Facial rejuvenation at home: simple, effective procedures

What is the woman who does not dream of eternal youth and beauty? Unfortunately, in real life there are no silver bullets apples, through which you can reset a couple of dozens of years. Careful of taking care of yourself allows you to keep that which has been given the own nature, and she herself is taken.

skin rejuvenation of the face

Skin rejuvenation of the face includes a wide range of treatments, as well as the special style of life. However, if you follow his selected path, the result will not wait, and your appearance will be the object of admiration and imitation.

Factors that affect the natural and premature aging

Modern official of cosmetic and plastic surgery offer a multitude of ways to rejuvenate the skin of the face. In this list - biorevitalizatsiya, mesotherapy, "injections of beauty", and so on, until the circular the suspenders. But all of these procedures, there are important gaps, ranging from unwanted side-effects, and finishing of high value.

In fact, there are at least costly and very effective methods. Before turning to it, let us remember, therefore, our skin ages.

With the passing of the years and in cells decreases the concentration of hyaluronic acid, which binds to a molecule of water. Thus, increases the dryness of the skin, which appear to be deep wrinkles. In addition, slowing down the processes of circulation and metabolism, and also reduces the number of фибропластов, "responsible" for the production of collagen and elastin.

A story related with the onset of menopause. In a woman's body drops dramatically the production of estrogen: a hormone that affects the regeneration and the recovery of the skin. The color of the face begins to тускнеть, appear the first wrinkles and bent "contour" floats...

The early aging will also take the following factors.

  • Bad habits. Alcohol, nicotine, drugs - the most fearsome enemy of female beauty, and health in general. So that you do not need to once and for all.
  • Love the sunburn. Frequent exposure to the sun - a powerful catalyst aging. The increase of the инсоляция promotes withered skin, appearance of wrinkles early, and the formation of age spots.
  • Excessive love for the decorative cosmetics. Its small particles clog the pores and give the skin to breathe.
  • The lack of macro-and micronutrients and vitamins. Its deficiency adversely affects not only the skin condition, but and the hair, nails, as well as the total immunity of the man.
Factors that affect the natural and premature aging

Effective massage techniques

Of course, the man can not be reduced to "not" natural factors of ageing. But take control of those that directly depend on it, is absolutely real. And for this it is not necessary to establish in a beauty salon: you can arrange it in the comfort of your home. Let's look at the main working steps, that are intended to slow down the aging processes.

So, effective facial rejuvenation at home is impossible without a massage. Especially for this, we designed a set of exercises, each of which performs one of the following options:

  • lymph drainage: helps to eliminate excess fluid and combat the swelling;
  • with grip: performs the function of lifting the house;
  • sculpture: restores the contour of the face, which is gradually changing, due to the weakening of muscles;
  • anti-wrinkle: allows you to minimize the manifestations of small wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones. Master the art of rejuvenating massage is not difficult. For this, you will need a mirror, any a massage oil, and 10-15 minutes of free time. There is a plethora of exercises, intended to let me rejuvenation. As an example, we present some efficient algorithms.
  • Against wrinkles help lightweight пощипывания. The first phase of the work with superciliary areas; then, you should stretch the skin on the bridge of the nose; in the third step, we move to the area of the eyes, where you usually form "crow's feet". It is important not to forget the apples of the face: light пощипывания the need to produce in the direction of the periphery.
The gym, which

The most important step of the study nasolabial phase, where normally bedded earlier and quite deep wrinkles. And, finally, the final step - the simulation of a circuit. For this, the need to compress the cams and carefully прогладить they the lower part of the face from the chin up to the ear мочек.

  • An exercise to strengthen the outline is the smoothing of the skin: the, taunting you in the direction of the nose to the apples of the face; continuation of the "path" of the eyebrows to the line of growth of hair. The next step is to разглаживании the skin of the chin to the ears. And, finally, the area of the chin: the back of your hand need to lightly tap on his bottom.

