Laser rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes - rejuvenating again!

The skin around the eyes first to the captivity, that passes years — so affects the fineness of his nature, the increase of the vulnerability. Additionally, we smile, we look at the sun and, thus, continue to cause the problem.

Wrinkles, like a spider's web, braid eyes, and deal with it on a day to day increasingly difficult. Surgical methods of correction of appearance, for various reasons is appropriate, away from everyone. Not surprisingly, the great popularity of such a procedure, such as laser skin rejuvenation around the eyes.

Laser rejuvenation

Hits exactly on target, without damage

With it, you can fight with a fading of the skin and wrinkles in this area, formed in the ages "excess" skin. To the miraculous effect, you can thank the laser beams: they hit exactly on target, without damage to the adjacent tissues.

A strong effect of

Becomes less visible pigmentation, occur metamorphoses and with wrinkles. If they are small, they may disappear completely, and more deeply aligned. At the same time, the rejuvenation the laser will forget about irritation and peeling.

The launch of rejuvenation

The use of this technology is not only to achieve a remarkable effect external, but also in the fact that the skin reveals a serious internal exposure. Starts the rejuvenation process, increases elasticity, firmness.

Personally you

The power of the beam, the depth of their penetration in the skin regulated, which allows you to choose for each patient the set of options.

Without pain

During the treatment, they do not feel any kind of pain, so much so that it is used local anesthesia.

Always survive

The procedure safely, experiencing even as competition place, as always.

A little rehab

This technique does not make the women cut off a little bit of time, not only for the procedure, but also in rehabilitation. Literally, after a day of leather close eye on everything and redness, and other people have the slightest idea that the transfiguration found some type of beauty operation.

The launch of rejuvenation

After the procedure

As open wounds do not lack, the risk of infecting processed sections. Immediately before the procedure and three weeks later she can't take the sun in a natural way and in the solarium. Cosmetic products and care, and decorating — should protect from uv rays.


Not everyone can afford the luxury of the rejuvenation of the eye region with a laser. Will have to face the high temperature and the common cold, acute phase of atopic dermatitis, inflammation in the location of future treatment. It is not appropriate to the procedure to women, that in less than two weeks ago I did a chemical peel, suffers from psoriasis, and epilepsy, is preparing to become a mother.