The most effective treatments for facial rejuvenation

In recent years, the popularity of rejuvenating beauty treatments, has increased substantially. This is due, primarily, with the efficiency, safety, and a wide variety of services offered. What methodology best of all, the advantages and disadvantages of each; - the bother the women when selecting procedures for facial rejuvenation. It is about this that will be discussed below.

the procedure of rejuvenation

Methods of facial rejuvenation

Face – the main weapon of a woman, therefore, to maintain its beauty for her is very important. Fortunately, modern cosmetics offers a wide variety of forms, the application and the composition that will meet the desires of the patients.

Anti-aging treatments for the face are divided into such types:

  • Plastic surgery – the cardinal method of skin rejuvenation. A fast and effective way the result counterbalanced the long rehabilitation period, the pain and the risk of complications.
  • The injection of beauty and fillers – according to the majority of the experts is according to the working of a way to return the first the elasticity and beauty of the epidermis. He painless, the recovery period is short due to the low-invasion method. Along with this, anti-aging components of drugs are delivered directly into the internal layers, and immediately begin to operate actively. The main action technique consists in the recovery of the skin and accelerate the natural mechanism of recovery of the tonus and the turgor tissues of the face.
  • Injections of Botox, Dysport to the direction of injection cosmetology, rejuvenating, relaxing muscles mimes. The centre of well-being, the effect does not foresee, but any of the smoothness of the relief granted.
  • Cosmetology hardware – efficient technique of rejuvenation of the dermis of the face, and encouragement and acceleration of the formation of new collagen, the building fibers. Under the action of an electric current, ultra-sound, laser, light and heat of the rays, impulses occurs the partial destruction of old and fat cells, the specific area of the that, in the future, will occupy the newly-formed elastin tissue. Procedures painless, without restrictions and easily combined with other techniques of rejuvenation. One of these methodologies is the rf face-lift - innovative method to deal with aging.

It is worth mentioning, that the beauty is so has a step forward, that in order to perform your favorite procedure, you can alone in the house. You just need to buy a device for facial rejuvenation and to examine its action. It is practical and saves time and money.

  • The facial massage is a nice option for correction of age defects. Regular and appropriate, the impact on the fabric, strengthens them, smoothes, strengthens the lymph and blood circulation. The action of a method able to postpone earlier withering of the skin and is absolutely harmless to the body.
  • Cosmetics for the care needed for the daily use. Masks, scrubs, lotions, milk whey and the cream to the face will not help to rejuvenate, but and support the fabric in good shape, protect it from external impact and the early aging. It is essential assistants for each one, who do not care about the appearance and the condition of the skin. In addition, it allows the mask and the cream of the remedies, give you confidence in the naturalness of and security for the epidermis.

Beauty salon methods of rejuvenation

The most effective procedures for the settlement of problems of the age of the person, without surgical intervention is:

  • Laser skin rejuvenation – rejuvenating treatment includes a deep cleaning of the surface, eliminating the old fibres to the emergence of young, elastic. Evaluate the effectiveness of techniques can be through a couple of weeks, however, this increase in the effect of a long time will please you. The variety of laser rejuvenation are factional the procedure, laser resurfacing, photorejuvenation and laser biorevitalizatsiya. The procedure is carried out by a qualified technician on the appropriate hardware, in accordance with the safety regulations and precautions. Before carrying out the treatment of a laser beam on the skin, it is applied a special gel. It increases the efficiency and, simultaneously, protects against burns.
  • RF-lifting – the more relevant the technique of hardware cosmetology. The essence of the method consists in exposing radiowave radiation on the internal layers of the dermis, warming the. The heat stimulates intense production of new collagen fibers, elastin, and the destruction of the old. The procedure allowed, at the age of 25, however, it is more suitable for mature skin (40 years ago). Such changes related to age, such as sagging and ptosis tissues, the loss of definition of the contours and wrinkles, through the Russian federation lifting remain in the past. Complementary and pin obtained a lifting effect can be mesotherapy.
  • Contour plastic – refers to injection methods of resolution of problems of age. The essence of the technique consists in the subcutaneous introduction of medicines that contain hyaluronic acid. The composition of the medicine and the dosage is individually determined. Thanks to the contour of plastic, you can adjust the shape, the volume of the face, the cheekbones, the cheeks, reduce wrinkles and get rid of the scars. The procedure of modeling and facial rejuvenation and is actively used with the hardware cosmetology.
  • Mesotherapy – a way to health the skin, after which is obtained the overall effect of the youth of the face. In the composition of the drug for mesotherapy includes vitamins, nutrients, minerals and trace elements, if necessary, with hyaluronic acid. After the procedure aligns the tone of the face, the skin shines health, the contours become fit.

The beginning of make-up and massage

To underestimate the importance of cosmetics is not possible. Daily care of the face – the compulsory conditions for the young and beautiful face. Active treatments worth to start with 25 to 28 years. It was during this period that begin the changes related to the age of the epidermis.

Face mask 2 times per week of intensive hydrate and saturate the skin of the nutrients components. This can be self-prepared with a mix based on honey or algae.

For owners active facial expressions of the face is important in a timely manner to include in the regular use of cream to the eye area. By nature, the skin in this region is more thin and sensitive, therefore, the first exposed aging.

Massage and gymnastics facial – easy fixes, visible defects will strengthen your muscles and save the elasticity of the tissues. Massage technique of Shiatsu in a short period to achieve significant results.

the injection of


  • Andrea, 40 years old, he Decided rf face-lift, comments about what is highly positive, 5 months ago. The result is so hurt, that I recommend to everyone. The procedure is absolutely painless, the effect is every day more visible. The skin was tense, stabilized the topography and the color. To save the result helps the olive oil. It is well-moisturizes and nourishes.
  • Irina, 35 years: from experience I know that mesotherapy and oxygen rejuvenation – the best beauty salon procedures for the improvement of the skin. They do not injure the skin, and vice-versa fast and efficient healing. Intense moisturizing, clean pores, healthy color and activates the breath skin is guaranteed.