Facial mask anti-wrinkle in the home, recipes, application, indications and contra-indications

Before each young person, the question is how to keep skin young for a longer time and maintain the freshness of the face, especially in our time crazy, when our body experiences constant stress, are observed abrupt changes of weather, temperature, horse racing, the sun, variations of humidity of the air and т. п. in this context, the wrinkles may appear even in двадцатилетних girls. To resolve this problem, it is recommended to use masks homemade for the face-based natural products.

mask anti-wrinkle

In addition to the negative influence of environmental factors contribute to the early appearance of wrinkles can active facial expressions, as well as the application of bad cosmetics. That is why to keep the youth of the skin it is best to use natural components, since all chemical negative affects on the skin, even though it is immediately noticeable. Natural mask to the face of the wrinkles, prevents the appearance of early signs of aging, and help to keep the skin smooth, clean, and resilient for years to come.

If you decide on the use of natural products for skin care should know that the mask of them, need to choose according to your skin type. Remember that the skin can be normal, dry, oily and combination. Before you apply any mask (ready or prepared independently), it is necessary to perform a test for you have allergy (in a small area of the skin, usually in the fold of the elbow, apply a little bit of money and wait twenty minutes). If the negative reaction of the skin, this means that the mask can be safely applied on the face.

The rules on the use of masks from wrinkles:

  • any mask anti-wrinkles, that after the period of exposure застывают on the face, forming a crust, which should be maintained in the face no more than twenty minutes;
  • the mask should be applied to pre-clean the skin to facilitate the process of penetration of active substances into the deeper layers of the skin;
  • the mask is applied to small movements (no pressure, in the direction of the massage lines (from the chin to in lobis ears, upper lip to ear, from forehead to cheekbones, the nose, the tip of the nose);
  • mask anti-wrinkle should be applied in the same period of time, when the skin remains in tone in the normal (not early in the morning or too late at night);
  • the mask can not be applied on the skin around the eyes (with the exception of the special mask for this area);
  • after the mask application, it is recommended to relax in a quiet environment within five to twenty minutes, depending on the exposure time, the mask;
  • after a mask of skin, you should give it a rest for two hours, during this period, it is advisable not to use powder, rouge and cream colours;
  • rinse the mask should be boiled lukewarm water careful and delicate about the whole movements, not to cause hyperextension in the skin and do not hurt;
  • after removing the mask of wrinkles in the skin of the face and neck should be nourishing or moisturizing cream to expire with the skin.

To reinforce the action of the mask anti-wrinkle during the preparation procedure of the recommended for a bath for an individual or a hot compress of linden blossom from the broth for cooking which should pour two tablespoons of linden flower color of a cup of boiling water and insist in a period of ten minutes, then strain.

Delaying the start time of the change to help vitamins and nutrients from the mask with the addition of egg yolk, honey, herbal extracts, cosmetics, clay, and т. д.

Contraindications for use the use of masks:

  • advanced vessels on the face,
  • the excessive growth units of hair on the face.

Recipes, pets, masks for the face anti-wrinkle.

For dry skin and normal

the mask to the face

During the cream and egg whites add three to six drops of lemon juice. With the help of a brush, apply a smooth layer over the skin, to support five minutes, then apply another layer and withstand the dough for about fifteen minutes on the face.

Grind two teaspoons of cottage cheese is not high-fat with a teaspoon of juice of parsley, enter into the composition of a teaspoon of flaxseed oil and conciderunt rhoncus or lemon zest (also a teaspoon). Composition apply on face and leave for fifteen minutes.

Mix two tablespoons of oatmeal with a tablespoon of any vegetable oil, add a teaspoon of liquid honey and three tablespoons of milk. The composition to withstand fifteen minutes.

This mask can be applied when there is no allergy on the ingredients listed. Grind the egg yolk with a teaspoon of any fruit or berry juice (you can use raspberry, plum, apple, strawberries and т. д. Mixture of cause, in fifteen minutes, then wash off first with lukewarm and then with cold water.

A mask of fruit as well are struggling with the wrinkles on the forehead. They are well soothe the skin and are also easy to exfoliate the Horny layer.

For dry skin

When шелушении skin on the face to cause any vegetable oil, and on top of lubricate the beaten egg with egg yolk. The composition of support for twenty minutes, then rinse off.

Chop the pulp of tomatoes and mix it with the corn starch so as to obtain the final homogeneous caricature of mass. She add three to five drops of olive oil and apply on the skin of the face. The composition of supporting fifteen to twenty minutes.

Истолочь a potato, cooked (clear). In solanum tuberosum the dough, add the egg yolk and a little milk. Composition slightly pre-heat and apply it in the form of heat in the face. The composition to withstand fifteen minutes.

Rub using a grater three fresh cucumber of medium size, the resulting mass add two tablespoons of milk cream. Composition apply on face and endure the twenty minutes.

This mask has a bleaching effect. To weld a small piece of pumpkin and истолочь state of puree. Take half a teaspoon of this puree and add a teaspoon of honey. The composition of support in the skin for about twenty minutes.

For oily skin

The fresh apple to clear, cut in cubes, add a small amount of milk and cook on a low fire until you get a dense mass, which apply on skin and leave for twenty minutes.

A teaspoon of blue clay (kaolin) to connect with the same amount of cream from milk of low fat content and add five drops of tea tree oil. The composition to withstand fifteen minutes.

This mask has a bleaching action. Add two tablespoons of yogurt with a teaspoon of lemon juice, add a tablespoon or a little less pulp in the ashes ten minutes.

