Skin care after 30

Popular omen: if yesterday you blew 30 candles on the cake, today, it is time to seek out in a shelf in the bathroom. This, of course, is an exaggeration, but the moment you exchanged fourth ten, certain changes in the skin has already occurred. Therefore, the daily exit also, the need to do something.

Characteristics of skin after 30 years

skin care after 30

What, in the broad sense, it is called aging of the skin, there are biological ageing. Typically, the first signs are visible to unarmed eye closer to 30-35 years. However, for example, oxidation processes in the skin cells begin much earlier.

From the age of puberty, the human body loses, on average, 1% of collagen per year, and if the stock is not completely out of it, to the 40 years of his lack of become apparent.

Already close to thirty in the skin, the following processes occur:

  • reduces the elasticity and density of the skin;
  • decreases its regeneration;
  • expression wrinkles as well as nasolabial and nasal folds become more pronounced.

Yes, this is natural. But, with proper care of the skin, these changes can be left for later.

The rules and the phases of care

Everything here, like 5, 10 years ago. The truth, of some phases will have to dedicate more time, while others – to follow closely the reaction of the skin.

Removal of makeup

Remove makeup gently, without soap and friction. With the young skin is still passes, but after thirty you need more with the proper approach. Use hydrophilic oil, milk and especially water. And without alcohol in the composition of costs.


After 30, the skin becomes more fragile, which means a decrease in the level of hydration. Not to lose the moisture, replace household cleaning gel more gentle option – foam or water.


This is an important step, that many for flow. Use the flower water or without tonics with alcohol, in order to strengthen the effectiveness of the means in the following phases of the care of the skin.


To the color of the face was not faded, and the pores do not Crouch, necessarily, removing the Horny particles of skin. Family of scrub with large, abrasive elements can be very aggressive, so that to replace them with soft scrub or acid peels and masks.


After thirty and even best cream to moisturize the need of extra support: make the diversity in their care routine and until the cream apply the serum. Is here an excellent choice of peptide and vitamin means, in addition to formula with the content of hyaluronic acid.

Skin care of different types, after 30 years

The rule of "more moisture is important for any skin type, but there are some nuances in that should pay attention to.

Rule of skin care of different types of after 30

The type of skin

The rules of care


For face wash, choose careful cleansing, with moisturizing effect. For example, switch the gel foam.


The skin of this type with the age begins to feel the serious shortage of energy, therefore, along with some hydration treatment, use creams and nutritious oils.


Retain moisture combination skin – simple. Make the emphasis on hydration. Learn multi procedure – neoteric reception target of skin care: cleansing mask, apply a T-zone, moisturizing – underserved areas in humidity.


Generally, the active substances in cosmetics for oily skin (benzoyl peroxide, acid, retinoids) have drying action. To neutralize, use a larger amount of moisturizing and soothing the funds.


Such components, such as vitamin a (retinol) and vitamin c for sensitive skin can and will not – invest in antioxidants (vitamin E) and proteins (peptides of collagen). And strengthen the microcirculation to help extract of gingko biloba biloba.

Special care with different areas of skin

Actively for skin care of face in general, do not forget the areas that need special care, as well as on the skin of the neck and neckline.

Skin care around the eyes

principles of facial care

In addition, the skin around the eyes is more sensitive and thin, this area is reduced the number of sebaceous glands. And, therefore, there is insufficiency of their own lipid barrier. To prolong the youth and beauty of the skin in this area, don't neglect by using a cream to the eyelid.

Care of the neck and neckline

The rule is: caused a cream for the face – do not forget the neck and neckline. In this case, you can use and special means, and a cream for the face. But, with the retinoid and fatty in these areas, be careful: the skin in these areas more thin and delicate.

Characteristics of cosmetics for the skin of the face after 30 years

After thirty help qualitative for hydration and antioxidants are the recommended means of helping to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. As part of the search:

  • collagen,
  • peptides,
  • growth factors,
  • and t. d.

Because the layer of fat is destroyed in your skin care routine of any kind, especially dry, you must activate the product with the locking tabs, take care of oil or the Churchds.

Stimulate the microcirculation and to strengthen the regeneration of cells helps the acid, retinoids and some plant extracts (gingko biloba biloba, and algae). An important point: when the application of acid and retinol is required during the entire year of protection against the sun. These same components are not recommended for the sensitive skin.