Oil for facial rejuvenation

Beauty is power, and to earn an attractive exterior and modern, women must devote much time and attention to your skin, especially when it comes to the face, neck and neckline. In the current phase of development of the cosmetology big distribution have received oil for skin rejuvenation.

oil for skin rejuvenation

Now, many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, and use that as part of various masks, creams and lotions.

Changes related to age

Age has the terrible ability to impose its mark on our look. As would be sad as it seems, unfortunately, all that is. With the passing of the years the skin loses its firmness and elasticity, appear wrinkles, sagging skin. The first expression lines and wrinkles tend to appear around the eyes and on the forehead. After 40 they are distributed in an area of nasolabial folds, begins the strain of the century: they SAG.

All this happens due to the fact that the skin cells lose their moisture and lose their ability to recovery and update.

So, it is extremely important to ensure competent to take care of her. Certainly, most of the defects of the skin, you can hide it using cosmetics. However, you must remember that if the time does not begin to prevent aging, the consequences can become disastrous.

Facial rejuvenation quite common among the modern women procedure, passing in beauty salons. But you may very well deal with changes related to age, without resorting to the aid of beauticians. Using natural components, you can be at home to cook a variety of masks, creams, lotions, or scrubs, that help keep your youth for years to come.

Use to combat aging of the skin

Recently, the natural oils have proliferated in the quest for youth. In the fight against skin aging they simply do not have the same. Cosmetic oil are used as part of masks, creams and other tools to smooth the wrinkles. The beneficial properties of these oils are endless. And there are several reasons why they became the favorite of most estheticians and women of today.

  1. It is completely natural that the products do not contain dyes, parabens and preservatives. On the contrary, contain many useful nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which have a uniquely positive effect on the state of the skin.
  2. The human skin more receptive to cosmetic oils, rather than creams, they are quickly absorbed and penetrate into the interior of the cells of the epidermis.
  3. They less aggressive affect on the skin, unlike artificial means, which, among other things, can cause allergic reactions and redness on sensitive skin.
  4. They are completely harmless to the skin, t. to. does not violate its natural balance, keeping the natural protective layer of the epidermis.
  5. The active substances in the composition of oils, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, as well cleanse, tone and nourish even the most dry skin.
Use to combat aging of the skin

Receive only one of the natural components (nuts, seeds, bones), by means of cold pressing.

Rules of use

There are many ways of application of these miraculous cures: you can clean the face, rubbing them into the interior of wrinkles (of course, if this is not the essential oils), but you can, in certain proportions, and add them in the composition of masks (very powerful masks with essential oils and red pepper), creams, lotions, peels and so on. But, applying the oil in the domestic environment, it is important to follow some rules, on account of which you will be able to maximize the effect of your use and will not cause harm to health and even the skin itself.

In the preparation of all kinds of cosmetics compounds, which are present in oil, it is necessary to always keep in mind the following principles:

  1. In a single tool, you can not mix more than seven different types;
  2. Esters is extremely active, with strong components, therefore, causing them you should only be dripping (no more than 2-3-x drops). In addition, the essential oils can cause burns, if the illiterate can use them. For they, especially need to use the bank as a cream.
  3. It is not possible to use the same oil for a long time, not becoming a break. Ideal recommended that you use no more than 3 weeks, and then give her skin a rest for a month.
  4. Also before you apply the oils will ensure that you do not have allergic reactions on components. To do this, pass the experimentation: apply on the zone of the bend of the elbow a small amount of oil, and then notice your state.
Rules of use

If you use the oil in its pure form, beauticians, the claim that, to achieve the greatest result should be taken during the night. The skin is the moment of the day more susceptible to the effects of different means, and, therefore, the useful components and vitamins can penetrate deep in the epidermis.

If you prefer to prepare the masks or creams, the greatest care and caution: avoid contact with mucous membranes of the lips and of the eyes.

Also, do not apply the oil on the area around the eyes, as well as the skin there is extremely sensitive and can receive the irritation.

Before you apply any means necessary to clear the skin. First, remove the residues of cosmetics, t. to. the skin under the influence of ornamental funds forparaaporiaetXia, and, therefore, does not penetrate inside useful components. In the second place, to wash beauticians recommend the use of special pionki to the face, and in any case, the soap, t. to. it is very dry the skin, causing you damage. More dampen a cotton pad with lotion or tonic and wipe the face.

After cleaning, you can resparitü the skin in order to pores open and become more susceptible to the effects of the nutrients. Now your skin is ready for the preparation of providers of funds.

Many girls do not take into account another important aspect of the application of the oils. This is the method of application. It is very important, causing the composition to the skin of the face, do it with the elements of massage: in a circular motion, moving in the direction horizontal to gently massaging.

As only a medium with essential oil for skin rejuvenation happens on your face, we recommend that you relax completely.

Your mime must remain immobile: it is not possible to talk and laugh. Better than simply lie on the couch or in bed and close your eyes. Take a tool as well absorbed.

As a rule, the cream of milk with oils and let the all night mask and wash off after 15 to 20 minutes. When you start to take the mask off, in any case, do not rub the skin. Best smooth, gentle movements to remove waste of tools with the face. After washing, do not rub the skin with a towel, let it dry naturally.

The best means of

Each of the oils has its own purpose and affects the specific deficiencies. Therefore, for jurisdiction to pick up the tool, you must decide in which order you want to apply it.


