The hardware of cosmetics for facial rejuvenation

With age, women are increasingly looking at yourself in the mirror and sigh: one more wrinkle in the conversation. And order by catalog miracle – anti-wrinkle cream, which promises to lift maximum effect after two weeks. With hope, waiting for them the effect, not suspecting that the cosmetic science, intended to support the level of feminine appeal, already offers your the same age as liberation from the hated wrinkles, without any cream.

The new word in science about the beauty of the female body – hardware face rejuvenation. That is not so bad after the experience of our predecessors, who took useful of the bathroom with the effect, but the science has advanced quite a bit since then. Now, in the help of a woman that come from smart appliances, able to again return to him the good humor and confidence in his irresistibility.

Hardware procedure: pros and cons

The hardware of cosmetics for facial rejuvenation

Hardware facial rejuvenation in cosmetology is a set of procedures with the use of special equipment for the introduction of cosmetics into the problematic areas for subcutaneous injection. There are already a lot of time are made the first steps in this area, invented new equipment, introduced modern technology. But still, the person continues to be the most vulnerable phase of our body, because the first generates the age of a woman. Based on this, we can observe the main indications for the use of hardware procedures for facial rejuvenation:

  1. Clear signs of skin ageing
  2. Wrinkles, not only in the area of the eyes and lips
  3. Acne
  4. Age spots pigmentation
  5. Noticeable loss of elasticity and resistance of skin

Performed the procedure is safe and productive. It all depends on the skill of the specialist, the beautician, the choice of equipment and the technical equipment.

As a whole, and any manipulation, pursued by a special man, the education, the procedure of hardware skin rejuvenation of the face also has some contraindications. Among them:

  1. The Tumor of the education in the body
  2. The poor clotting of the blood
  3. Oncology
  4. Skin problems, including fungi defeat
  5. The private service of allergy to components of medication, inserted under the skin

Warning! Hardware procedures during pregnancy categorically contraindicated due to the risk of development of pathologies chromosomal.

The many faces of the cosmetology hardware

The many faces of the cosmetology hardware

The technical progress all the time provides new features and options to improve the quality of procedures, aiming to recover tired skin. Among the species of the hardware procedures, one can highlight the main:

  1. Massage through the use of appliances. Types of this kind of massage very much, but there are three-main – hot tub, pneumomassage, and vibratory.
  2. The procedure of lifting a result you have to trim the skin, eliminate the wrinkles. To achieve a lifting effect can be hardware in one way or through surgical procedure.
  3. The laser to fix, when a special equipment achieved an effect of rejuvenation and hardening of the skin on the cheeks.
  4. Liposuction. Is the removal of excess fat layers method of pumping. To perform this manipulation can be in one of two ways – laser and ultra-sonic.
  5. I create the procedure. Help the recovery of the entire organism space method for the cryo-sauna or create the pool.
  6. The galvanotherapy, in which the skin from the act of a small voltage charge.

With the help of cosmetology hardware, you can exclude tumors in the body in the form of a wart or sweetheart sunspots, and also to get rid of scars post-surgery.

With the help of cosmetology hardware can erase

Overview of techniques of facial rejuvenation

With a variety of tools in the area of cosmetology, we developed a set of different techniques, exposure of the skin of the face. Each one of them is directed to the solution of problems according to the skin type and depends on the phase in which you need to work.

With the efficiency of methodologies and discuss difficult, because each woman chooses the method of exposure, aimed at the elimination specifically their problems. The most popular techniques for facial rejuvenation are listed below:

  1. Ultra-SMAS lifting Change lifting. One of the most common procedures hardware of facial rejuvenation in beauty salons and beauty clinics. Completely painless and pleasing fast the result.
  2. Photorejuvenation. Effects on the deeper layers of the skin flashes of light, as when shooting. The intensity and the brightness of the flashes accumulate restoring the elasticity of the skin and the disappearance of wrinkles and acne.
  3. Radiolifting. Smoothing out wrinkles in the skin, due to the influence of the machine, which contributes to the increase in the temperature of the skin. Occurs an update of a substance of collagen, responsible for increasing the elasticity of the skin.
  4. ELOS – procedure. It consists in exposing to light and to current, the intensity of which is set at the beginning of a session. During the operation, the patient feels a rhythmic tingling, but they do not cause discomfort or pain. But the result soon enjoy.
  5. Rejuvenation via injection. The most common is the bite of hyaluronic acid. Is the technique for those who dare not surgical effects, and wants to look young and fresh.
The confrontation at the pros and cons of hardware procedures

The confrontation at the pros and cons of hardware procedures

The hardware of cosmetic facial rejuvenation constant introduction of new directions and methodologies in their sphere. Women enough to keep up with the news in this area to consult a specialist to resolve the problem. To understand how effective hardware procedures of rejuvenation, you should consider your "light" and "dark" side more carefully. For details, we turn to the comments of visitors cosmetics, beauty salons and on its basis we will make an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of hardware facial rejuvenation.

