RF-face lift cost, where to make?

RF-lifting is a technique integrated rejuvenation and thermolift, based on the impact of high frequency electromagnetic radiation with the skin. The procedure is performed on a special machine, that controls the degree of radiation in different areas, in doses of the heating the other layers of the skin.

The result is designed to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, improving the saturation of the skin cells of oxygen and enhances the lymphatic flow, echoing the toxins and the toxins. The effect of the procedure improves the color and the skin, increasing tone and elasticity of the skin, the disappearance of the effect of "blurry" traits of the face.


Types of RF-lifting

  • Bipolar — the most soft and with the proper method of correction changes related to age. Warm the skin tissue, at 45 degrees, the lack of a magnetic field (such as when monopolar). The pain during the performance of procedures that are missing.
  • Monopolar, it is carried out in such a RF-lifting at once. Not only has a rejuvenating effect, and along with the fat body and the manifestations of cellulite on the hips and the belly, it is harmless to the body.
  • Pole of innovation of the type of procedure, involving the participation of several electrodes in the process, which ensures the switching of the poles. During such a procedure, RF energy affects different depths of the skin. This technique combines all the previous benefits.

Depending on the objectives and application field of RF-lifting, specialist select the right type of procedure.


  • The absence of allergic reactions.
  • Thanks to the exposure of device RF-lifting, directly into the problem areas, active energy, not causing any side effects.
  • The result of the process is immediately visible.
  • Absolutely excluded burns on the skin, as a reaction passes only between the epidermis and the dermis and the muscle tissue in the process is not involved.
  • Painless method (it is not necessary to use anesthesia).
  • The lack of scars, scars.
  • There is no need of special preparatory period of rehabilitation and long-term.
  • Works in any area (face, tummy, neck, thighs, arms).
  • The absence of risk of infection.
  • A wonderful combination with other re-energizing therapies of beauty.
  • High precision allows you to target the impact on a specific area, with adjacent areas, are not affected.

Preparation for the procedure

  • need, in the neighborhood performed manipulations to thoroughly cleanse the skin;
  • it is not recommended before the procedure, the application of creams and cosmetics;
  • the men, if the RUSSIA-lifting is performed on the face, before the procedure, you need to make the beard;
  • it is necessary to clear the decor and remove contact lenses.

How it works the unit RF-lifting?

In the lower and middle layers of the skin are collagen fibers — elastic substance, of one of the functions is to ensure the skin tone. The collagen filament can compare with springs, woven into the fabric of the skin. They are the ones that provides smartness and elasticity of young skin. With age the collagen production decreases. Leather, without support in the form of wire, SAG, wrinkled and wrinkled mesh.


The lifting (RF-lifting) influence of protein, fiber, which, under the influence of high temperatures (approximately 60 - 65) are reduced, and the spiral is woven on account of this, it is achieved an immediate lifting effect. Moreover, there is the stimulation of the immune system, which begins operating in double dose. When they are activated in the processes of production of elastin and collagen. The skin becomes tighter, wrinkles are reduced, increases the tone of the skin. In this case, unlike the weighting that is similar result of the operational methods, the survey leaves no scars or seams. The procedure is completely safe, even for affected skin and has zero carcinogenic effect.

The result after completion of the procedure thermolift

The appearance of wrinkles and the severity of the ptosis – a consequence of the changes of aging of the skin. RF-lifting (lifting) – is the hardware method, which decides, simultaneously, the following problems:

  • Lift the oval of the face, including the elimination of "second chin" and contributes to the resolution of ptosis (omission of the skin);
  • Resolution of "bags" under the eyes and dark circles, as well as improve the micro-circulation, brightens the skin of the face;
  • Elimination of fat deposits and the lifting of the body: the abdomen, the area of the thighs and buttocks;
  • Improves the condition of skin with cellulite, aligns the striations (stretch marks). In the area where the epidermis, especially the fine hands, neck and neckline), strengthens and tightens the skin;
  • Lifting of the eyelids, and to correct facial wrinkles;
  • The reduction of depth of wrinkles, including nasolabial, the area of the eyes and the deep wrinkles on the forehead.

To perform the procedures RF-lifting

The advantage of the RF-lifting of the other techniques of hardware is that the result is visible fast enough, already after 1-2 procedures, complete the same effect can achieve during the course of 5 sessions. After completing the course, occurs the amplification of processes of regeneration and cell renewal, and continues over six months. Typically, the effect of the procedure lasts up to two years, but to maintain the results, it is recommended to spend six months on the procedure.

Before you start the procedure, the doctor-beautician cause of the skin gel cooling. If the patient is observed an increase of the pain threshold, before you start the procedure is applied a local anesthetic. After that, the specialist starts by using the device produces the treatment of the problem zone. The procedure lasts from 15 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on the amount processed phase. The number of sessions can increase or decrease, but the final decision accepts the doctor.


After going through the procedure, the client is not recommended for 1-2 weeks to visit the hot of the sauna, steam bath, sun bath on the beach or in the solarium. Also doctors don't recommend this active period of exercise or physical activity.

Possible side effects

If radiowave to a survey conducted by a professional technician in the quality of modern equipment, the side effects are virtually eliminated. In rare cases, there may be a slight swelling and redness occurs, that during the two days disappear.

We recommend that after you perform the procedure to avoid:

  • hiking in the sauna, steam bath;
  • the physical activity;
  • uv rays.

The survey and RF-lifting — what's the difference?

The survey called thermal. It is also based on radio wave emission. Many think that radiowave facelift, and thermage the same thing, but there are still a number of differences:

  • other than the exposure temperature: when thermas, the skin heating up to 60° c, and when radio wave lifting - up to 40° C;
  • unlike the RF-lifting, when thermas structure of the molecules of the collagen completely changed;
  • the frequency and intensity of current: the method thermolift involves the work of monopolar energy with a high frequency, while she when radio wave lifting much weaker.

The instrument for the thermolift must be equipped with a refrigerators special to avoid burns of the epidermis.

How much do you need procedures?

To get sustained results, we recommend that, depending on the state of the skin, to perform RF - elevation of 6 to 8 times (range - 10-12 days). Already after the first procedure visible the first visible changes. After 21 days, it will start a complete rejuvenation process, when it activates the production of collagen. To maintain the effect, after the completion of the entire treatment, it is necessary to go to the beauty salon one to two times per year.