The resurfacing mask with sesame seeds

Oil obtained from sesame seeds, is considered to be the ideal for the skin, t. to. suitable for all types. He is active affects the processes of regeneration and cell renewal of the skin, which with age, occurring much slower and, therefore, contributes to its rejuvenation. It is also great affects other problems with the skin: flaking, irritation, and so on. Fatty acids and lecithin, to receive in its composition, protect the face of the impact of the negative factors of the external environment (the sun, the wind, the air is dirty).

The resurfacing mask with sesame seeds

You have to mix two types of sesame oil, and cocoa. Apply the mixture in the pre-clean skin and leave for 20 to 25 minutes. Wash the remains of the warm water.


Burdock oil is produced from the extract of burdock and, more precisely, from its root. He has wide distribution such as cosmetics, and for medicinal purposes. This oil huge amount of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for fading skin, strengthening it and smoothing out wrinkles. It is worth mentioning that burdock-oil - women of the auxiliary not only to take care of the skin of the face, part of masks, it also strengthens the hair and nails.

The protein contained in the burdock, the natural help to maintain the balance of the lipid from the skin, increasing its elasticity. Many times they add it in the mask anti-aging for the skin around the eyes.

The continuous use of burdock oil in the care of the face allows you to earn sharp edges and the delicate skin.

Smoothing of the mask

Squeeze a teaspoon of juice of the leaf aloe vera, add five drops burdock oil and mix everything with a teaspoon of juice of parsley. Apply the mixture on face, leave the mixture to dry, wash the remains of 20-25 minutes.

Recipe of face mask with burdock oil, you will see in the following video.


Jojoba oil get from a bush growing in north America. In itself, it is a kind of wax that has many nutrients and useful for the skin substances. Especially this oil is a positive effect on the .tелüниц sorcustVItелüной of the skin, prone to irritation.

It is one of the oils that are not counter-indicated, even during pregnancy and lactation.

Many beauticians suggest that it is more efficient in oil in dealing with changes related to age. In addition, they claim that there are no contraindications to its application.

The mask anti-wrinkle

Add the jojoba oil and avocado. Apply on face and neck. Gently rinse with warm water for 15 minutes. Suitable for everyday use.


Normal, unrefined sunflower oil, which can be found on the shelves of any modern supermarket supermarket, can also be used in the preparation of means for the rejuvenation of the skin. In addition to sunflower, have also gained popularity and linseed oil. These oils can be used separately, but still the best result is achieved if you mix multiple types at the same time. These conventional oils and combine with essential characteristics. However, be careful to mix the essential oils you should add a volume of only a few drops.


The resin of conifers has long been famous for its healing abilities. Since ancient times it was believed that she was the assistant of all diseases. Fir the same occupies a position of leadership among the peoples of the coniferous forest, for their useful properties. In needles of spruce, see these nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamins a and e, which are necessary for the maintenance of youth and beauty, as well as micro and macro.


TICtial oil has a tremendous influence on the body: it destroys viruses and fungi, obezbolivatmit, eliminates swelling, warns the appearance of crow's feet in the eye region, struggling with irritations of the skin, tones it and softens wrinkles.

Also, many times, is the miraculous healing is present in the composition of shampoos and policies for the hair. These substances make the hair healthy and silky. In short, we can say that the tree of spruce - a gold mine of youth and beauty to your skin.

Milk thistle

The oil of thistle or a thistle, as they call it popularly, is an active antioxidant. It helps not only in smoothing out the wrinkles, but and as well healing this wound and cracks in the skin, struggling with such diseases, as psoriasis, inflammation, eczema, dermatitis. Also, melt is known for its properties of preventing the absorption of toxic substances in the body.

Cookies almond

Almond oil get by means of cold pressing refined grains almond. Is applied, in order to take care of the skin on the face and body, hair, and nails. Its composition is enriched with the more necessary for the rejuvenating vitamins: A, B, e, and F. Often, the almond oil use to get rid of "crow's feet", because it is a positive effect on the sensitive skin of the eyelids, not exerting negative impact and not causing irritation.


Women, who are already profiting with oils for facial rejuvenation, other than to talk about their experiences. For example, many surprised the impact of regular olive oil. He, according to the most beautiful women, serves as an excellent base for masks. To it are added to different esters: patchouli, ylang-ylang, or bergamot, and with the regular use, the result is not to wait too long: wrinkle smooth, skin acquires a healthy appearance.

It is extremely positive impression of yourself and your pochitandtелüниц left castor oil.

He is more sparing, therefore, can be applied in its pure form, without the use of the database. Some girls commented that the daily apply it smoothes out the wrinkles in the corner of the eyes, help to keep your new look. Only need just moisten a cotton ball and rub it with care composition to the skin of the eyelid.

However, be careful: some women have noted that, after such compresses on the following morning, they swelled forever. Beauticians give you some tips how you can avoid it. All very simple: you should apply oil for two to three hours before bedtime, and not directly before going to bed.

Exceptional the recognition that you have received jojoba oil: according to the opinions, the use of this tool to rejuvenate the skin is superior to that of many modern beauty treatments, what they do in beauty salons.

Many people say that he is even able to overcome the effect of the botox.

The many accolades that he received flaxseed oil. Those who used it, noticed that the skin became something much more fresh and younger. The dryness and flaking are gone.