11 effective procedures for skin rejuvenation of the face

Modern cosmetic know many ways to get rid of these unpleasant of cases, with surgical intervention is not necessary.

The professional, the procedures of aesthetics and cosmetology medical - we learn what are the treatments for skin rejuvenation of the face offer beauty salons of our city.

11 effective procedures for skin rejuvenation of the face


skin rejuvenation

Photorejuvenation is a way of rejuvenating the face skin and improve your color without surgical intervention. The elasticity of the skin after photorejuvenation is improving a lot, decrease the blood vessels dilated, the skin to pull out and light up.

Photorejuvenation allows you to not only give the skin a more youthful appearance, but also removes blemishes, redness (including the dragnet of the blood vessels), defects of the skin, post-laser polishing and other types of treatment.

The procedure takes a little time, is painless and does not cause unpleasant sensations.

The result is visible after the first procedure. The maximum number of collagen produced in the skin after photorejuvenation, is reached after about a fifth for the account of the procedure. The complete course is 4 to 6 sessions, to accomplish that which is recommended 1 to 2 times per month.

Laser biorevitalizatsiya

Laser biorevitalizatsiya — a method that helps to radically solve problems such as the loss of skin elasticity, fine wrinkles, and the complexion, dryness of the skin of the face and neck.

When the aid of cold therapeutic laser retrieves the content of hyaluronic acid.

Obvious advantages the following:

  • pronounced effect, which is visible already after the first procedure;
  • absolute painless and the comfort of the procedure;
  • the minimum number of contra-indications;
  • the absence of side effects, the swelling and irritation.

Perform the procedure at any time of the year, but especially recommended for this procedure in the spring, when the skin experiences a lack of vitamins. The course is set after consultation with the doctor cosmetologist and depends on the state of the skin.

RF-lifting in the device Thermo C

RF-lifting is performed with the device Thermo C, created through the integrated system of exhibition, the bipolar RF-energy, deep massage, vacuum, cryotherapy. The combination of these four components gives a powerful effect: the wrinkles are smoothed and wrinkles, improves the tone and turgor of the skin. The result is visible after the first procedure, and stored for 2 to 7 days, and through two-three weeks after the beginning of the course, you receive postponed the lifting effect, which increases each round the procedure.


  • according to the chin;
  • the bags and wrinkles close to the eyes;
  • sagging skin, decreased turgor;
  • the porosity of the skin;
  • the state-of-acne - atrophic scars, the stagnant point;
  • sagging skin in the neck area and décolleté, on the hands.

The course is composed of 5 to 8 procedures with a frequency of one to two times per week.

Plasmolifting Gel

Plasmolifting Gel is a biological filler, obtained from a plasma of the patient. The gel is injected into the tissue in the area of wrinkles by filling them. It helps to restore the lost volume of tissue and to eliminate the deeper wrinkles, acne scars, "sagging" of the face of the most secure way possible. It supports not only a face, but also stimulates the regeneration of tissues, even so, after the action of the instrument is going to end, anti-aging effects continue and will work from the inside out, promoting skin renewal and preventing the emergence of new wrinkles.


  • Changes related to the age of the skin;
  • Sagging of the skin;
  • The loss of volume of tissues;
  • Scars acne.


Mesotherapy - injection procedure, whose essence lies in the introduction in the area of the face, neck and neckline "party", full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. These medicines good to moisturize the skin, increases its elasticity, gives the skin the your skin a radiant glow.

The course is composed of six to eight procedures, depending on the fixed aesthetic problems. Mesotherapy is carried out once every seven to ten days.

The "silk route" lifting

The "silk route" lifting is performed with the use of the israel cosmetics "Christina". One of the components of cosmetics are of fiber silk, which penetrate in the epidermis, restore and strengthen the damaged structure of collagen fibers, strengthen, and renew the internal "linking" mechanism. They retain the moisture in the skin, stimulate the microcirculation and contribute to the enrichment of the substance. The silk fibres smooth out wrinkles from the outside and from the inside to the outside, contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin.

