Korean skin care: internships, opinions, products, cosmetics

The number of fans Korean tradition has been on the increase. More people are connected to the mastery of sushi, it is added in your playlist with songs in the style of k-pop, watching tv series and Korean and the dream to win the skin, as the main characters – perfect, perfectly smooth, a healthy blush. Principles Korean facial skin care are different from the europeans and allow the girl to look stunning, even without makeup.

Korean skin care

Flipping through cable channels, each one of us in a few seconds came to a halt, looking at the pure soft skin, and asian celebrities. Sometimes, the age, the actress or the singer to determine that is simply impossible! In Korea, the appearance and the state of the skin of a special attention. Here I do not agree "to cover up" or tone of failures, the sex tend not to allow your appearance. System Korean facial skin care is good, is based on a clear fulfilment of the sequence, cosmetics, events and apply the natural methods.

General rules

Cosmetics must be applied in sequence strict of the lungs watery to more thick and fatty. The interval between each product should be 3 to 5 minutes, for active of its components have had time to absorb and start acting.

According to this principle, built the work of most of the local cosmetics productions. As a result of the research, it has been proven that the 6 steps Korean facial skin care guarantee integral care and the preservation of the youth of the skin for long periods of time. The essence of the technique is the deep cleaning of the skin, the removal of residues of dirt and cleaning products, the preparation of the epidermis to the absorption of maximizing the amount of vitamins and minerals, intense hydration and nutrition, improve the barrier characteristics, exchange houses and operations processes.

To understand the subtleties of the Korean to the system of the care of the skin of the face, you should examine each of its phases.


Immediately after waking up, the skin fairly easy and gentle cleansing with the help pionki. At night you need more intense cleaning from residues of cosmetics, sebum, and t. d. it is Recommended to use one of the following means:

  • coating oil;
  • wipe the cream exfoliation;
  • the scrubber BB-cream.

The active components of funds of effectively fighting the pollution, the care to clean the pores, leaving a feeling of freshness and toning for a long time.

Before you sleep, it is recommended to perform the procedure. This Cosmetelegicheskaja technique will rejuvenate the skin through a careful removal ontmersich particle with its surface layer. Starts the process of regeneration of the tissues, it is possible to get rid of age spots, scars, acne scars and other skin imperfections. The reviews, Korean skin care at this stage is not possible without:

  • exfoliation;
  • special cream with abrasives such as acids;
  • exfoliation-ckatku.

Because although modest, but the skin lesions, use the means recommended not more than once in 5 to 6 days.


The task of this phase the moisture. Korean means to take care of the skin of the face, with a saturation effect of humidity and the normalisation of the water balance can be called toner or starter.

To learn how to use the toner, just follow the rule of "three seconds". Asian calvario believed that, after washing the skin loses moisture at an enormous speed. Will be held for 3 seconds, and the moisture of the epidermis decreased from 4% to 5%, half-minute index increases to 50%. After washing, you have only three seconds to cause a tool that prevents the loss of skin moisture. Is created the so-called "water castle" - a layer of molecules that retain water, preventing dehydration.

principles of facial care

There are two ways of application of toner or starter:

  1. In the palm of your hand, pour a small amount of product, apply on face, evenly distributing across the surface with the tips of the fingers.
  2. Moisten with a half of a disc and rub your face.

In fact, japanese women are going to choose the first method. In cosmetology the east of the country is not customary to use balls of cotton disks, rods and other auxiliary tools. It is believed that the effect of the application of makeup enhanced, if it is applied with the hands.


Golden mean, the central link in the system Korean facial skin care. The task of the cosmetic means – to reinforce the action of all products applied, and prepare the skin for new care activities. Scientists proved that the use of essences increases the effectiveness of creams, masks, and t. d. up to 45%. It's like butter, without which the treasure of vitamins, carrot juice is practically not absorbed.

Thanks light texture, the product penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, opening passage for emulsions and creams. To interact with other tools for the care essence exerts its positive action not only for the upper part, but also on the innermost layer of the epidermis.


In this phase of facial skin care Korean cosmetics nourishes, tones, restores elasticity and a healthy glow. It allows you to not only get the desired result, but, and secure it for a long time. Stringy oily texture is sometimes called a Lotion. Obladandtelinize combined with a tendency to oiliness of the skin can end CosmetonлonгичесKiй complex. To dry, with visible changes of aging of the epidermis, you should use additionally a cream.


