Integrated skin care at home: the basic procedures of each day

Each woman beautiful half of mankind dream to her face looked fresh and radiant, and remained as the largest time as possible. But, unfortunately, the nature is arranged so that with the passing of the years the skin loses its attraction, it loses firmness and elasticity, begins to wrinkle, it becomes flaccid and dull. And the case here is not only the natural processes of aging, which, as everyone knows, is inevitable, but in the fact that the face is the most unprotected and vulnerable part of the human body. He remains always open, and therefore constantly exposed to all sorts of negative factors. The skin of the face to impact, and temperature changes and adverse weather phenomenon, and the chemical substances found in cosmetics. In addition, the state of the skin of the integument are reflected some internal problem of the body (vitamin deficiency, diseases of various organs and systems). That is why the skin of the face in need of assistance.

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How strange it is, but not every woman knows the correct way to take care of your face. For many, taking care of your skin is limited daily washing and applying the cream, however, to preserve their youth and beauty of such a list of procedures is not enough. So, what is integrated care with the skin, which steps it includes and how to implement it at home?

Comprehensive care: the definition of the type of skin

To learn how to take care of the skin on the face and select the correct cosmetics, you must know the type and characteristics peculiar to it. To do this, you can consult a cosmetologist, or try to determine the participation of the dermis of a certain type independently, taking as described in the following:

  • Dry skin — a very thin, delicate, as a rule, has a matte finish and small pores. In his youth, such a dermis seems very good and almost does not give problems of the owner of the cilia. But after 30 years, often manifests traits bad, outbreaks of flaking and irritation. The dry skin type is very susceptible to external influences and prone to premature aging, so, to take care of them the main regularly to ensure protection against the negative factors, and quite moisturizing.
  • Oily skin — heavy, porous. Quickly loses freshness after washing, often becomes inflamed, sometimes, peeling. For it has the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, which in some measure is governed by the sex hormones (the higher your level, the greater the secret of producing the breast). With age, the level of hormones in the body decreases, and, therefore, the separation of the fat usually normalizes. Unlike the dry, this dermis time doesn't age, keeping the softness and elasticity up to 35-40 years. The skin is a greasy type of need regular cleaning and hydration, since an insufficient amount of moisture in the cells of the glands of external secretion begin to work even more, and the metabolic processes, by contrast, is slowing. As a result of the dermis loses the ability to function normally and interact with the environment.
  • Normal skin — smooth, clean, kill, contains a good amount of fat and moisture, has high sensitivity and is not prone to irritation, flaking and inflammation. This type of dermis does not deliver its owner from lashes big problems, however, he, as well as other types, need your full care, which should include regular cleaning, nutrition and hydration.
  • Combined (mixed) skin has a heterogeneous structure and painting, it combines the type 2 dermis: the dry (or normal) in the area of the cheeks and around the eyes and thick in the zone T. In the fatty sites that have a propensity to the formation of comedones and acne, and dry — irritation, flaking and premature for the formation of wrinkles. Care with the dermis mixed requires a lot of effort. Here, it must be properly delimit problem areas and take each of them the makeup according to the problems. In addition to a systematic care in the home, combined with the skin of the face needs of a journal of the performing salon beauty treatments.
  • Sensitive skin contains pigments small, poorly pronounced in the layer in the cornea, your breast emit an insufficient amount of fat. This dermis is characterized by an excessive response time for the impact of any adverse factors, prone to irritation, redness and flaking. Skin care, with the increased sensitivity, should be the most sensitive and solicitous.
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If you have difficulties with the definition of your skin type, pass a simple test. Clean the face by using a tool for facial cleaning with a neutral pH (you can use normal soaps). Approximately, 2 hours, attach to the skin (T-zone) for thin paper towel and after a few seconds or enjoy the result. If the paper were grease stains, your dermis applies to fat or combo type (in the second case, you can disturb not only of the sebum of shine on the forehead, cheeks and on the wings of the nose, but and the feeling of tightness in the other areas of the face). If the cloth is clean — you are the saw with a few dry skin, as well as the existence of the barely visible traces indicates personal your dermis to normal for the type.

The main steps of the integrated management of facial skin care

Skin care of any type, necessarily, must include multiple steps.


During the day, the skin place the particles of dust and dirt accumulate toxic substances from the environment, and that the secret is allocated greasy by the glands. Here you can add cosmetics (powder, a shade of cream), that clogs the pores and prevents the normal respiration of the cells. All this to delete, you must use special tools, chosen according to the type of the dermis. Thus, for dry skin and normal suitable of the buyer, does not contain alkali (she contributes to the violation of the acid environment of the epidermis), or soaps. Fatty dermis it is recommended to clean with the help of cosmetics, which includes the components, reduces the production of sebum. If there are signs of aging, it is advisable after the wash to pass contrasting it with the washing of the face, alternating between the hot and cold water. This will improve the tone of the skin and small capillaries, and smooth fine wrinkles.

