Take care of oily skin of the face: the golden rules, and possible errors

Not every woman has the perfect skin of the face. One of the most frequent problems they have to face the fair sex, – the excess oiliness of the skin. Tallow-shine, dilated pores, acne precipitation eternal companions of oily skin. The epidermis of this type requires special care, and necessarily complex: it must include not only the correct use of cosmetics, but also of the compliance of certain recommendations.

take care of the skin of the face oily

The oily skin and the golden rules of care

To many it seems that the proper care of the oily skin person extremely difficult to accomplish. But, in fact, be just remember faithful algorithm needed beauty treatments, and clearly follow it day after day throughout the year.

In the first place it is necessary to understand that the bold the epidermis requires a careful purification, and simple morning and night wash your face with clean water and it will not be enough. To get rid of such brightness, extended now, pimples and black spots, it is necessary to choose a soft cleanser for daily use. Best of all, if it will be a special cream or christmas for bold skin types. Apply makeup to the face needs with the help of special brushes soft tasty massage movements – this will deep clean the pores and remove the cover from the skin the excess fat and Horny cells.

To restrict the pores, it is recommended that after cleaning wash your face with cold water, with the addition of lemon juice or wipe the skin with an ice cube. You can also use vegetable tonics, and not only after the washing, but throughout the day, to remove the sebum, shine and freshen the face.

The cleaning procedure of massage with the application of a gel or pionki need to pass in the morning and at night. In the evening, wash what is strictly necessary: in the first place, eliminates all the dirt, accumulated in the face by a day, in the second place, removes, cosmetics, that in no case can you leave the night, since it is an even greater threat clogged pores and the appearance of acne. Use to purify the person's only hot or cold water, as hot water stimulates intense production of sebum.

The next step after washing the face should be the correct hydration. It is very common to the opinion that oily skin person becomes even fatter, if you apply on it the moisturizing cream. But, in fact, poor nutrition skin only makes the situation worse: not only leads to a premature wilt skin, and increases the provision of fat. The cream should be light texture and make sure you match the age range of the characteristics of the epidermis. For example, the skin care oily face after 30 years of age entails the use of creams with rejuvenating effect.

1-2 times per week need not necessarily lead to flaking and the use of exfoliation and treatment with the application of cosmetics, masks. All of these manipulation have an additional compensation, care, nutritious and an anti-inflammatory effect. For such procedures are excellent natural home remedies to the base components.

On the question of how to take care of oily skin person, plays an important role and a healthy diet, because the state of the skin depends on a lot of the work of the gastrointestinal tract. You should leave the bad additives and foods with greater fat content, and in return you need to enter into the diet more fruits, vegetables and cereals. And, of course, delete your life from addiction.

Top 5 errors in the removal of oily skin: as there is no need to care for the face

To properly understand how to take care of oily skin of the face, it is necessary to remember about what not to do, trying to get rid of extended pores and the brightness. Here are the most common errors in the care of oily skin person in the house:

the rules of care
  1. Application aggressive purifying of funds. This is cosmetic with powerful components, including those with ethyl alcohol. Using the compositions of cleaning, owner problematic skin try to clear the unsightly shine with the help of degreasing of the epidermis. But in fact, this goes for the skin of the face of a strong stress, and the body begins even more to secrete sebum to protect the skin from excess.
  2. It is very frequent realization of the hulls and the use of scrubs. Deep cleaning of the skin is useful in the measurement. The abuse of these processes leads to the dehydration of the dermis, and depletion of cells, and as a result, the same effect occurs, which has already been described above, in the case of application of potent purifying of funds. In addition, from peels and scrubs is time to give up, if the person has an inflammation.
  3. The extrusion of acne and comedones (black dots). This causes lesions on the skin and can cause the spread of the infection and where the most serious problems. It is better to trust the mechanical cleaning of the face of a professional, who will guide you according to the rules.
  4. The use of medicines against acne without the prescription of a doctor. Taking care of your skin problem with applying the medicines, it is possible to practice only after consulting your doctor. At best, the wrong product, the tool will not have any effect, and in the worst cases – that can mess up even more the state of the skin.
  5. The abuse of diets. Monitor your feed for girls with problem skin need, necessarily, but some people take this rule to the letter, and "sit" in the strict diet, as well, only compounding the situation: it is highly harmful GASTROINTESTINAL tract and, consequently, reflects on the state of the epidermis.

These errors play a large role in the care of the skin, after 25 years and reach adult age and able to reduce to zero all the correct use of to take care of your face, so don't forget to stop such manipulations, if you want to normalize the state of the skin.

Animal mask, exfoliation and peels for bold skin types

Regardless of how old you are, twenty, thirty, or forty – special tools for the care of the face should become permanent inhabitants of your home shelves of cosmetics. For fickle skin problem the best choice would be the cosmetics, crafted from safe ingredients. Exfoliating mask and the shells of natural components as well to act on the bold the skin, deeply cleanse, nourish and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

At home you can cook the peels and scrubs for the following recipes:

  1. Fruity peeling. Grind in a blender 2-3 tablespoons of grains of ripe pomegranate, 1 St. l. honey and 1 St. l. lemon juice. The mixture is rubbed on the face massage movements and after 10 minutes, rinse with cold water. Apply in pre-steamed skin.
  2. The exfoliation. You should mix 1 St. l. the sugar, the milk and crushed in a blender aloe, apply on the epidermis RAStиRAющими with circular movements, after 1-2 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.
  3. Oatmeal scrub. 1 St. l. oat connect with 1 St. l. kefir or natural yoghurt, add a pinch of shallow salt. Mix gently rubbed on the face for 3-4 minutes, then rinse.

When fat type of facial skin care, necessarily, involves the application of masks. It is more effective to perform the procedure immediately after use, the peel, or body scrub: at this time, the skin is deeply clean and maximum ready for the absorption of nutrients.

One of the best providers of funds to the epidermis, is prone to fat content, are compounds with a base in cosmetic clay. For example, you can mix the white or blue clay with a yolk and protein until you get a thick paste of dough and apply the mixture on your face for 10 minutes. A great way to improve the state of your skin problem will become a white mask and blue clay, taken in equal proportions, and of divorces and fresh cucumber juice.

Wonderful fit for bold skin mask of fermented foods. Try to use for the face a mixture of 3 St. l. yogurt, and 1 St. l. cottage cheese reduced-fat. The mass placed on the skin for 15 minutes and then wash with cold water.

Whatever tool you choose, before first use, certainly, to perform the test to an allergic reaction, especially if the composition of the mask, exfoliation, or peeling, which includes fruits, berries or honey: rub the wrist a little just mix and wait a few minutes. Redness, rash or pruritus, are introduced in the skin at the site of application of the reason to give up your use.

masks homemade

While respecting all the rules of skin care-greasy type of regular and meticulous care on the face of the changes for the better will become visible in just a few weeks, however, this does not mean that from this moment you can give up of providers of procedures. Only the constant monitoring of the condition of the skin ensures the preservation of the result for a long time.