Skin care after 30 years: beauty tips

The aging is set to genetic factors, to discuss with which is useless. However, contrary to popular belief, active ageing, under the condition of the genes and of natural factors, begins, nor thirty, nor even at the age of forty years. At this age, your skin is still capable of many things, the important thing is to know how to help her.

facial after 30

What happens with the skin

After thirty years in our body, slowing down the exchange process. This happens at various levels, including in the skin. In its structure are observed multiple changes.

  • Decreased synthesis of epidermal lipids, which with age the epidermis becomes more dry.
  • The deterioration of the micro-circulation to the tissues. Decreases the enrichment of the skin covering the nutritive elements from the inside to the outside.
  • Photodegradation. The response to the effects of the sun, causes the development of wrinkles, the formation of age spots;
  • The thinning of the fat, fiber, support the usual forms of the face. For this reason, the skin begins to "yield".
  • The thickening of the epidermis. The cells of the horny layer to accumulate to each other, their own self-exfoliate impossible. Because of this, the person acquires a tone earthy, feeling the rough skin, it looks unkempt.

In spite of these processes, to talk about the approach of old age is still early. "The skin is the body hormone-dependent, says beautician Olga FEM. — In thirty years, the body produces a sufficient amount of hormones, therefore, enter into a panic when you see the first wrinkles premature".

Likely problems

Beauticians do not like to give the part-time recommendations for care of the skin thin, after the age of thirty. Thus, the beautician Natalia Nikolayev, author of the book "Beauty without the operations of: 10 markers of youth", it is advisable to visit a specialist at least 1-2 times per year.

To do this it is necessary because the "behavior" of the skin at this age is very individual. And only occurs when the inspection of the aesthetic, can give guidelines of how it should be facial after 30 years in the house.

What is the subtlety of the selection of methodologies? There are several reasons.

  • The usual care. Some women are accustomed to take proper care of themselves, since adolescence. Its general characteristics, typically, look good, and any correction of care is not necessary. Someone begins to panic when discovering the first wrinkle, and the evil is not the first time that involves the daily care moisturizing cream, mask. The results of the work, certainly, will be visible and, in the second case. But to keep the youth of the skin regularly significantly more cost effective and easier than trying to your back.
  • The type of skin. You owners of dry skin to the epidermis becomes more dry, which leads to the formation of wrinkles in the eye area. When fat the type of activity of the sebaceous glands can and not slow down. Women continue to plague the clogging of the pores, periodic skin rashes, the formation of acne and oily shine. To resolve these problems must be multi-functional cosmetics that have anti-aging effect.
  • Type of aging. There are six types of aging, the most common among which are tired, strain and mixed. The first is specific to the running dry of the epidermis thin adipose tissue in the fibers. The second is formed by women with normal or oily skin, normal, physical. Deformation specific to women with dense physical, the full face. Mixed-combines the features of all previous types. The choice of the technique of care a person must be recognized, and type of ageing also, to ensure the best result home and beauty salon technician.

The combined approach to facial, taking into account all its characteristics: skin type, type of aging, basic nursing, it will be easier to make changes related to age, slow down aging.

The main recommendations

The biggest mistake women detect the early changes related to age, to include skin care "to over 30" of the tool, which is still very early. The fact is that, when the general reduction of metabolic processes, the general characteristics are still able to regenerate, to recover their structure, required to produce the substance.

Cleaning and hydration

The main "pillars" of construction, in which the beauty and attraction of the skin. Adhere to this sequence, using the tool according to your type of epidermis, every day, morning and evening.

care tips the face
  • Oily, problematic skin. Use mousse or foam with salicylic acid, panthenol. These components are well dissolved dermal secret, to normalize the separation of the fat, maintain a healthy microbiota, which prevents the development of inflammations.
  • Dry skin. Use the cleansing milk, which should be applied on the face, massage lightly and wash with water. Do not try to replace the milk especially water. The majority of such formulations, in spite of the guarantees of the manufacturers, to leave the skin is not possible. Their substances advanced dry epidermis. Any tool for the purification must be washed with water.
  • The normal skin. Choose any cleaning agent that you like and suitable. Pay attention to the composition. Should not be aggressive SERRA, among which sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium Laureth sulfate. These substances dry the skin and drain it. Use tools with smooth, falling in the composition of the base of coco-betaine, betaine, glucoside, lactic acid.

For tonic choice formulations skin type. Tonic completes the purification, dissolving the remnants of skin secretion and cosmetics), with which no work tool for washing the face. It may also contain panthenol, allantoin, which is important for the problem of the epidermis. Also as a tonic, you can use thermal and alkaline mineral water.

If you are satisfied with the appearance and health of skin, continue to use day and night cream that you included in the daily care of before. If you notice signs of change, choose a cream with its composition.

  • The dryness, dehydration of the epidermis, the superficial education of the screen of the wrinkles. Include in your care of a nourishing cream with peptides. Such compositions as well moisturize the skin, nourish, eliminate the feeling of tightness, flaking. Peptides — substances with a muscle relaxant effect. They relax to imitate the muscles causing the wrinkle to disappear. Apply the cream with peptides can be across the face when the wrinkles or locally, in areas of formation of wrinkles, for example, on the forehead and around the eyes. Using such compositions, has long duration and, over the course of two to three months. During the year spend two or three historical exchange rates.
  • The sagging of the skin, the formation of veins and capillaries. It is typical of the deformation type of aging, in which the signs of severity ptosis, manifested especially bright. Beauticians recommend to include skin care in 30 years-the tools to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. They improve circulation in the tissues, and have a lifting action, pulling up the contours of the face. The active components of such means — algae, extracts of ginkgo-biloba, arnica, chestnut.
  • Oiliness, clogged pores, the first wrinkle. The more difficult to pick up the family care combined with the skin of the face after 30 years. After all, the plots of wrinkles, you should moisturize and nourish, but the epidermis is responsible in active use saturated tools of the nurseries of acne and inflammations. Choice-based cleaning of vitamin a (retinol). This component stabilizes the activity of sebaceous glands and has anti-ageing action.

