Overview of tools for facial

Since the beginning of human history, women sought options for dealing with old age. Always thought that the face is the visiting card of each ladies, in a beautiful and young face, this is their main weapon. After all, a beautiful representative fragile ground, can even, sometimes, forgive a low mental capacity. The great happiness for the sex, today in cosmetology modern has reached great heights.

the tool facial

It is very important at the beginning correctly to figure out your skin type.

It can be dry, oily, combined, normal, and sensitive. For this reason, and the means to take care of her are also divided into categories. For example, the dry skin is not possible, the drying tonics based on alcohol, and masks, and fat, on the contrary, does not have much to moisturize and nourish of the emulsions. Be sure, therefore, necessary to identify the type of its cover. It is possible to produce, by visiting cosmetology cabinet, or of determining in an independent way, by considering some factors.

Skin types

  1. Dry skin at a young age seems quite smooth and beautiful, without extended then, but with growing up, whether correctly to take care of do not nourish and does not, wet, dry dermis has the property of rapid wilting and aging.
  2. Oily skin, already from an early age seems rough, has a oily shine, enlarged pores. Not infrequently in the face with this kind of act of blackheads and pimples. But the great advantage of this type of skin is that the bold highlights the epidermis, the protective layer of secretion, which prevents the rapid aging. Also, sebum protects the face from the impact of harmful particles that are in the air and solar radiation.
  3. The combination of leather is something between dry and oily. For example, the apples of your cheeks with such a skin, the same slight dryish, but the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) shine by fat. This is the combined view of the dermis.
  4. The normal kind of speaks for itself — the skin looks very healthy, no fat brightness and dryness.
  5. And finally, a sensitive view can be assigned to the dry type. When the skin type is, often, irritation and dryness.

Any type of skin requires a daily care, which is also divided in the following steps:

  1. Purification;
  2. Mechanical exfoliation;
  3. Tone;
  4. Hydration;
  5. Care with the areas around the eyes;
  6. Power.


Purification – one of the most important processes of care of the facial skin, which clears it of dust, peeling the skin, secretions of the sebaceous glands, microbes, remnants of makeup. When washing, basically, use soap and water, gel, special foam. The tool facial must choose the appearance of the skin. If you want to have a beautiful and good kept the little face, no acne, and irritations, remember: never go to bed with not clean the face. Also, it is not worth to apply makeup on a dirty face. This will not give good results.

Mechanical Peeling

Mechanical exfoliation, use a special of scrubs. Is it a panacea for facial, that you want to use, once a week. Exfoliating deep-clean the skin, removing dead cells. In its composition it is composed of natural abrasives – crushed minerals, fruit, bone or shells of nuts.

To make an exfoliation with your own hands, you can use the coffee precipitate or sugar.

the correct facial

To do this you have to blend of natural abrasive with your gel or foam for washing the face. It is also a kind of massage, facial, due to the friction of the particles, occurs the flow of blood. But do not overdo it, or you run the risk of acquiring light damages the dermis, and after a irritation and red skin rash.


The following procedure is the application of the face, tonic or lotion. These medications are very well alleviate the make-up, toning, reduces pores. Such medications include cosmetics, cream and milk, a variety of lotions and tonics, that in addition to everything is still smooth the dermis. When the application and choose one of these medicines is also worth considering the skin type of the person.


Hydration – one of your fundamentals of healthy facial. With proper hydration of the epidermis, the person has a matte finish, elegant, healthy look, and is so the right balance of water prolongs its beauty and elasticity. The modern market is rich in tools to moisturize. But it is worth remembering that, for a given type of epidermis ideal corresponding to the drug. Lotions, moisturizers, tonics, and masks are often applied after cleaning the face.

Skin care around the eyes

It is worth to pay attention to the areas around the eyes. These places are very sensitive and require particularly gentle care. No need to rub your eyes cleaning means, and the best thing is to buy the milk, especially for the removal of eye makeup. After which, it must be applied the special moisturizer or a nourishing cream to areas around the eyes, holding the finger on the outer corner, taking the inside corner. The application produce when easy Pat, so that not formed new wrinkles. This is also a kind of massage, which is always useful.


After you do cleanse, tone, used favorite scrub, it bothers on the skin around the eyes, necessarily, apply before sleeping in the night nourishing milk or emulsion. The cream should be divided into day and night, as they play several other roles:

  • day cream is a protective function, as well as to apply, it ensures a film that will afford protection against dust and other not very useful environmental factors that affect us the whole day;
  • and the night cream is nourishing, because during sleep, our skin is more susceptible, and in need of nutrition and hydration. So, a night cream that contains great amount of beneficial nutrients, and it also has more fat structure, in comparison with fluorescent cream.


Also for the person is very effective nourishing masks, that you can do several times a week. Choose to the basis from which type of cover you is inherent. It is very useful, especially in the morning, apply on the face fresh mashed fruit (apple, peach, banana, and t. d.), but also of some vegetables (cucumber, carrot). Very useful to make special ice cubes, which can be prepared from broth of herbs (chamomile, calendula, parsley), they are very good for toning our skin.

If after all the procedures of purification and application of cosmetics that you want to wash – you know, these drugs are not suitable.

It is also worth considering that all the cosmetic to distinguish not only types of skin, but also by criteria age. Need, necessarily, to choose for themselves the medicines that correspond to their age, in order to achieve the desired result. To receive a professional facial, in the modern world of today, there are a mass of various beauty salons and cosmetic treatment. There you can always know the latest novelties of the cosmetology, that in the home, try not to would risk.

And remember:

  1. Always on time and regularly produces the procedures for care of the skin;
  2. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit;
  3. Drink a lot of liquid;
  4. Don't be nervous with the little things;
  5. Observe a healthy lifestyle;
  6. Try to sleep at least 8 hours per day.
mask for the face

Necessarily take care of your skin, and then it will be very grateful, radiating beauty, youth and health.