For ageing or senile skin

Cook the fresh juice of the leaves of aloe (you will need two tablespoons), mix with a tablespoon of honey, pre-heating in the water bath. Composition, put up in ten minutes.

A tablespoon of chopped pulp of the banana mixture with the same quantity of cream of milk, the liquid honey and add the cream and egg yolk. The composition of the resist less than twenty minutes. To the effectiveness of a procedure to do the three times per week. This mask is well softens носогубные folds.

To the skin around the eyes

антивозрастные mask

As the skin around the eyes is devoid of sebaceous glands, it is the most vulnerable phase of the skin, where the wrinkles appear even in the earliest age. Therefore, taking care of that area must, as soon as possible and with care.

Grind two tablespoons of cream of milk with a teaspoon of chopped herbs parsley. Composition to distribute around the eyes, top to impose on damp cotton swabs. The composition to withstand fifteen minutes.

Add a teaspoon of liquid honey with egg yolk. Composition apply in the area around the eyes and withstand fifteen minutes.

Dip a small piece of the pulp of white bread in any coctae vegetable oil. The mass-distribute the area around the eyes and wash after fifteen minutes.

Mash with fork or three olives strawberry, add a teaspoon of liquid honey. Wrapped in pieces of gauze cotton balls discs, soak them received berry-медовой mixture and apply on the area around the eyes in twenty minutes. Then, clean the skin, moisturizing cosmetic disk in the milk.

For all skin types

Grind a teaspoon of softened butter with the egg yolk. Composition to apply on the skin for twenty minutes. Wash better the infusion of nettle.

Fresh parsley, squeeze a teaspoon of juice, add two teaspoons of the ricotta and lean, half a teaspoon of fish oil, and a teaspoon of grated on a grater of lemon or orange peel. The vitamin composition carefully mix and apply on face, after twenty minutes and rinse off.

To soften the skin suitable for this type of mask: one teaspoon of butter, rub with a teaspoon of lemon juice and the same amount of macilentum cream. The composition to endure twenty minutes, then remove with the help of a cotton swab moistened in white wine, diluted in water (1:1).

Mix one tablespoon of liquid honey with the same amount of milk, add any one, appropriate to your type of skin, the essential oils (a few drops). Composition to apply on skin and support to twenty minutes.

Grind in blender 50 g of ricotta and thin with a fresh cucumber. A mixture apply on the skin and bear fifteen to twenty minutes.

This mask is not only to clean the skin, has a bleaching effect. Half a teaspoon of pulp from kalina to connect with a teaspoon of honey. The resulting mass apply on face and leave for twenty minutes.

Chop the pulp of the quince and connect them with macilentum the cream. The composition of support and twenty minutes. Rinse the mask has a disk dipped in hot water, then you should wash your face with cold water.

A small amount of пекарских dissolve the yeast in the warm water and add the rye flour. The mass to survive in a warm place during the day. A thick layer to distribute the mass on the face and leave for fifteen minutes.

mask for normal skin

For the food, hydration and toning of the skin itself a honey mask. To avoid allergic reactions this mask is recommended to do once every two weeks. Pre-heat two teaspoons of honey in the bath water, add two teaspoons of flour and a cream of egg whites. The mass it is advisable to apply the special free for the most fine and smooth coating, to withstand fifteen minutes. Washing the composition of the first with lukewarm and then with cold water.

The next mask as well softens, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. Add a teaspoon of heating in the water bath honey with the same amount of glycerol (buy in pharmacy). To get a thick consistency mass, you must enter a small amount of flour. The mask of the bear for fifteen minutes.

Grind with the help of a shallow grater medium carrot, add to the batter two tablespoons of honey, heated on the steam bath. Composition apply on face and leave for twenty minutes.

A small amount of pulp of aloe connect with a teaspoon of liquid honey, add the egg yolk and also a tablespoon of milk powder. Mix until you obtain a uniform consistency. The dough to distribute it evenly over your face and endure during the twenty minutes.

Olive oil can be used as compresses to the eyelid skin, and in conjunction with various ingredients and their effectiveness increases several times. For example, add 50 ml of olive oil (can be replaced with jojoba, sesame, льняным, almonds) with 10 ml of the vitamin E in capsules. Every day, the best of the night, похлопывающими movements within two minutes to propel the mixture in an area of the century, after which, for five minutes, remove the excess of the mixture, blotting paper with a cloth.

Carefully grind two tablespoons chopped raw potato dough with a tablespoon of olive oil and the same amount of juice parsley (a tablespoon of chopped parsley boil half a cup of boiling water, leave for half an hour and drain). Composition impose on the skin. This same composition to impose a gauze pad and attach to area around the eyes. Support and twenty minutes, after which the mask with a face lift with the help of cosmetics of the disk. Wash after this procedure, not necessarily. Pass better at night.

Mix two tablespoons of natural fruit juices of beet, carrot, and cabbage. Moisten the mixture obtained screen tissue paper, press lightly and apply on your face. Support twenty minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Mix a half-tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of carrot juice, apply on face and endure fifteen minutes. Wash the precise composition of warm water with the addition of a small amount of soda.

Grind the egg white with a tablespoon of cream of milk with low fat content. Composition, put up in fifteen minutes.

To get rid of wrinkles on the neck will help this mask: mash the pulp of banana, mix with a teaspoon of olive oil, a mixture of cause on your neck, and after twenty minutes, rinse with cold water.

Natural face masks for wrinkles, there is a huge amount to describe all of them, it is simply impossible. No need to wait, with their help, you can solve available the wrinkles, but they are well improve the elasticity of skin, increase vitality and improve the skin, evening folded and making the wrinkle less marked.