10 mandatory funds facial

Each girl very carefully takes care of your face, and carefully refers to it. Not every one of them knows what care they need to have on your shelf. In our time, a huge variety of different ways facial, inexperienced person is very difficult to understand is that it is worth to buy and which is optional. We wanted to find out how to take proper care of your face.

healthy skin

A healthy skin is bright, the skin of the face, the pores in the skin and should be small, inflammations, and blackheads, on the skin healthy should not be. Everyone knows that a proper diet and sufficient amount of clean water per day is very beneficial for the health of the skin, but this is not enough. That is why every girl should know, which means that you must use regularly to stay healthy of the species.< /p>

Some are lazy too to take care of the face properly and in good faith. But if you begin, then every day it is possible to notice an improvement in the condition of the skin of the face. This is a good result, and should motivate the youth regularly to monitor the condition of the skin.

1.Cleaning products

Gels and pionki to wash the face is the most important thing that should be in the bathroom of every girl. Morning and evening, the skin, necessarily, needs to be cleaned. And by night, the skin on the face is so polluted, such as during the day. Also cleaned up the skin of the face is more efficient to act in a manner and the means that are used after the wash. Before washing cleaning tool, it is necessary to remove the makeup chosen thanks to micellar water, then wash. For dry skin the most appropriate cream of resources, and for oily skin – gel and pionki.

2.Tonic for the face

The root is very important to use after washing the face. It restores the water balance of the skin of the face. It is also a tonic gives the freshness of the skin, evens tone, smoothes out irregularities and redness, removes residue of makeup. After regular use of tonica, it becomes noticeable that the skin shines and looks healthy. Dry skin is not suitable tonic the base of rose water, for combination skin suitable cleaning acids, and for oily skin glycerin tonic.

3.Exfoliators for the face

The skin of every girl need of exfoliation the dead cells. It is necessary to make 1-2 times per week. The dead cells on the face clogging the pores, causing inflammation, irritation and black points. If you regularly exfoliate the skin, the skin of the face will look clean and healthy, this will also help in the elimination of wrinkles and scars, improves and evens out the skin tone of the person.

Those with oily skin should use scrubs. Those with dry skin can also use them, but, definitely, after the procedure you should moisturize the skin or replace a blade, more gentle method, for example, the peeling-volumen. This method creates such particles, which bind all the dead cells, as well as the black dots. The holders of sensitive skin, are recommended the means that provide the basis includes ingredients such as rice or the hercules.

cream for the face

4.Diary of a moisturizing cream for the face

Each skin, in need of constant hydration and nutrition. Regardless of which type. You can't dry greasy skin, whether it dry, then she will produce the sebum in larger amounts, thus, protests. The skin needs to protect from the rays of the sun, therefore, it is necessary to buy the tool marked with SPF. The use of large quantities of water, it cannot always cope with the moisturizing of the skin, so she has to help.

Those with dry skin, should pay attention to the saturated creams, which should be the avocado. The oily skin like most natural herbal formulations, the consistency is more similar to a gel. You should choose a cream for the face with the lowest content of flavors, not to cause allergies.

5.Night cream

Night moisturisers more thick and oily than fluorescent. Among them are a lot more anti-aging ingredients.

Until the night a person sleeps, the skin cream, gradually absorbed, nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face. For oily skin it is best to choose a more easy-to creams, to not clog pores fatty acids, but the dry skin vice-versa-more fatty acids.

6.Eye cream

The skin around the eyes — the most gentle on the face, then she, she still needs to take better care, cared for and moisturized. Eye cream is not only able to moisturize the skin, but to take the swelling and dealbatio dark circles under your eyes. The creams for the skin around the eyes will make the skin shine, the important thing is not to forget to use regularly. It is recommended to choose the natural cream and without fragrance. The skin around your eyes more prone to allergies.

7.Serum facial

The serum for one person very rarely are available with the girls. The serum has more focus too, in comparison with a moisturizing cream. In sera contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, they are able to deal with such problems, such as dryness, scars, inflammations, and t. d., you just Need to pick up suitable for your skin type.

The serum are not made to hydrate the skin, and to facilitate the treatment. They are able to give the skin a brightness, smoothness, ease the redness and the inflammation, make the skin more elastic. The owners of oily skin are recommended serum at the base of retinol and glycolic acid, for dry skin the most suitable, light and lean tools.

oil for the face

8.Oil for the face

The oil is also very important for the skin of the face. the body is not able to produce the right amount of oil, for this, he needs help. The most popular are the oils, are those that are made from jojoba, apricot seed, avocado, rosehip and borage. For the problem of the skin most popular is the tea tree oil, as well as it has property of anti-septic, which is more rapid healing of the inflammation.

9.Mask for the face

Face mask – very popular tools among the girls. But, unfortunately, not all give them due priority. The masks are cleaning, moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging, anti-anxiety and fumantemque. Mask for the face, you should use 1 to 3 times per week.

There is a mask of woven and non-woven. And those very well affect the skin of the face. Fabric, you can keep the skin up to 30 minutes, then clean up the remains of the neck and neckline, non-woven mask can also maintain in the face of 30 minutes and, then, they are rinsed with water. Very masks you can prepare at home.

The dry skin you need constantly to nourish and moisturize, this masks that are very help. Fat even the skin, you must brush away, you can first make a person fumantemque the mask, and then the cleansing, for the best effect. Before use it is necessary to check the mask to an allergic reaction.

10.Sunscreen for the face

If same-day moisturizer, and decorative tone cream contain SPR, it is still necessary for the constant use of sunscreen to the face, especially for those who live in the south. No wonder they say that: "the Northern woman is the most beautiful". This is because the skin of the face, in the north, less exposed to the rays of light, the ultraviolet light, the skin ages faster, and faster, appear the first wrinkles. For the best result, it is necessary to apply sunscreen several times a day.


The face is the visiting card of each person. You must protect and take care of the skin of the face. No one wants the wrinkles to appear before the 30 years, so that the skin was covered in rashes or scarring. Each one is responsible for his own beautiful and healthy-looking.