Medicines line are enriched with traditional cosmetology natural plant extracts, which have anti-inflammatory action, reduces the swelling and irritation of the skin.

Silk fibers contribute to the conservation of moisture, stimulate the microcirculation of the substance.


  • Expression wrinkles;
  • Dry or inflamed skin.

The maximum effect is manifested in the second-third day after the procedure runs. 3 months of fine wrinkles are reduced by 35%.

Non-contact, gas-liquid peeling on the device OctoLine

facial rejuvenation

The procedure is contactless in the treatment of skin gas-liquid reactive jet. With the help of the appliance and the brush head with a nozzle jet of compressed gas and accelerated to the speed of supersonic 200-300 m/s. Drops, flying in a gas, liquid, flow, have a high kinetic energy. The movement of the flows creates the conditions for an explosion of exfoliated cells from the well into the skin.

After the procedure occurs in the soft and smooth of the restoration of the skin without rinsing, it burns, and peeling.

The result is visible after the first procedure. The course proximity to the gas-liquid peeling consists of 6-10 procedures, do what is recommended once every seven to ten days.

RF-lifting in the device AnchorFree Shape V8-C1

RF-lifting (RF - radio frequency - rf) - the process of heating of the skin and the subcutaneous fat through the passage of high-frequency electrical current, with the purpose of obtaining a cosmetic effect.

The uniqueness of the instrument AnchorFree Shape V8-C1 is comprehensive, the impact of four physical factors: radio frequency bipolar energy, infrared radiation, DARE-the cavitation of a new generation and vacuum-roller massage. Shape V8-C1 is also effective for fighting small, medium, and deep wrinkles, sagging skin, to deal with problems such as skin stained his face, the loss of definition of the contour of the face, the wrinkles around the eyes.

Impact location on the face lasts for 15 minutes, to the area of the eyes, also of 15 minutes.

Already after the first procedure is started prolonged the recovery process of the collagen fibers with the increasing effect.


  • resolution of dark circles around the eyes;
  • reduction of wrinkles and "bags" under the eyes;
  • pulling up the upper eyelid.

DROT - skin radiowave optical thermolysis

The procedure of thermolysis (DROT) is a european technology for total skin rejuvenation. In cosmetology, modern is the only procedure that allows you to perform a lifting of the skin, including around the eyes without surgical intervention.

The procedure DROT can be considered as it protects the alternative medium or deep chemical peel with greater efficiency.

Most effective at the current time to the procedure of thermolysis in the apparatus SmartXide2 DOT+RF. The innovative laser system combines the action of fractional CO2 laser and RF-and radiation. The concomitant action of two of the most effective, the states, in a single procedure, allows you to achieve visible results in the short term.


  • Wrinkles;
  • The pigmentation;
  • Dilated pores;
  • Hems.

Rejuvenating procedure "Forever young"

The procedure includes cosmetics, medicines, created by the "Christina", which include active, high-tech components, such as proteins of plant origin and marine origin, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, fruit acids, plant extracts. This series of medicines protects and strengthens the system of the skin, "tired" of environmental damage, stress, tension, natural, biological, and hormonal changes. It gives the skin to "push" for self-improvement, makes her "build" of the cells strong and healthy, provides you with the products necessary for normal existence.

The procedure of "Forever young" is suitable for all skin types and is recommended as women and men. All the tools have the delicate texture and pleasant smell.

Masonite - immediate rejuvenation

Masonite is a modern development of beauticians, who has received worldwide recognition. The basis of this method is the introduction under the skin of the best yarn of polylactic acid, which are created from absorbable, hypoallergenic and durable material, which has 100% biocompatibility with the skin.

Only one procedure masonite particular will address fine and deep wrinkles on the face, model the position of the eyebrows, the corners of the lips and the neck, but it will also rejuvenate the face for a few years.

The procedure of rejuvenation using the 3D masonite has a number of advantages:

  • the lack of rehabilitation;
  • lasting effect within 1-2 years of age;
  • immediate result;
  • proven to safety.