The formulations of the day and night cream are different. The day we need protection against ultraviolet radiation and dynamics in radicals, therefore, as part of the day cream should contain SPF-filters and vitamin c (the active anti-age component). Night, general characteristics are restored. It's time to use the retinol, peptides, and other components to resolve the problems of the aging.

Extra care

As before, 1-2 times per week, you must perform one more procedure intensive skin care at home. They include deep cleansing, hydration, nutrition.

  • Peeling. Designed for the removal of the surface of the horny layer of cells, which gives the face grey, foreign messy. Is performed with the help of exfoliation or peeling on the basis of fruit acids (bromeline, papain). Apply the tool of exfoliation, after cleansing foam or milk. Massage, rinse with water. Do not use exfoliants with natural abrasive particles. They scratch the skin, compromising its structure. Choose the tool with smooth and grainy with a basis of fruit acids. The last especially recommended when greasy, combination and sensitive skin. They dissolve the horny cells without abrasive effect, in parallel normalizes the work of sebaceous glands and exerting a small effect whitening.
  • Deep hydration. Has the skin of any type, not just dry. Moisturizing is especially important in bold and the problematic of the epidermis, as well as the lack of humidity with the regular use of tools for the dryness leads to a response of an intensive development of skin secretion and increased oiliness. For a deep moisturizing, use a mask for the face, after 30 years based on hyaluronic acid, urea, alginates (seaweed), amino acids, polysaccharides. Apply the tool 1-2 times per week after the peel.
  • The struggle with fat, and discoloration. Women with oily skin are worth knowing with masks with AHA-acids. With tools for home care contains up to seven percent of natural acids. They dissolve the outer layer of the epidermis, destroying the accumulation of melanin, which we call pigment spots or freckles. They also reduce the activity of sebaceous glands, promote regenerating the function of the skin of the integument. Include in your care these tools have in autumn and in winter, when the sun is not very aggressive. Apply the mask exchange twice a year.
  • A deep nutrition. You can use masks for the face of 30 years, with nutrient components. But they are the most effective of the serum, which should be directed to the solution of a specific problem. For example, the fight with wrinkles or dryness, excessive of the skin. As part of masks the amount of active component is, typically, 2% to 10%, while the serum contains up to 40% of a component in an easy and accessible way. Therefore, the serum of milk are more expensive mask or cream, but apply them locally in a problem zone and to use the exchange rate. Apply the serum under the cream at normal retirement or, under the mask in annex-intensive. Components to meet the tools serve as a guide for the serum in the deeper layers of the skin.

In the winter, the epidermis becomes the earth, so a hydration intensive can perform two to three times per week. In the summer, on the contrary, increases the oiliness. Recommended up to three times per week, use a mask with AHA-acid and anti-inflammatory compositions.

Beauty salon procedure

The skin of the face after 30 years, well if you realize anti-aging beauty salon procedure. The advantage of this period is that, with a minimum of cost, you will be able to intensify their own reserves of the body and not to have recourse, in the future, expensive, "heavy" procedures. According to the feedback of beauty, the most effective in the beauty salon care of the procedure, which improve the trophism of the tissues, the microcirculation of them.

  • Massage. A manual or hardware. Without massage anti-aging is not possible to care when a specific type of aging, as well as it strengthens the tissues, decreases the intensity of its omissions. The massage acts on the lymphatic system, the blood vessels, enriches the epidermis from the inside to the outside. When fully developed home care only one or two courses of massage in the year, to maintain the freshness and youth of the face for a long time. You can do a course of three to five procedures, a time to keep the result visits to the beautician once a month.
  • Microcurrent therapy. The procedure, in which the body to act weak impulse currents. They improve the metabolic processes, rejuvenate and healing vessels and tissues on a cellular level. Increase the intensity of the flow of the lymph, which leads to the resolution of edema, relax muscles, reducing the severity of facial wrinkles. In salon beauty care are used professional equipment for microcurrent therapy. There are pharmaceutical, intended for application at home. Efficiency last below. Apply them to not be that, if you use professional cosmetics ", under the microcurrents" and is ready to wait for the result of the time. It manifests with the regular use, household appliance, with a shock within two to three months. Treatments in the salon to provide much more pronounced and visible the effect faster.
  • Peeling. Otherwise exfoliating homemade cabin in the concentration of active acids. For skin care after 30 years it is recommended to use the bark surface, the concentration of acids, which is up to twenty-five percent. Such compositions create a surface burning of the tissues, which manifests itself in the external redness. After 2-3 days with the person peel cells surface, when the epidermis is up-to-date on a profound level. Peeling starts the rejuvenation of the structure: reinforced the formation of collagen and elastin. Run enough 2-3 times per year, so that his face looked like a young and well maintained.

Pumping the general characteristics of hyaluronic acid, botox and other tools for rejuvenation, you reach a temporary a positive result. But, in the long term, for example, in five years, the aging will manifest itself more intensely. The face of injections frequently becomes swollen, lost private facial expressions.