Skin-care – without make-up: 7 homemade recipes

For the care of the skin enough to a minimum of natural resources, and the cosmetics of the company does not care about our beauty and health, and about their profit margins. So says an expert in a harmonious and minimalistic-inspired touches from the life, Dominique Loro. Here's how she offers to nourish and cleanse the skin and to maintain the beauty.

skin care

Skin care: the lower, the better

For skin care it also works the rule, according to which, lower costs, ensure the best result. Most sold in stores media really spoils the skin.

For clear skin, look for a good mild soap glycerin or honey. Use it at night to remove makeup, even if one day you are treated without makeup. The dust and the mud eats at the protective film, emerges through the skin (because the skin acquires a yellowish tint), and the skin needs to breathe.

But, with the morning soap, it is not necessary. Your best ally — cold water: after rinsing, Korean Pat on the face 150 times, to stimulate the circulation and improve the color of the person.

Subsequently, the skin should nourish you, based on your status: if the air is humid, it's almost nothing it is not necessary. If she seems stuck or dry, one or two drops of warmed oil, printed with the palms of the hands, is enough. As a rule, that is good, that is, which brings benefits and skin: olive, sesame, almond oil, avocado oil. The remains of the tea, caused, instead of lotion, protect the skin, thanks to it contains natural oils, not clogging the pores.

Causing the oil from the skin, and to accompany this action of a massage. This daily procedure should study, understand, and practice. Only the face there are more than three hundreds of tiny muscles, and the massaging, the tissue will stay in place. It is very important to apply these techniques in a conscious way, because the state of soul in which you prepare the skin, affects the result. If massaging the face with love, the skin will become more beautiful: the epidermis and the hair work in close connection with the body, with the environment and thoughts.

Last tip: the sun is the number one enemy of the skin. To protect yourself against it a hat and sunglasses, to prevent wrinkles premature.

The skin does not need nor soap, or lotions, not creams, to be clean and soft. Must clean and nourish. Disposal of chemical products, of creams, of all the excesses. Beware of traps, spaced from the cosmetics industry. The skin, such as the digestive system, which absorbs everything that we give, and transfers it to the blood.

Best skin care is a healthy diet, enough sleep, clean water, and... happiness. Everything else is secondary. Skin care should limit you to a deep purification, energy and full protection. Ask any beautiful woman, she likes to take care of herself, and she probably will answer: "Ah, yes, almost anything!".

7 homemade recipes for beauty


Cut a small red beans and cover with water, holding in the palm of the right hand (the amount of a teaspoon), then gently RUB into skin with small circular movements.

Within two to three minutes, then wipe the inner face facing the peel of papaya or mango: these fruits contain beautiful enzymes, solvents, dirt on the skin fat and also fat in the body). Manufacturers of cosmetics often use them in their products in small quantities.

Deep cleaning

Boil 200 grams of water, add 2-3 drops of aromatic oil (lavender, lemon, and t. d.), and make a bath for the face to open the pores and then apply the homemade face mask: 1-2 teaspoons of flour, mixed with the same amount of yogurt, lemon, rice vodka and the infusion of different roots. Virtually all of the products fresh from the fridge have a therapeutic effect. Try it and see for yourself.

Nutrition, water and sleep

Try to eat only fresh products, not make industrial processing.

Drink mineral water because... the minerals! (The water is the best cosmetic.)

Go to bed before midnight and sleeps 6 to 8 hours per night. The excess or lack of sleep, which is detrimental to the health.

Include in your diet soy products: they help to keep the youth.

Learn how to recognize and choose the therapeutic products: cereals, fruits, and spices.

Young face

Dark circles and swollen eyelids can serve as signs of lack of energy caused by problems with the liver. These symptoms disappear without trace after you fold abundant food, spices, meat, wood smoked meats, salt, sugar and saturated fat. A small amount of apple cider vinegar will restore the color of the skin: daily, during the month drink with 50 grams of the divorced water to vinegar, and you will get the wonderful result.

the rules of care

Massage the face with oil, with special attention to the regions around the eyes, to activate the circulation of the blood (three times, starting from the corners of the eyes in a clockwise direction, three more times, on the opposite side). Then, make a small gymnastics for the eyes: lower the chin and look first up, then to the sides.

More if you look in the mirror and do not hesitate to your type. That is how you will be able to achieve results.

The list of tools

Another form of application of apple cider vinegar. Diluted in a little water, it dissolves soap residues as in the skin and in the hair. A bottle of vinegar, soap, good oil, shampoo and conditioner should be the only cosmetic products, which is available in your bathroom.

Tone cream

The woman who found "his" tone of cream, is able to conquer the world. Buy quality tom cream and take care to he was discreet. Apply it only in the zone of the eyebrows and the nose, as well as under the eyes, in small quantities, with the tips of the fingers, not rubbing. If you distribute the more evenly, the type that you will be natural. In addition, the excess of any substance closes the pores of the skin. Here's also the least possible to achieve great results.

For dry skin

Eating half avocado a day and for ten minutes, apply a teaspoon of mashed him in the face (the wonderful effect guaranteed, better try yourself), add a bath in a cup of sake with three drops of oil.