According to the rules of Korean facial skin care, the use of masks is mandatory. This type of cosmetics, it can be day or night, washable or notlavável and seeking the solution of a specific problem:

  • resolution of shrinkage, the peeling of the skin;
  • the restoration, stimulation of regeneration processes;
  • hydration and VItandминизandция;
  • clarification, the alignment of the tone;
  • prevention of wrinkles.

To strengthen the effect of mask recommended to switch. For the active components are of natural origin more deep VPItывandлись in the layers of the skin, to apply it you should massage movements.


The final step in the daily care. The dense texture tool creates in the skin a layer of protection, monitoring hydro-lipid balance and normalize the work of sebaceous glands. From the whole line of products to the composition of creams, and more rich. When impressive lifting effect are excellent defenders of the sun.

Unlike the european and american pharmaceutical, the proposal, Korean automakers more than plastic foam, it is not oily and sticky film. Special attention is given to the area around the eyes. Creams for the century, do not suffer from rubbing, his need for boost easy Pat the tip of the fingers.

When to wait for the effect?

Judging by the comments, the Korean, the system facial skin care gives the first results already on day five. Acting substances have the property to accumulate in the hypodermic layers, producing a prolonged effect. After 28 days – the time it needs for the cells of the skin, completely updated, - the quality of the result of the work to be noticed by others.

a pretty face

After 3-4 months the various masking tools will play out in the trash. The skin will look noticeably more пondtJantonй, moisturized, healthy blush.

The benefits of a skin care system in Korean

The main difference between the asian techniques of daily maintenance of the european commission, according to the women, is the prevention of diseases of the skin imperfections, and not their intense retouching.

Korean skin care of the face – the complex structure with a duration of several months, or even years. Morning and evening routines help clear active and recovery of the epidermis after the application of cosmetics.

The neglect of European women of the morning ritual care – the cause of most of the problems of skin. During sleep, sweat, isolated, and sebaceous glands continue to work, and, consequently, the skin needs to be cleaned not less, than at night. Washing the soap, which has a property of drying, is not enough.

Protect the skin from UV radiation – the guarantor of renewal of your youth. In the composition of the majority of Korean natural cosmetic products glasses components that serve as shield against the aggressive light.

Disadvantages of the asian approach to facial

It takes a long time. European women rarely can afford to spend an hour and a half, sitting in front of the bathroom mirror with a dozen pots of creams and emulsions. This process seems today's business, the lady, senseless, and tiring. Woman oriental feel otherwise, the excess of 20-30 minutes in front of the mirror – the investment in health and the preservation of youth.

The extensive range of products. Skin care Korean cosmetics – it is not cheap. To perform the procedure above indications will have to buy a lot of products, and pay is a waste not to be able to each woman.

Silent counter-indications. The structure of the skin female European and andзиandtonк is different. The tent of the last less prone to oiliness. Ladies with problems of higher education of the fat is highly not recommended to apply cosmetic products Korean production.

Additional recommendations

If the deficiencies Korean facial skin care have been overcome, one should take advantage of the tips that will help you better understand the eastern philosophy cosmetology.

Don't get stuck. If the european girl liked cosmetic of one or the other brand, she will use it for decades. АзиandtKi the opinion of another – ended tube of cream, the following buy from another manufacturer. This approach will not allow the skin if used with a single drug, the susceptibility to the current components lost will not be.

The esthetician. The best friend of american psychologist, the japanese women in this position occupies the beautician. Regardless of the employment of a little girl with a cleft of the eye are the time of visit of the technician. Without the guidance of professionals is not enough, if necessary, he will carry out therapeutic activities, and will be automatically corrected to the system of care.

Nourishing hydration. The stain on the face and body ethereal oils of aromatherapy – a true pleasure for the Korean girls. Because of the ethnic characteristics of your skin is prone to dryness, so нandклanddывandние of oil on the skin in several layers to them is considered a normal variation. So intense the power is-if the coverage is remarkably soft and velvet.

The mask. Asian women experience the unbridled passion for different types of masks. If The europeans use such a cosmetic procedure once per week, a woman in Korean takes care of the face on a daily basis. Woman east is right in his choice. The masks, produced in the country, have a base of cotton, composed of natural vitamins and plant extracts, which provides the delicate щanddasuu the interest on the skin of the face.


The skin around the eyes. Comprehensive care for высonкonчувсtVItельнonй skin become patches-the patches in a crescent shape, impregnated with vitamins, amino acids, extracts and oils. They moisturize intensively, relieve puffiness, small wrinkles, signs of lack of sleep and fatigue.