Characteristics of non-ablative skin rejuvenation

In modern terms, skin rejuvenation of the face - one of the issues that you can resolve, do not use the services of a plastic surgeon. Currently, the beauty salons offer a wide range of services. Among the large amount of modern technology can choose one or the other methodology based not only on the indications and contra-indications, but and to financial ability.

features a non-ablative skin rejuvenation

One of the have gained in popularity is a method of fractional laser rejuvenation.

Technical advantages in their safety and high efficiency. The end result, and the rehabilitation period are largely determined variant of installation.

What is laser rejuvenation

To rejuvenate the procedures apply the carbon dioxide and erbium laser, the distinctive features which is a different wavelength and the degree of energy absorption. Data the characteristics of the particular technology exhibition:

  • The carbon dioxide (CO2) machine is applied to the ablative, skin rejuvenation. When the laser beam operates, such as on the surface and the deeper layers of the skin. Ablative rejuvenation allows you to smooth all the irregularities of the skin, lighten Pigment spots and to obtain a rapid effect of the laser. The rehabilitation period with this form of exposure is one to two weeks.
  • Non-ablative laser rejuvenation is characterized by a deep penetration of the beam, and the absence of surface damage. With this form of exposure anti-aging effects manifest gradually, but due to the lack of damaging impact on the upper layers of the skin rehabilitation period reduced.

The method of non-ablative skin rejuvenation is indicated for those who don't want to break the habitual rhythm of life and have the only goal-the improvement of turgor and elasticity of the skin.

Why the use of laser therapy is efficient in the procedure

Modern laser installation: CO2 and erbium, have a fractional impact, making it impaired, but only 20% of the volume of the skin.

Recovery, the process is started by its entire surface, which minimizes the process of damage to the thermal cover of the skin and the appearance of scars and scars, and is also activated the regeneration process, and the synthesis of new cells. The result is a skin pull and rejuvenated.

Readings for the ablative method

As mentioned above, ablative rejuvenation is an effective way to smooth out the surface wrinkles, improve firmness and skin elasticity, and combat discoloration. As well as the laser mainly works on the upper layers of the skin, so there is your update on the whole penetration depth of the beam, and visible correction of all the faults.

The result is visible after a single procedure.

For anyone who is recommended notablativo rejuvenation

Laser notablativo rejuvenation of the skin apply to:

  • smooth out the wrinkles;
  • the removal of the areas of the pigmented skin;
  • lifting effect;
  • improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin;
  • rejuvenation of the skin;
  • solution of problems of the skin defects.
This fractional fractional rejuvenation laser is ideal for you, if you want to have a visible result without severe exposure, if you have the minimum of rehabilitation.

When it is worth to give up of the procedure

As the majority of the research methods and laser therapy, there are a number of contraindications.

Among them, it's worth calling attention to the existence of the following problems:

  • the violation of the coagulation system of the blood;
  • the state of pregnancy;
  • the disease of epilepsy;
  • the presence of a cancer;
  • sharp infectious diseases;
  • the increase of the temperature of the body;
  • the presence of inflammatory process in the area of impact of the laser beam.
Important! The skin after skin rejuvenation the laser becomes very sensitive, so, for some time, it is not worth exposing your exposed to sunlight.

Photo: before and after

before and after photos


Opinions about the procedure of laser treatment more contradictory.

  • Those who liked this service to smooth out the wrinkles, happy with the results, but recommend to apply more than a gentle method of rejuvenation.
  • In cases of acne treatment, and positive feedback, the results of extinction of scars and acne scars, as the saying goes: in the face.

But, in the majority of notice that the procedure is very painful and the rehabilitation period leaves much to be desired.

In addition - laser therapy - a very expensive procedure.