An effective way to real rejuvenation of the skin of the face

Do you really want to rejuvenate the face absolutely the natural way? There are super-recipe, the value of a penny, easy to do!

You will need just a grain of wheat and clean water. Everything. And the result is better than the expensive luxury creams. Visible lifting effect, the alignment of the skin, the brightness, the young skin, reducing pores.

Want to know the secret? It is germinated wheat! In the first days of life in rostock experience an amazing shift. Exactly at the moment of germination of rostock especially saturated with the energy of life, the concentration of vitamins and nutrients in it increases hundreds of times! Without exaggeration! In a small, gravitate carentibus rostock contains the same amount of vitamins, proteins, fats , as in plant life. For example, in an embryo of wheat and 50 times more vitamin E , that in adult life the plant. And the vitamin And, the most famous, and with another name — the beauty vitamin.

What is contained in the wheat germinated

The wheat germinated
  • The calcium
  • the potassium
  • chrome
  • covers
  • silicone
  • selenium
  • zinc
  • iron
  • iodine
  • vitamins B5, c, D, P
  • folic acid
This is not to mention the frenetic energy, the desired sprout for germination, you can spend it. You germinate the grain so strong aura, that is able to plug holes in the aura of a person, to transform cells in patients healthy. The array of youth, literally, is embedded in the body and to the skin!

Recipe mask anti-aging

  1. We bought a grain of wheat (see label — the wheat must be grown in a pure environment of the district).
  2. Carefully wash under running water until 100 grams of beans, pour in clean water and remove come of grains. Inebriat in 8 hours. When the grain swell, wash them with water, blew all the water and leave under the lid for 3-4 hours. Then again, washing and so 2-3 times so that not to shock grain. Very easy to do in a fine sieve strainer. The buds should be no more than 3 mm.
  3. Charge half of wheatgrass and beat in a blender with the addition of clean water at the ratio of 3:1 (3 parts grains + 1 part water). Ideally, the water should be specially prepared with matrix clean and charged)
  4. Put this mixture and the second part of the grain (not beaten) in the refrigerator (do not store for more than 3 days). On the second day, we began preparing for the new grain (from point 1)
  5. Morning and evening oleamos the skin this mixture, keep the 20 minutes, always causing a mixture of, at least, drying. All your energy of youth infusion to deliver to your skin, restores skin cells, incompti tenuem lecture wrinkles, giving youthful glow. Wash in cold water, wipe a cube of ice . Do not apply the moisturizing cream! According to the latest survey of moisturizing cream makes the skin preparation, irregularities, and even precipitation. The skin after the procedure will ask moisture you can remove, the better lubricate the natural yoghurt or cream of milk ( depending on oily you skin or dry) leave it for 5 minutes and after wash-cold (this is important) water.

And so, in the morning and in the evening we ate 1 tablespoon of the second part, germinate of grain (tu, which does not flagellavit), carefully chewing. With time you can increase the portion to see the state of the gastrointestinal tract. Do not forget that germinate grain — strong is the biologically active product. If you have the habit of eating refined products, the body may react not very proper (disorder of digestion, for example). Therefore, we started very moderately, and increase the portion gradually, adding no more than 1 St. tablespoons per day.

A course of about 2 weeks. After a short pause. Repeat courses on a regular basis. Good and proper skin care is the regularity.