No less important to preserve the beauty of the skin is the deep cleaning, suggesting exfoliation (exfoliate) Horny scales, skin, and removal of the sebaceous glands of the tubes. Through a deep cleaning improves the blood circulation of the skin, accelerating the metabolism and normalizes the cellular respiration. Exfoliation at home is carried out with the help of scrubs. Owners of dry and sensitive dermis, to perform such procedures must be no more than 1 once-a-week, normal — 1-2 times, and those whose skin has the tendency to increase of fat, make a body scrub can be 2 to 3 times a celebrated period. Before you scrubs need to steam the face and gently I wet it with a towel. The tool should cause circular massaging movements, and after 5-7 minutes, rinse with warm water. Exfoliants for different skin types if you want, you can prepare independently, using as the basis of any free oil (pre-heated in the water bath), honey or cream, such as abrasive — salt, sugar, coffee powder grains crushed from the kernel, or nut shells. If you have an extensive foci of inflammation and spider veins peeling is contraindicated.


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For the full functioning of the skin and long maintenance of your youth, you must ensure your regular feed. As the greater part of the nutrients enters the body with food in the first place, you need to adjust your diet so that it contained a sufficient amount of vital trace elements and vitamins. In periods of off season, it is advisable to perform preventive techniques vitamin medications and eat much more fresh vegetables, fruits and vegetables. As for the exterior power of the dermis, there are special creams, milk serum and the mask to the face, it must be carefully wipe the skin a soft, light movements. The excess of cosmetics after 5-10 minutes, it should remove with a cloth, to prevent the clogging of pores and prevent the appearance of comedones (black spots). To take care of the problem for the dermis, to be prone to inflammation and irritation, it is necessary to use products that contain components that have antiseptic properties.

In addition to the serums and creams is recommended to systematically (about twice a week) to make a hydrating mask for the face. They can be purchased in the shop or cook alone. In the second case, it is necessary to use products with properties nutrients, cream, sour cream, egg yolks, honey, vegetable oils, fruit. The composition of the mask should be selected depending on the type of dermis and the desired effect. If you have oily skin, add the mixture of free drying components (lemon and berry juice, apple cider vinegar, blue, or green clay). Dairy products in this case, should have a minimum of fat percentage. Owners the dermis dry and normal types, you should use moisturizers with ingredients (fatty milk cream, milk cream, cucumber juice, sweet fruit). Any mask should be pre-clean the skin for 20 to 40 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. After the procedure, you can wipe the face a cube of ice and lubricate the cream, perfect for everyday use.


At the age of 25 to 30 years of many women, appear the first wrinkles, blemishes and other signs of shriveling of the skin. To slow down the aging process and resolve available cosmetic defects, you should regularly to perform rejuvenation treatments. This can be a special gymnastics for the face, the map, classic, or japanese massage. In addition, you must use a cosmetic that contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, antioxidants, and other components that help maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Remedies anti-aging to choose from according to your age.

General recommendations for skin care at home

Take care of the skin on the face at home is easy, and to some extent even good, but for all of his efforts were not in vain, you need to follow some simple rules:

  • Try not to normal washing with tap water and filtered water, mineral or defend. Tap water contains many impurities, the more dry the skin, break down the work of the sebaceous glands and contribute to the reduction of the immunity local.
  • Rubbing the face with the towel, do not rub the skin, not to hurt her and not cause irritation. Use soft towels made of natural fabrics and don't forget, daily, delete, or replace by other.
  • Before you buy this or that to take care tool for your face, carefully read the information described on the label, where it is specified the composition of cosmetic products and of their assignment. Grab creams, lotions, masks and other cosmetic products according to your skin type and age.
  • Use creams for night and day, in your time. The fact is that each of these tools performs certain functions, for example, during the day, cosmetics is intended to protect the skin from the integument, during the activity of a person and night — for the activities of supply to the dermis during the period of rest.
  • Do not forget to pay particular attention to the care of the eyelids and the delicate skin around the eyes. For these areas, you must buy a special detergent (cream, gel, serum), which puts the toning and refreshing effect, moisturizes the skin and corrects dark circles and puffiness below the eyes.
  • After a night of sleep do gymnastics facial. Thanks to it, you will be able to keep the regular tone of the skin, to combat the shallow wrinkles. After exercise, clean the skin thoroughly chilled data for the consolidation of an effect.
  • Necessarily rinse, cosmetics, and before going to sleep, because the particles clog the pores and prevent the normal respiration of the cells. Make-up removal it is best to perform with the help of special milk or tonic.
  • Do not use the same line of providers of money throughout the year, for each season, the need to use different types of cosmetics. In the cold season, you should purchase creams acids, have dense consistency and hot — light, have the ability to quickly absorbed in the skin. In periods of high solar activity, it is necessary, before you exit applied on the face cosmetics, contains UV filters that protect the general characteristics of the immune system and help prevent the appearance of age spots.
  • To your skin for as long as possible remained young, fresh and beautiful, observe the mode of feeding and maintain a healthy lifestyle, get rid of bad habits, likes to spend as much time as possible in the open air, have a minimum of 8 hours night's sleep, and exercise.
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If you need to perform all of the above suggestions and expertise for the overall execution of care with the person's skin, so she will be healthy, smooth and velvety, regardless of their type and age. If you have any cosmetic problems, try immediately to carry out treatment of skin diseases of the integument, preferably with the help of a specialist, who can determine the causes of the deterioration of the epidermis and recommend the best ways to solve them.