System Korean facial skin care steps – 10 speeds system

Multi-stage and complex system of Korean facial skin care is popular all over the world. In Europe and in the CIS countries buy asian, the makeup will not be easy.

Korean facial

"There is no need to take care of the person, if the skin there is no problem". This position adhere to many girls. However, to maintain the health of the dermis and the later cannot see the first wrinkles begin to care for her as before.

Japanese women scrupulously cared for by a person, from an early age, while some Russian women are stopped to think about the care the have only 30 years of age. Take care of face in Korea is a cult, made up of several steps. Looks like with 10 stages Korean facial? We'll help you figure it out!

Korean facial – pros and cons

Many women get rid of problems after they discovered Korean skin care face. Reduction of wrinkles, get rid of acne and greasy luster, policies and brightness are not the only possibilities of cosmetic asian.

Japanese women give care tools in phases. Adhering to this approach, you renew your youth and delay the aging processes.

However, despite all the pros, Korean care has some disadvantages:

  • Duration. Some girls terrorizes the application of such a large number of cosmetics. You must allocate time;
  • The high cost. Women in Korea spend a lot of money for the purchase of products to the skin of the face. Not every european has the opportunity to buy so many beauty products. Some of them use just a moisturizer, and here you'll have to shell out, because the Korean care includes, at a minimum, 5 degrees;
  • The possibility of adverse reactions. All makeup can aggravate skin problems and even cause allergic reactions. Among the Korean cosmetics you have products that contain acid. The scheme acid facial, in spite of all its advantages, the ideal is far from every young person
IMPORTANT: To avoid overspending, before you buy one or another cosmetic product, buy it in a miniature version and check it out, is your skin.
Korean facial make-up removal

Night Korean care phases

Taking advantage of techniques of the Korean system of care to a person, that you to improve the condition of your skin. It is important not only to apply all the steps of care, but also to use the correct technique of application. For example, asian women care with the face, use the rule of 3 seconds – cause toning of the tool during 3 seconds after the washing.

The Korean system of interest on the skin is significantly different from the european procedures and facial involves several steps. Let's talk about each one of them in detail.

Make-up removal – to remove makeup and pre-cleaning of the skin

The removal of make-up and pre-purification – the initial stages of a Korean skin care.

Japanese women perform the removal of makeup with the help of hydrophilic oil. It is easy to clean, converts to contact with the water in the milk. The oil is suitable for any skin type, wonderful, removes makeup water resistant, smooths the salt water.

Owners of oily and oily skin should not be afraid of this tool. It is well to remove excess fat, clear the pores, will not hurt the skin.

ATTENTION: Many tools for the care and decoration cosmetics contain in their composition components soluble vitamins (BB cream, primer tonal cream and others), which are washed away only with the help of hydrophilic oil. However, removing the makeup with sensitive eyes, this tool is not desirable. In this case, it is best to apply micellar water.

Cleaning of the skin

For the removal of residues of hydrophilic oil and cleaning of the pores in asian women use foam. One must remember that this tool is not used for the removal of makeup.

Korean pionki best to shake before you apply on the face. For this purpose, you can use the Korean tools skin care (trawler to hit pionki, the sponge Gonyak) or foam with your hands.

Bob Gonyak – natural antibacterial hand cleansing, which consists of a root plant gonyak. Purchased monthly, you need to switch to the new, and before each use – rinse and dry.

Korean facial cleansing


Facial Korean steps implies the obligation of the purification of the Horny particles using peels, scrubs, exfoliants. Especially popular among the Korean shells-skutki. Thanks to the purification they are suitable to owners with sensitive and oily skin.

scrubs held 1 to 2 times per week, depending on skin type.

Toning the skin in the Korean system

To compensate for the salt-water balance Korean facial provides for the use of toner. The tool is applied for 3 seconds after the washing, foam, t. to. after this time, the humidity decreases significantly.

Korean women cause toner with your hands, puts it in pre-washed-the palm of the hand, then ground them and Pat movements are distributed by a person. After washing, promakivayut the skin of a one-off paper towel.

The application of serum or essences

Serum – the best product for antivorasttion care. She will adapt to any type of skin and umlanit the deeper layers. Korean serum are used not only for the nutrition, and the prevention of wrinkles, they can get rid of the extended then, acne, paraoperosa and other problems. To damage enough to 1-2 drops of the product.

Lotion or emulsion

For extra hydration, after serum system Korean facial involves the use of a lotion or emulsion. Apply these tools worth Pat movements, pre-heating in the palms of the hands.

IMPORTANT: Before you pick up the tool of nursing, visit the beautician. It will help you to identify the type. Wrong sober and cosmetics can aggravate skin problems!

The application of cream

Night cream more nutritious and dense, texture of the day. To moisturize your face needs a little bit of product – the size of a pea.

Do not forget to apply the cream on the neck area and décolleté.

To take care of a Korean important further step skin care – hydration of the skin around the eyes. To this end, are used specialized cream age, which are applied 2 times a day. The dermis is in this area is very delicate and more vulnerable to the occurrence of changes related to age.

Mask night

And finally, the last step is the application of nutrient-night of masks. If you care for the skin of Korean system, to avoid the overhead we use this type of product, instead of night cream is not more than 2 times per week.

Decem-scaena system of care in the face of the girls Korean basically used only at night. Ritual morning just a little bit shorter.

Morning nursing care, by the Korean system a step-by-step

Every woman asian know: hydration should be and the skin is dry and oily. The increase in the work of the sebaceous glands in the indicates a lack of moisture.

Morning Korean facial is done in a certain sequence.

Cleaning the face

Korean facial scrub

Korean rules facial say, necessarily, need to clean skin in the morning. After all, by evening, it accumulate pollution, and the fat. In the morning wash can be hydrophilic oil. It is sufficient to use a purification pionki.

FEATURES: japanese women use the wash system under the name 424: purification of hydrophilic oil for 4 minutes, 2 minutes of use pionki, contrast (hot and cold), washing for 4 minutes.


Refresh the skin and restore the balance of water will help you tone up. To take care of the skin on the face greasy, you can use toners with green tea extract and AHA-acids. These products sweep away unnecessary oily shine and reduce pores. Toners hydrate the skin and prepares it for the preparation of other layers.

Which is different from toner tonic? These products are designed for purposes entirely different. The toner is suitable for the preparation of the skin for the subsequent to hydration, and toning to remove excess impurities from the skin.

Feeding and hydration

In the morning before the daily use of a cream Asiatparaand cause the emulsion (serum, essence).

Korean care with the skin problem at this stage, foresees the use of lung textures in mAtandрующandм and anti-inflammatory.

The application of a sunscreen, the means of

In Korea, a cult to the white porcelain and skin. Not a respectable woman Korean is not going to go out on the street without applying the cream for protection against the sun. Still with childhood, the asian women know that the sun's rays cause fotOStаренandе of the skin.

The application of the CC and the BB cream

To get more recommendations for care of the skin according to the Korean system

In addition to the care Korean women caress your skin with several masks (cloth, альгandнаtnye and Dr.), use stains under the eyes, enzymatic powder, spray to the face, strips of black dots and other things.

Korean cosmetics allows you to good take care of your face. However, a caution is not enough. The state of the skin reflects the health of the whole organism. The proper nutrition, the consumption of a sufficient quantity of water, lack of bad habits, stress and nedosyps help you maintain your youth and beauty.

To choose a good remedy for the person, learn composition!

For someone system Korean care can seem difficult. However, with time, this care will not seem a task, and it necessarily will bear fruit.