Skin care after cleaning the face: recipes of masks, tips and rules

The procedure of cleaning the face, apply a long time ago. Not worth thinking about, if it is designed exclusively to combat youth acne. Skin problems can be expected in any adaptation period of the body especially associated with spikes in hormone or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In the group of risk pregnant women, the ladies in the port of climax. Facial cleaning can be assigned to them after the examination, the doctor.

skin care after cleaning

Not just once or twice to visit the beautician, forever, forget about the problem. The skin of the face after cleaning the face requires special care – especially the mechanics of the procedure.

Let's see how the necessity of taking care of themselves after visiting the salon cosmetics.

What is cleaning

To learn how to correctly organize the care after cleaning face, you should imagine the essence of the procedure.

It is divided into 2 types:

  • Mechanical.
  • Carried out by means of TIES.

Mechanics can be independent of the procedure, and can be preceded by ultra-sound. Therefore, the beautician deals with strong eruptions on the skin.

When the machine clear the first is done the treatment, cleaning and disinfectants, and then the beautician razmarivaet the skin to ensure best results. If the skin is very sensitive, is this rosacea, cooking does not use it instead of him acting cold.

Next, the doctor, using special tools (may be a spoon of Uno or needle Vidal), clean everything that is visible pimples, after which comes the skin moisturizing and other means. One of the many times policies and procedures of skin care after cleansing the face – the use of a special device. The electrical impulses help to speed up the lymph flow and blood circulation, leaving the skin restored quickly.

The procedure of ultrasonic cleaning person performed with the aid of ultra-sound and resembles a classic peeling produced the effect. Before you apply it, it is applied to a gel, and then beautician can impose a special mask.

Facial after mechanical cleaning the face

Skin care after a machine cleaning is required. The reason is simple: after a cleaning machine cover the top layer of the skin is a little inflamed, therefore, opened access to the infections. The risk of infection in the lounge is minimal, if a professional enjoys disposable carefully treated tools. To have this certainty, the list in the process only in the lounge, which has a good reputation and a lot of positive comments.

Care after cleaning face in the hall, when the client returns to the house, boils down to a series of simple rules, the main of which – the strict observance of hygiene.

The first time after having visited the beautician, you may experience redness and swelling. For the first two days is normal. During this period, you must wash in plain water, wipe the face of infusion of chamomile or any other grass, has anti-inflammatory effect.

One of the consequences of a procedure of increased sebaceous excretions. It's not worth to be afraid: the reason lies in the fact that the beautician removed from the tube, hindering the free exit of the sebaceous glands. So, in the early days, sometimes, the clients experience increased oiliness of the skin. Excess detachable need to tidy up, rubbing his face wet with decoction of herbs) cotton discs.

You can be in the process of care of a skin use tonic without alcohol.

the cleaning procedure

If in the second or third day, you noticed the bark, no need to worry: it will pass soon. Clean the face – and no action does not put them into practice.

Can occur occasionally eruptions sudden new pimples after cleaning. In this case, the care of the face after cleaning, you beautician includes cleaners from time to time of the gel into problematic areas. Skin self-cleaning, therefore, it is necessary to wait a little bit. Soon, the process of sebaceous excretions should be normalized..

The first night-the two do not want to use cosmetics. Even simply paint over the lashes is not necessary any irritation to him, now nothing.

What more desirable? The list is not so big:

  • Do not go to the sauna and steam room.
  • Not to walk in the solarium.
  • Do not sunbathe.

Competent facial involves the application of protectors of funds. On the street of the sun, that it is better to have a cream with factor 30. If it is cloudy – suitable and 10.

Care after ultrasonic cleaning of the face

In the case, when it is applied only to the procedure of ultra-sound, facial after ties cleaning will be much easier. The beautician can advise you to enjoy a few days the cream. The application required quality of sunscreen on sunny days.

Care after cleansing the face in this case, will consist in the cancellation of sessions in the pool, in the solarium or visit the beach.

General recommendations

Care for the face after cleaning, it is possible with the application of the estimated masks. In the early days its best not to do, but a little later, can – mode of recovery of the epidermis pass faster.

Which masks are allowed? In the first place, those that trigger inflammation and swelling. These include a mask based on:

  • Clay.
  • Raw potato.
  • Oats.
  • Honey.

Animal masks prepare and apply immediately, it is not possible to keep them. Especially effective are those preparations, which involved cosmetic clay, and is not so important, what kind of clay you take: blue, green, black or pink. For oily skin are often advised to use blue and black, black and white, but all subtypes are equally able to deal well with rashes, acne, irritation. So that it is more a matter of taste.

In any case, the healing process of the epidermis can be postponed? In the first place, is the presence of infections and fungal skin lesions, as well as the aggravation of the herpes virus during the period of completion of the cleaning. In the second place, it is a disrespect for the rules of skin care. The entry of pathogens to the wound can cause gain of inflammation. In this case, it is recommended to apply the powder "Baneuoqin". They sprinkle problem areas, daily, until the swelling and pain.

The procedure of cleaning the face seldom causes complications. If performed correctly, if the beautician expert of high-class, and the client is strictly complied with all of the data you with a recommendation, after a few days, the result will not wait. The skin will become taut, soft and smooth. Enlarged pores gather, on the face is not visible-comedogenic and tubes.

To achieve a perfect result, you can have not one, but 2-3 procedure. If the problem again and again back, if the short term effect, it is worth passing the exam. Perhaps, numerous eruptions on the skin the result of hidden leaking from any disease. In this case, visits to the beauty salon, would not be enough: he must arm of patience and make the treatment of the underlying disease.

The provisions of this article does not apply to pregnant women: they precipitation often disappear completely after giving birth. Therefore, they may be not worth the effort to get involved with the cleaning of the face, although contra-indications for it does not. After the birth of the baby hormonal, balance will be restored, and the person will be clean.

skin care

Facial cleansing – an effective procedure in the absence of serious problems with the internal organs and systems. And, to more quickly return to normal, follow the recommendations in cosmetic facial. Soon you will notice a virtuous result.