Facial rejuvenation without surgery: the most efficient methods of

Women with fear watch the changes that occur over time with the skin of the face: appear wrinkle, enhanced with the pigmentation, appears the feeling of dryness and tightness. And look I always want to look young and beautiful.

skin rejuvenation

Modern medicine the time comes to help solve this problem: today, the bring back the freshness and health of skin helps to non-surgical facial rejuvenation, that has recently received widespread in cosmetology. It is directed to the recovery of collagen — the protein which the skin loses with the passing of time. And it is the collagen maintains the elasticity and firmness of the skin. What modern tools for facial rejuvenation without surgery, you can take advantage of today on the walls of a cabinet of aesthetics, or beauty salon?

Hardware techniques

Laser facial rejuvenation non-surgical

The laser is a powerful stream of light, the radius, that is able to penetrate through the layers of the skin without damaging it. Modern medicine actively uses it for aesthetic purposes. Laser rejuvenation without plastics, absolutely, not traumatiza the skin and doesn't imply undesirable consequences.

1. Fractional laser rejuvenation

Fractional rejuvenation involves the separation of a laser of many rays. Thus, it acts on the skin is not a stain in the mesh, which, penetrating into the deep layers of the skin, initiates the recovery mechanism of the tissues and the natural formation of new collagen. The result:

  • improves the structure of the skin;
  • to solve the problem of hyper pigmentation;
  • the skin updated.

Increasingly, the cosmetology modern applies exactly fractional laser facial rejuvenation without surgery, which allows at least one time to treat a larger area and does not require anesthesia.

2. The laser resurfacing of the skin

Resurfacing laser ensures the processing of the upper layers of the skin. Older, already dead cells from preventing the rest of the batteries to breathe, will be removed. The result:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • recovers metabolism;
  • the cellular composition of the skin up to date;
  • improves color of the face;
  • increases firmness and elasticity.

Popular cosmetology laser resurfacing of the skin is painless, but it is much more effective method of facial rejuvenation without surgery, which eliminates complications.


ELOS rejuvenation

In the procedure, photorejuvenation uses intense pulses of light. If you are looking for the sparing of facial rejuvenation non surgical, which does not take too much time, this method is for you. The results of photorejuvenation:

  • softening wrinkles;
  • the regeneration of damaged cells;
  • removal of age spots;
  • resolution of acne problems;
  • removing the hair mesh;
  • the natural synthesis of elastic and collagen fibers.

This method, in the shortest space of time resolves all of the visible skin problems on the face.


If you want to, for facial rejuvenation without plastic was more deep, you can try thermage.

Rf radiation penetrates deeply into the skin, increases its temperature. This contributes to the formation or update of the collagen in the cells. Its advantages:

  • does not have contra-indications;
  • does not cause allergic reactions;
  • it leaves no residue.

Thermage is done with the help of a special device, and takes another name — lifting.


Another new, but is already quite popular hardware facial rejuvenation without plastics — technology LINKS. It is based on the same time the impact on the skin of high frequency voltage and light pulses. Cosmetology the drive works in a certain temperature, the procedure is done with the help of an applicator. The patient practices do not feel anything besides a slight tingling of the skin. The impulses to penetrate to a sufficient depth in the skin and replenish the collagen layer.

Plastic surgery is no longer as relevant as she came facial rejuvenation non-surgical, does not cause complications and side effects. Their results always predictable and evident: the recovered collagen, making the skin hydrated, soft, elastic, smooth, and very beautiful as well as the touch and to look at her.

The injection of facial rejuvenation non-surgical

Often facial rejuvenation produce by injection of different drugs, each of which acts on the skin in different ways:

  • the hyaluronic acid can skin;
  • botox or dysport block the mimic muscles of the face.

The injection of rejuvenation is accomplished without long and tiresome for the preparation of the patient, does not violate their usual rhythm of life, does not require the application of general anesthesia and virtually painless.


Safe and facial rejuvenation non-surgical can be done with the help of mesotherapy. This procedure assumes the subcutaneous introduction of a small dose of certain vitamins or active medicines of natural origin. As active substances that can be used:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • organic acids (pyruvic, or acid);
  • vitamins (ascorbic acid or nicotine acid, thiamine, biotin, pyridoxine);
  • extracts (collagen, elastin);
  • the connective tissue cells.

In each case, entered drug adjusted individually. More often that mesotherapy is used to resolve the second, the chin, the effect of flabby and saggy skin.

Rejuvenation of ozone

ways to rejuvenate the

In case of problems with the skin that you can offer facial rejuvenation without surgery with ozone, which is a type of oxygen. Is the loss of oxygen implies the aging of skin cells, for the proper functioning need nutrients and moisture. Ozone:

  • stimulates the metabolism;
  • normalizes microcirculation;
  • updates the hypodermis;
  • improves the complexion;
  • aligns the skin;
  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • removes the upper Horny layer.

Ozone can be administered as an injection in the problematic zone, where it promotes the renewal of cells.