, rub it in, and the manure resulting apply on face, avoiding area of lips and eyes. 20-25, wash with water at room temperature.

A special care to each zone of the face

It is no secret to anyone that the thickness of the skin in all areas of the face is different. Therefore, they need an individual approach. In many parts acquired cosmetics manufacturer indicates in which areas you can not affect the use of the product.

Skin care around the eyes, after 30 years

facial 30 years

The skin around the eyes is very thin, delicate, and devoid of a sufficient quantity of sebaceous glands. Because of this, she needs constant hydration. For your energy take a cream with the words "For the skin around the eyes". Do not use cream, which you apply on the face for the skin around the eyes. It is very heavy for the gentle cleansing of the skin in this region, in connection with which it will only contribute to the formation of bags or vice-versa, рandсtIгивandнию of the skin under the eyes.

Apply cosmetics without name with your fingers, tapping gently. 2 times per week, make a mask for this area. Every morning and before going to sleep produces self-massage.

Do not apply the cream on the skin under the eyes before going to sleep. It is advisable to perform this procedure time, t. moisturizing cream has a fat structure, and if he does not have time to be absorbed, in the morning, you may receive the swelling and bags under the eyes.

Care of the neck

The neck, like the face of the subject to fast ageing. Many times we fail in this area.

Care in this area is quite simple, but very important. All of the masks, beyond the scrub, can be applied and on the neck. Day and night cream for the face documents to this area. Infligi it precise delicate movements of the clavicle to the chin, avoiding any sudden movements.