Essential oils to tighten skin on the face - how to choose a product

To tighten the skin of the face of the essential oils play an important role, however, the wrong form of your application or not give you results, or will produce an opposite effect. When you select a same essential oil need to consider a number of important parameters.

How to choose the ether?

essential oils for skin rejuvenation

Many essential oils support the skin of the face, contribute to their withdrawal, healing and rejuvenation.

In its composition contains an incredible concentration of antioxidants that allows topically to remove most of harmful substances of the epidermis.

And there, where a little pollution, quickly slowed down the processes of aging and destruction.

The huge capacity of the essential oil can be hazardous to health, if the product chosen the wrong. In addition to technical quality, which is determined by the price, packaging, certificates, it is important to consider the personal feelings of the use of the essential oil. Good substance never creates the sense of gravity, heady, or nausea.

Dramatically with the smell of prohibited substances to tighten the skin of the face, if there is a tendency to allergy or a person suffers from asthma. Prohibited powerful natural ingredients for pregnant women, because they may harm the fetus.

Diseases of the skin – a reason to seek the advice of a doctor before you start self-medication.

The oil to choose a facelift?

If you're wondering, which oil is best for tightening the skin of a person, then the answer here is a thing, which is good for your body, or better yet, a combination of several products. They can not only connect in a mask or with a massage tool, but and apply alternately, so that the skin of a person is not accustomed to. There are more than 20 esters, which help in skin lifting.

Each essential oil, the substance has additional effects and specific smell. You should choose according to what it is that you want to get.

How to instantly remove wrinkles and bags under the eyes?

Let's start with the most famous, beloved and the most dangerous of a method of facial rejuvenation - botox. Yes, botox is one of the most effective methods of eliminating wrinkles. In addition, which is not the most inexpensive of the procedure, no one talks about adverse reactions, which sooner or later appear at all. Here are just a few of them:

  • vision problems;
  • difficulty in breathing, a violation of voice functions;
  • abundant eruptions on the skin;
  • itching in the application area of botox;
  • of the heart beat;
  • feeling of general weakness and fatigue..

Then, consider the pharmacy tool for rejuvenation. Astute traders, they all go to the maximum to announce one or the other cream, your task to sell, and not help people.

We want to warn you, dear remedy against wrinkles the manufacturers which ensure the result is normal penny moisturizing.

Not worth to be fought on their tricks, even if the packaging of one form or another smart tool words" written, how and with which components it acts the drug.

Folk remedies

A huge advantage of remedies is that they are all based on natural components and, at a minimum, not harm the body. But, in practice, the use of them in so little, which is hardly visible in the result.

Then, as still instantly remove wrinkles and bags under the eyes?

Interestingly, the answer is the insoluble matter was found in a single article. Author of a typical woman of 55 years of age, described in detail how she managed to almost instantly get rid of deep wrinkles and bags under the eyes, without makeup, botox, and other well-known techniques of rejuvenation.

  • Patchouli – noticeably improves the process of regeneration of cells, moisturizes and gives elasticity to the epidermis, helping lift the person. Slows aging and is ideal faded skin.
  • Ether-pink – affects the circulation, gives a blush, it makes you shine from the inside out.
  • Sandalwood – modeling the contours for the cheekbones and the chin, eliminating the sagging of certain areas.
  • Geranium – removes the subcutaneous fat and takes it out of the body.
  • The seed oil of carrot – cleans and improves the general state of the skin.
  • Incense – updates and returns the freshness and eliminates the alarming state of its wonderful fragrance, struggling with the wrinkles and aligns the color of your face. Ideal to protect the skin of the neck.
  • Extract of jasmine – gives a beautiful color and is struggling with the drought, has been designed for sensitive skin, and the skin, it is prone to allergic reactions.
  • Pink – the product key for skin tightening and facial rejuvenation, she rejuvenates and gives an aroma wonderful, nourishes the skin and wonderful, eliminates wrinkles. In addition, this allows to achieve a maximum of oxygen.
  • Neroli – the miraculous east of the ether, quite expensive, but extremely effective. Improves the well-being, revitalizes and gives an excellent reform of the skin of the face, and also start the processes of regeneration and fight against wrinkles.

For the essential oils to tighten are effective and safe, applying them, should basic of products – vegetable oils are cold pressed.

The most effective base substances

Best of all, they do facelift the following main products:

  • Mustard oil – is suitable not only for the person, but to the chest and abdomen;
  • Olive oil – contains fatty acids and antioxidants, it revitalizes and strengthens, making the skin soft;
  • The grape seed oil is well mixed with all the essential characteristics of the products, contains large amount of vitamin E to a healthy diet and the hydration of the skin, eliminating wrinkles;
  • The avocado oil also contains fatty acids and improves the production of collagen, allows you to achieve excellent pH balance of the skin, absorbs quickly;
  • Cocoa butter is a useful option of a vegetable fat with the incredible amount of antioxidants. Eliminates scars, scars and stretch marks.

Before using any oil base is heated to a temperature of 37-39 degrees, the way it works best and helps to relax the skin.

And for best results apply the compositions of base and essential oils to tighten skin on the face need to mix 1 St. l. database with 3-6 drops of ether.

The correct massage

the facial massage

Strengthen the muscles of the face, helps in correct massage with essential oils. It includes several exercises in the gym:

  1. Begin to Accellto arivat 2 fingers with a slight boost to the skin of the nostrils in the cheekbones;
  2. Then move to the forehead and move to the eyebrows of the zone of growth of hair;
  3. Then, smooth the face from the chin to the apples of your face;
  4. Pass the area below the jaw, and soften the in the direction of the wolves ears.

To get more exercises after massage will strengthen the result. First, fill the cheeks for 5 seconds, and then sharply exhale. Then widely open the mouth and remove the tongue to the chin. After that, start to pronounce the letter "u" and "e", it is strongly tensing the muscles of the face. Finish the exercise dynamic elevation of the eyebrows up and down, and then pull the lower jaw, and carefully, begin to move it to the left and to the right.

Lifting of the facial skin with essential oils and basic music – a pleasant and accessible process.

If the products are correctly selected, after 2-3 weeks, they will give you an amazing outcome.

We make conclusions

If you are reading these lines, you can conclude that You're still in search of a method to rejuvenate your face and get rid of the wrinkles, those in power feel uncomfortable.

We conducted the research, studied a lot of materials and most importantly checked the majority of the methods and tools of anti-wrinkles, from the people, methods, and ending with procedures that may offer the doctors.