Secrets to rejuvenate the face at home: folk remedies and the mask

With time, you can't argue with this. Many of us are willing to give you the money just to do so, to the youth and beauty back. Skin rejuvenation of the face has always been a key point in the life of every woman. And with horror we wait for the next birthday! Coming up to the mirror, scared to see the excess wrinkle, dark circles under the eyes. There is a lot if you know that, even frequently, get enough sleep, hereditary signs that are willing to spoil the appearance of any woman. But how to deal with this at home? Can help expensive care cosmetics or operation? No! Anti-aging cosmetics is perfectly possible to prepare it at home and be 10 % confident in their ecology and utility as well as availability.

Facial rejuvenation

The majority of women, looking at the first expression lines and wrinkles immediately rush to the stores expensive cosmetics and buy everything they see, only to achieve the desired result. Other, the most desperate resolves an appointment with the plastic surgeon.

Here only there is a whole other solution. You can create a home, cosmetics and constantly apply it. Therefore, it is not going to harm the body and bring only benefits. In addition, you save a lot of time visiting several beauty salons.

The rejuvenation of the skin of the face of the popular media – is a unique opportunity for the modern woman always be the height. In addition, such a procedure can help, gives you the assurance that if you apply the tool is completely natural, without impurities of chemical products.

Facial rejuvenation at home - this is the procedure, which include exclusively the mask, composed of natural ingredients.

The most well known ingredients for its preparation can be considered:

  • The milk;
  • Honey;
  • Apples;
  • Cucumber;
  • Medicinal herbs.

The mask as the basis of a beautiful and young skin

Mask beautiful and young skin

The masks become more effective when before you apply the face to the steam. This procedure is very popular, not only among women but also to the foreign stars of show business, beauty and health if you add up the legends. The person must for the steam using hot compress or medicinal herbs. This can be attributed to daisy, marigold, sage. Initially, the face clean, cosmetic using the tonic or milk. You can also use the exfoliator, which will relieve the upper Horny layer of the skin.

After this procedure, the skin becomes more soft and moist, then you can cause of the mask.

One of the most simple of masks, which allow you to keep the youth, is considered the milk and the apple. In milk, the cooked apple and then all this mixed a education homogeneous pulp. This mask is applied per person and lasts about 20 minutes.

The ice and shiatsu – in the fight against aging skin

Helps keep the skin time more and more elastic state and the small cubes of ice, that in the morning you must clear. Under the influence of the cold it improves the circulation of blood, fall of nutrients and oxygen.

The only help of christians against the wilting of the skin can be considered a japanese massage, shiatsu. Every day the japanese women who do, which contributes to facial rejuvenation. Absolutely any modern woman can easily master, if you have decided to resort to rejuvenation person the folk media.

Fruits and vegetables - against aging

The simplest ways to rejuvenate the skin, it can be considered to be all of us well-known cucumber. Just enough to cause it in 20 minutes, and she receives a large number of crowbars and nutrients. So you can enrol and conventional, red fruit (strawberry, raspberry). It is skin-nourishing vitamins and nutrients.

Beautiful the effect will occur after you apply the mask on the basis of egg yolk or protein. In its composition should also include: a few drops of lemon juice, the olive oil. The mask is applied and maintained for 20 minutes.

Of wrinkles, will help you to get rid qualitatively all of us favorite potatoes. He needs to boil the peel, and then rub in the porridge and in the form of heat imposed in the form of a mask. Then wash well with water.

Also for the removal of makeup, you can take advantage of the oil. Enough to take the grape seed oil or almonds, moisten them with a cotton swab. This is a unique product, able to quench the skin healthy substances, so, do not obstruct their chemical.

It is also recommended that the example of models of washing and not a simple tap water and mineral water.

How to rejuvenate the skin of the face – this is a constant question that I care about with women in age.

To start fighting the signs of ageing created a recipe that will cool the face, but still in addition to well affect the woman's reproductive organs. Need to purify the head of garlic, place 200 ml of white wine, let it boil for half an hour. Then, the liquid cool and, along with the garlic is transferred to another tank.

Fruits and vegetables

Apply the balm of the scheme: three days of drinking, a week apart. Drink 1 teaspoon three times a day before meals.

There is a large number of methods to rejuvenate at home. The important thing was the desire, if you care about your outer beauty.