Effective essential oils for skin rejuvenation of the face

Essential oils for skin rejuvenation of the face, to receive the composition of cosmetic products, today, able to rival with the more popular brands of brands of the world.

The essential oils is odorous substance, that stand out of the plants. In nature, they perform the function of improving the exchange processes in plants, serve to attract insects for pollination, protecting plants against infection by fungi and bacteria. Today, it is difficult to imagine human life without their use.

Essential oil

The use of essential oils

The essential oil has broad spectrum of biological activity. One of the most effective ways of falling down in the human body is aromatherapy - the treatment of fragrances. At home, the industry, the nutrition and the production of medicines and cosmetics-belongs to them important role.

For the man of essential oil used in aromatherapy, you can even recover and stabilize the uneven mental state. Being a great aphrodisiac, the essential oil helps to increase libido, and, at times, and return the extinct feelings. In addition, it improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure, harmonizes the body and strengthens the processes of recovery.

Among the main advantages of this product can be called:

  • antimicrobial (bactericidal, anti-septic) properties;
  • the anti-inflammatory properties;
  • antispasmodic activity;
  • action sedative;
  • expectorant properties;
  • regeneration of the action;
  • a diuretic effect.

But the special role this natural components to drive in cosmetology. They are very efficient in combating age-related wrinkles, as they have the ability to penetrate deeply into the lower layers of the skin. The natural essential oil widely used as additives in creams, gels, shampoos, masks for the face, anti-ageing, bath, rooms mix and much more.

The regular application of a tool ensures the increase of the tonus of the skin, the good results of rejuvenation, and in some cases, the hormonal regulation of the background. In the manufacture of cosmetic tools in a domestic environment, it may act as a preservative, which will give you the possibility to store and not lose their medicinal properties.

The use of mixtures of essential oils

It is well-established mixture of several essential oils masked, prepared from natural ingredients - clay, milk products, natural base oils. The most effective way of application, beauticians recommend to be the individual of a mixture of oils, guided characteristics of the skin and the state.

Very best effect of your use, you can get by applying in parallel and aroma oils for the face, satisfying the premise of their peers. This is especially necessary in a period of worsening of the SARS, flu, colds (eucalyptus, oil of pine, lemon). Esters of lavender, lemon balm and valerian can help improve and psychological state.

For the purposes of the application of the essential oil of increase several times, many women mix them with the baseline (mono) oils. It is a time of serious, suited to that need care. Necessarily testing the base and the essential oil, preferably to obtain information about compatibility. This applies to other types of cosmetics, especially creams, which often do not have in their composition preservatives. By adding the cream of essential oil, causing its deep penetration in the layers of the skin, can cause an allergic reaction. And the connections of esters, which are capable of changing the chemical composition of the components, it can give the opposite effect, and therefore, caution and awareness in your application is going well. Also you need to remember that the entire mixture for skin rejuvenation of the face is applied only on the skin moist.

Essential oils for rejuvenation

The essential oils are favorites

Skin care of the face, the main focus is to combat wrinkles.

With the aim of rejuvenating apply such esters, such as rose and neroli, that have a deep moisturizing effect, as well to tone and refresh.

The skin eventually shines and is soaked in the unmatched taste. Great regenerate the ability to possess the oil of ylang-ylang, rose, wood, and sandalwood. Women with sensitive skin the perfect face oil of chamomile blue. The seed oil of carrot will rejuvenate, slows the aging process of the skin.

Among the anti-aging of blends leading green coffee oil. It's a great composition of hyaluronic acid is a natural humidifier. Its effect to take care of the skin around the eyes is simply stunning. This activates the tool, so it should apply only to the women after the age of 40 years.

High capacity of penetration, a good composition has a natural antioxidant - jojoba oil. It regenerates, moisturizes, regenerates and nourishes the skin of the face. After its application the skin oily, it becomes a matte, dry - nutrient-rich, not blinding up-to-date, you receive an aspect that is radiant.

The walnut oil helps rejuvenate the skin 100%, because it is a rich source of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. Peanut butter relieves irritation, protects the skin against the penetration of free radicals. It is one of the tools that enhance the tan. It is effective when used within.

Effectively rejuvenates the skin the oil of the seed of the peach, which is a great mitigating factor, moisturizing and tonic. The protection against ultraviolet radiation help oil raspberry bones, which, however, have anti-oxidant properties and neutralizes the products of free radicals. Well softens the skin, normalizes hormonal flaxseed oil, which is a leader in content of vitamin F.

Soothes inflammation, increases the intensity of cell renewal of the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles patchouli oil. It is a versatile tool that fits dry and oily skin of the face. The dry skin helps to moisturize, repair, and correct the skin. That normalizes the sebaceous glands when the skin is oily, it helps in the treatment of inflammatory processes, acne and contraction of the pores. Of great help to the oil of patchouli has in the healing of scars and scars.

Good skin rejuvenation demonstrates and the incense. This tool eliminates spots, wrinkles, lines and improves skin tone. This is one of the oldest tools of facial skin care. A great preventive means with the appearance of the first wrinkles recognized the essential oil of fennel.

Skin rejuvenation of the face is happening thanks to the processes of update and recovery. The oil of rosemary is considered to be a leader in accelerating these processes. He is able to smooth fine wrinkles, compact the structure of the skin, making it elastic and resistant.

For the treatment and rejuvenation of the skin on the face use a excellent anti-inflammatory oil of myrrh, which thanks to its medicinal properties struggling with acne, restoring damaged skin, helps to fight against bad healing wounds. Women who experience discomfort from frequent occurrences of pustular rashes and acne, helps the oil of bergamot. It is very refreshing, brightens the skin, reduces enlarged pores, eliminates irritation and the inflammatory processes. The permanent part of your application that helps you strengthen and pull the skin of the face, to increase its elasticity.


One-stop aromatherapy oil for the face

Universal reputation aroma oil to the person who received the geranium oil. When you apply it in aromatherapy, it has proven itself as an excellent tool for stress relief, relaxation, hypodermic muscle. When you use it as a cosmetic tool, it helps smooth out shallow wrinkles, eliminate peeling, dryness. After the completion of the lift at the base of the cream and geranium oil skin glow with purity and freshness.

Health and beauty always go hand in hand. The natural wealth, which is in the essential oils, donated plants, helps strengthen the health, and along with it return woman beauty and attractiveness.