Skin care at home

Beautiful, very good maintained, the face always attracts the attention of others. And the first thing that we pay attention to when looking for man — the state of your skin. Stress, mood swings, changes in temperature, lack of sleep chronic, bad habits are reflected in this part of the body is not the best way.

skin care at home

They say that, if your teen has ugly looks, all need to blame nature and the genes. If the same girl with less than 30 years, which could not change the situation for the better, the maximum advantageous when your data external side, he speaks about his laziness and lack of self-discipline. Without a doubt, genes have a great value. But to have perfect skin, even at age 50 to 60 years, a factor is not enough. Good skin is a result of routine care. And for this it is not necessary to spend very high sums of money and regularly visit the beauty salons. Skin care of the face, you can provide at home.

To learn independently with the responsibility to care for the face, is not worse professional, you first need to decide what type of skin you endowed nature.

What are the types of facial skin are there?

In the practice of their beauticians use the following classification:

  • the oily skin. Characteristics: tolerance to the inflammatory process, large pores, the greater the likelihood of continuing emergence of acne, excessive secretion of administration subcutaneous fat, bright, brightness, by a greyish tint;
  • dry skin of the face appears particularly appealing at a young age. But already after 25 years owner this type of skin, the smoke can feel all of his "charms": the constant feeling of tightness after washing, the propensity to the appearance of peeling and irritation, redness on the chin, the first wrinkles;
  • the normal type of the skin of the face, in fact, is very rare. Features: the surface matte skin, lack of greasy shine in areas of low probability of appearance of the nails and skin.

In addition to this classification include most types of the skin, which are characterised by specific problems that require a careful individual approach: sensitive (increase of the reaction to temperature changes, irritability, itching), fading (flaccid, with an abundance of wrinkles), problematic (constant irritation and the tendency to the formation of blackheads).
Once you have decided on the type of skin, need to discover for themselves a question, how to learn to appropriately, and with competence to take care of the skin on the face at home. Let's examine the phases of care, alternately.

Skin care at home

Purification. As it is used to clean the skin of the face, most of us? Correctly, use the current soap and warm water. This is wrong. Each skin type needs an individual approach. The only aspect that corresponds to the configuration of any skin — wash needs a soft water, or rain, or melted snow. How to get a water very difficult (especially for the residents of the city), to soften it simply: in the process of boiling you need to add storm, calculated about 1 teaspoon of the substance in 2 liters of water.

how to take proper care of the skin of the face

A good alternative for melt water to owners of greasy skin type is mineral water. Wash donosam this type of skin needs at least 3 times per day, with the help of pionki. Clear skin can be with the palms of the hands, that occurs when you do this, light massage, or you can buy a special brush for the face.

The normal, the skin needs to be cleaned immediately after waking and before going to sleep, with the help of a gel for wash and dry with the application of cosmetics, cream or milk. Hydration. The main reason of the violation of the water balance of the skin — the impact of adverse climatic conditions. For its recovery is not often enough to wash them with water, you still need to use creams and moisturizers. For owners of dry skin is a cream with the addition of rice powder and aloe vera juice, oily — cosmetics that contain zinc and sulfur, normal, cream — colored with the addition of broths of herbs. To moisturize the skin, when you're out of the house, you can use scarves or special thermal water.

The final phase of the facial— power. The task of main, in this phase, creams night of action and masks. In this case, effective also as parts of the purchased cosmetics and prepared independently of the mask to the skin of the face in the house. Cooking alone, the mask just for this, you can use any of the selected fruits and vegetables (regardless of the type of skin) and some products that you have in the workplace and in the fridge of any housewife. Let's say, porridge made from the pulp of the banana is well-moisturizes the skin and mask of potatoes helps to get rid of peeling, redness and minor irritations to the face. Apply the mask very carefully, with the tips of the fingers gently massaging, not forgetting requiring the care of the skin of the neck and neckline. It is best to perform this procedure in a quiet environment, to fully clean up domestic issues. You can include favorite, quiet music, in time forgetting the current interests and actions.

Also in the home alone, you can prepare simple, that do not require large expenditures, but at the same time universal, free "wand wand", which help to take care of any type of skin. The number can be assigned cucumber tonic, scrub, strawberry, cleaning gel from oats, are mixtures of different herbs.

To keep the skin in good condition, needs the right to make your daily diet of food. Like products with minimal heat treatment, to give preference to fresh food. Prepare meals in a bain-marie, and cook, without fat or use olive oil, bake in the oven pre-eat fruits and vegetables in season. Remember that the rigid diet lead to a loss of skin tone, dehydration and formation of wrinkles.

To the beautiful face of color just need a good night's sleep. Try to rest whenever possible, even during the day. If, for some reason, the night was without sleep, to take the person of the proper type, in the morning, wipe the face a cube of ice or frost decoction of herbs. Spend more of your leisure time in the open air, always ventilate the room where you are working or resting, and not forget before going to sleep.

mask for the face

Remember that skin care requires a good self-discipline. Love yourself, learn to find a positive in any situation, smile, and the desired effect of performed the procedures will not wait long.