Laser for rejuvenation

Application of laser for facial rejuvenation is a relatively young way of dealing with the age range of aging of the skin. The innovative design allowed for the creation of a piece of equipment that is able to several sessions to achieve the result is comparable with the results of plastic surgery.

The laser for skin rejuvenation. Working principle

Effects of the laser on the skin caused by the ability of the different stacks to absorb the laser radiation. With different wavelengths of laser affect the different layers of skin and cause different effects. Highlight 2 main types of laser facial rejuvenation:

  • ablative;
  • non-ablative.

The term "ablation" means the treatment of evaporation of the skin, under the influence of laser beams. In fact, it is the application of microtraumas, for the cure that are active own regenerating mechanisms of the skin:

  • intensifies the production of collagen and elastin;
  • on the surface of the skin are eliminated fine wrinkles;
  • the skin is smoothed, becomes more elastic, smooth;
  • disappear the small wounds and scars.
Lifting equipment radio frequency

Non-ablative laser rejuvenation age in the depth of the skin, without damaging its top layer. When this occurs, the heating of small internal portions of the dermis and stimulation of collagen growth and elastin. In terms of achievement rejuvenating effect, it is important that these procedures lead to the total restructuring of the dermis, strengthen the she the metabolism, improve its structure and density.

Fractional laser, facial rejuvenation

Looking forward to doing laser treatments without the pain, reduce the period of rehabilitation-if the powerful rejuvenating effects, the scientists invented fractus laser installation. Instead of solid of a laser beam is used mesh of micro-rays, causing very small foci of corruption. The neighboring cells are not damaged, and begin to intensively produce collagen and elastin, healing damage and improving the elasticity of the whole skin in the treaty sector. When you do this, the comfort for the client during the procedure increases the clinical effectiveness of the procedure increases.

By applying the laser for facial rejuvenation, you can achieve the removal of small and medium-sized enterprises of wrinkles, age spots, scars, acne formations, vascular. In this case, depending on the type of wave of the laser, the period of rehabilitation after the procedure and feel of a client during the procedure will be different. For this reason, manufacturers offer a laser to rejuvenate the face and body with different wavelengths. This allows to individually address the problems of the clients and offer them the procedures appropriate for the situation.