The first and, probably, the greatest advantage of hardware facial rejuvenation is the lack of surgical intervention. So, if the woman does not want to risk your health and get the same result irreversible, and will only turn their attention to long periods, but safe and effective of the hardware of the procedure?

Now playing brief characteristics of each of the methods listed above hardware facial rejuvenation.

Changes the elevation of the

This is the most common of the methods more natural and aesthetically acquitted. After all, this is the first unit, whose impact is not aimed at the skin layer and the hypodermic muscle, which gave the name of the procedure – the SMAS. Because of this, the impact of a machine reaches the impressive and at the same rapid effect. With this method of facial rejuvenation climb up the corners of the lips, the outline of the face becomes more clear, the upper eyelids pulled, smoothed the area of the eyebrows. It is due to this impact Changes the elevation continues to be the most popular view of hardware procedures.

Changes the elevation of the


As already mentioned, this hardware method facial rejuvenation is based on the effects of lighting surges in the deeper layers of the skin (the epidermis). The advantages of this procedure, you must be assigned the short duration of a session and the absence of pain. Yes, and the result is a satisfaction. All of the people who undergo the procedure photorejuvenation point out that the wrinkles are smoothed, disappears pigmentation of the skin, acne, does not bother more capillary asterisk. So that the photorejuvenation with boldness can be attributed to the effective procedures, hardware facial rejuvenation.

Radiolifting (thermage)

The activation of the collagen by increasing the temperature of the skin has a good result after the performance. The clear advantage thermage is the absence of counter-indications. After the procedure, there remains no trace in the face, and you are fully saved against the risk of allergies.


This hardware procedure clearly if you can call it efficient in the field of facial rejuvenation, as "wake up" the collagen with the impact on it of a current and light, is not every a methodology of force. About the procedure will be similar only to an anthill, and the rest – is a pleasure.

The technique of introduction of medications to the skin rejuvenation of the face also finds his fans from a number of people that have a fear of surgery, and who does not believe in hardware cosmetology. Here, use the meso – or ozone therapy. When mesotherapy are inserted under the skin vitamins, or other nutrients to the activation intradermal processes. The application of ozone therapy eliminates the cause shriveling of the skin introducing oxygen.

Do not cost in hardware rejuvenation of the face and without reverse side of the medal. Before you begin the procedures of rejuvenation, it is necessary to examine the question. Sometimes it happens that before the hardware, the procedures, the specialists recommend the application of manual methods – a massage or an outfit. Only disadvantages in the application of these methodologies argue for the lack of impact on the muscle tissue and the lack of stimulation for production of collagen.

The youth after 50 minutes of

The impact of fading on the skin should be more intense and long lasting. How to point many visitors cosmetics, clinical, only the most expensive techniques to give a result when the hardware, the facial rejuvenation in women of 50.

Important! To effect on the skin of the face at the age of 50 years have to worry about with the minimum of problems, you need to start to keep the skin in form of balance, at the latest 30 years.

The skin with age loses firmness and elasticity, making it dry and dull. All of these changes occur due to change the hormonal background of the female body. Help the woman to recover the joy and freshness are called to practice non-surgical hardware skin rejuvenation of the face.

  1. Laser for the correction. The rays of the laser to deeply affect the cells of the skin, maintaining the skin is not wounded, and the method applies, without consequences.
  2. Facial rejuvenation fractional. Scattered laser beams, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, stimulate the regeneration and production of collagen.
  3. The method of sanding of the skin. When you do this, the old data are removed from the walls of the cells of layers, do not allow the skin to breathe. Grinding affects the surface of the skin, without affecting the depth.
  4. Photorejuvenation also applies to the mature skin and gives a good result, when the small cost of manpower and time.
  5. Thermage contributes to the development of its own collagen and elastin, this method has no contra-indications.
  6. Women after the age of 50 also shows injectable method of facial rejuvenation. Injections of hyaluronic acid or botox will make the younger person a few years, in addition to the style of life of a woman is not going to change.
  7. Introduction in the skin wires showed good results in the elimination of the second chin and hardening of the skin on the cheeks. This method of facial rejuvenation - one of the expensive, but its effectiveness point to many.
  8. Ozone therapy gives a good result, applicable to the mature aging of the skin. The return of the skin, oxygen stimulates cell renewal and promotes the recovery of elasticity and softness.
  9. Circular lifting of the skin refers to the surgical procedures of skin rejuvenation of the face, and is indicated for patients with obvious signs of aging. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and the result comes out the second chin, wrinkles disappear and the skin of the face looks much younger.
The youth after 50 minutes of

To slow down the aging processes in the skin of the face, and is careful to choose cosmetics for skin care, take into account the naturalness of components to meet regularly. But some creams and masks to keep the skin condition is quite difficult, so you can take advantage of special, devices for facial rejuvenation at home. Enough to choose the quality of a model of equipment and learn to use them. It is an outlet for those who can't find time to visit a salon or who your hands trust more, than that of a stranger.

The procedure of hardware of facial rejuvenation are called to keep the youth and the peace of the women of any age and, therefore, its pertinence and relevance will be saved for many years. Because the woman wants to be young and beautiful forever.