The gym, which "makes" the face

Massage a rejuvenating facial will be more effective, if you do not forget facebuilding. This is gymnastics, which involves even the muscles, is practically not used in the routine of movement. You can start at any age. The father helps to strengthen the muscles and "pulling" a moment visual of aging, in middle - to improve the state of the skin, contour and eliminate some of the wrinkles.

Facebuilding is composed of a large number of exercises; but all very simple. Here are some more simple but effective techniques of facial rejuvenation at home.

  • Against носогубных folds. The tip of the nose should be slightly preload the tip of the finger. We started "pushing" the finger; a sign that everything is done correctly, the rise of the wings of the nose. The exercise will need to repeat 40 times.
  • Restoration of the oval. The mouth should be slightly open, the lips are dragged to the line of teeth. The fingers tighten slightly the corners of the mouth and make circular movements, 30 times.
  • Fight with interbroken the fold. The average and the index finger need to exert pressure on the inner part of the eyebrows and try to frown through the power. When you do this, try to keep the skin with the fingers stationary. Repeatability - 5 times.

Cosmetics, created by his hands

Optional spend a lot of money for the "chemical" anti-aging cosmetics. After all, efficient but are absolutely natural of the skin you can do at home. For this reason, are useful as very accessible and quite exotic products: everything depends on the degree of their material well-being.

As a base for cream is ideal melted on the steam bath of bee's wax. This product has a relaxing, nutrients and regenerating functions. In addition, the wax is a great загустителем, that "connects" the rest effective of the substance cream.

Between them, they can be the following:

  • base of sunflower oil, olive oil, corn, linseed, sea buckthorn, grape seed and т. д.;
  • cocoa butter, which also requires a pre-merger;
  • the essential oils (it is necessary to add some drops).

Recipes of creams that aim at the rejuvenation of the skin, a huge amount. To prove how easy they are to prepare, cite the following example. It is a nourishing cream for mature skin, made from natural ingredients. For it will need: beeswax (50 g), coconut oil (50 g), olive oil (50 ml). All the components, you will need to connect and put in a bath of steam. When there is a homogeneous mass, remove it from the fire and send you to cool off, not forgetting to stir.

After some time, the tool thicken, that is, the time has come to add 5 drops of essential oil. Use a cream best of all, at night, causing a clean skin about an hour before sleep.

But in this beauty treatments for the face, pets at home don't stop there. Popular among women who have used masks homemade. You can also do from a variety of components. But at the end of the rejuvenation useful listed above in the oil, as well as:

  • the yolk of egg;
  • cream of milk;
  • honey;
  • the yeast;
  • oat flakes;
  • the pulp of aloe.

These products can be mixed with each other, in order to seek the highest outcome. And if you wash the mask with the help of broths, hot herbal (chamomile, classes, burdock, perennial, and others), nourishing, moisturizing and rejuvenating effects will be amplified repeatedly.

Of course, on the fast facial rejuvenation at home dream is not worthwhile: after all, is not radical plastic surgery. However, each week you will notice a positive change; and the proof will be not only a mirror, but and praise from others.

Three times per day, seven days a week

Important domestic cosmetology - regular work on yourself. As we have already said above, facial rejuvenation may not occur immediately; all of these methods have a cumulative effect and require a clear implementation of all the procedures. For example, suppose that an approximate value of beauty, the daily routine of a woman who wants to slow down the aging processes.

  • Morning. Wash with cold water and rubbing the skin in cubes "herbal" ice, gym facial (10 minutes), the use of moisturizing cream.
  • A half-day. The fitness facial (10 minutes).
  • Night. Removing the makeup, wash with cold water, a relaxing massage, facial (10 minutes), the medicinal use of the mask (20 minutes), washing, apply a nourishing cream.

...Know how to rejuvenate the face in the home, can be efficiently and without costs to achieve excellent results. However, do not forget that the withdrawal will not be complete if you drink alcohol, smoke, not get enough sleep and he is constantly with too much stress on the shoulders of the state. Remember that beauty and youth are only possible if there are useful habits, and not the contrary!