Fractional laser rejuvenation

Fractional rejuvenation – laser cosmetology procedure, during which the laser dot affects the curtains of the skin, damaging only a portion of the affected skin cells. Under the action of a laser beam the surface becomes divided, to the micro-particles – the so-called faction, due to a split in that this technique of rejuvenation and has your name on it. To the naked eye this separation, it is usually not noticeable.

What are the advantages of fractional laser rejuvenation?

Part of the cells of the skin, which remain intact for the rejuvenation fractional laser, begins to regenerate. This contributes to the rapid release of intense processes of cellular natural rejuvenation.


For a short period of time, the skin of the face, the body, visibly, up-to-date, fully restored and rejuvenated. Occurs uniform the formation of a new and healthy collagen type 2, disappear visible the flaws and the imperfections of the skin of the integument.

Fractional skin rejuvenation


Fractional laser skin rejuvenation sent efficiently rejuvenate skin's complexion, eliminating wrinkles and different disabilities. There are two techniques of skin rejuvenation using fractional lasers. Each one of them is directed to the solution of a particular spectrum of problems and suggests a doctor-cosmetologist individually, according to the indications and the patient's complaints.

The principle exposure of the skin to such a technique is divided into two types – ablative and non-ablative.

Ablative fractional rejuvenation

Ablative rejuvenation is controlled damage to the skin. It consists in the removal of the upper layers of the epidermis layers. This method, when used in cosmetology promotes a profound effective update of the skin integument, gives you the opportunity to literally grow new, younger skin.

Fractional rejuvenation CO2

The action of the laser is directed to the elimination of a wide range of changes related to age and awkward problems. Fractional ablative laser technique of CO2 allows: improve the general state of the tissues of age when the changes

  • significantly reduce even deep wrinkles
  • remove scars, scars, stretch marks, stroke, acne
  • to remove several benign tumors
  • getting rid of sagging skin, improve its tone

How is performed the procedure laser fractional rejuvenation of CO2?

  1. Make-up removal
  2. Treatment of skin covering an anti-septic solution
  3. The application of a cream with anesthetic
  4. After the preliminary steps start the session fractional skin rejuvenation CO2 laser. The beautician affects the skin of the laser device, making flash in the entire area. The eyes of the patient at the time reserved the special glasses.
  5. Cooling the skin Cryo Zimmer – the machine, the impact of which minimizes the discomfort of the procedure.

The average session duration is 20 to 30 min excluding the impact of the anesthesia. The precise length of the procedure depends on the area that is to be processed (all over the face, the face and the neck, only to always and t. d.).

After the procedure requires a period of rehabilitation, which on average is 10-14 days. At this moment occurs the renewal of the skin, will form a film, and fries, which is a natural process after such exposure.

About how to care for skin at home in this period, says the consulting specialist. After the completion of the rehabilitation of leather fully up to date, his condition improved markedly.

Non-ablative fractional rejuvenation

Non-ablative fractional laser rejuvenation – one of the effective types of rejuvenation. It is more soft procedure, that the impact of ablative laser. The difference in the ablative impact lies in the fact that it does not affect the deeper layers of the epidermis.

A similar method does not damage the skin and does not require a long rehabilitation period. In this case, the technique of non-ablative rejuvenation, fractional laser promotes intense cell renewal and seems to improve the skin condition of the integument.

Fractional laser rejuvenation Affirm

execution of procedures

A laser system Affirm was originally created exclusively for the eminent patients of clinics of Los Angeles and Hollywood, celebrities, stars, public personalities, who often need to turn in a short space of time and shine on the red carpet. Thanks to this, in the subsequent procedure has received the name Hollywodcal rejuvenation.

Fractional laser, skin rejuvenation, Affirm guarantees an impressive the result of the transfiguration, with the minimum period of rehabilitation.

The action of the laser Affirm sent to fight various skin problems of the person, as well as various areas of the body, for example, neck, neckline, hands.

Who will meet the laser, skin rejuvenation, Affirm?

Fractional laser rejuvenation Affirm is the perfect solution for those patients who need:

  • Adjust the visible signs of photo-aging (fine wrinkles, sagging skin)
  • A lot to improve the state of the skin's complexion, improve the elasticity, to return the tone
  • Eliminate pigmentation, remove scars, scars and skin irregularities
  • To recover healthy, the natural color of the face

How is the laser skin rejuvenation in fractional unit Affirm?

Make-up removal and degreasing of the skin – the preparatory phase, it is necessary first to anti-aging procedure. Only after this is finished, the doctor-beautician arrive to the session of hollywood fractional laser rejuvenation. During the session, the doctor makes a flash of laser machine Affirm Cynosure the surface of the skin to the area of the face or body, then that cools the treated area Cryo Zimmer.

The session lasts about 30 minutes. During the processing of the fractional laser of any areas of the body, its duration can be increased. Anesthesia during the performance of this anti-aging procedure is not necessary. The eyes of the patient during the procedure reserved on the special glasses.

The rehabilitation period post-treatment skin rejuvenation of the face and the body is minimum, and the maximum is 2-3 days. For this reason, the skin keeps the redness, may occur a small swelling.

Remarkable effect from procedures non-ablative laser rejuvenation is achieved, even during the course of a session, which allows you to make it significant on the eve of the event. However, for the purpose of establishing and prolong significantly, it is recommended that the course of 3-5 procedures, which must be repeated once per month.

Non-fractional laser rejuvenation


The Elite system is composed of two lasers – the alexandrite and the magnet of neodymium, the consistent use of which contributes to the heating of the tissues, thus stimulating insight, and the production of collagen. The interference ensures visible the effect of improving the condition of the skin on the face even after a session.

Laser rejuvenation Elite is widely known under the name of "end of week", "bride". The technique does not require a period of rehabilitation, due to the fact that it is often carried out directly on the eve of significant events.

What are the problems that will help you handle non-fractional laser rejuvenation?

Non-fractional technique of Elite help resolve the following issues:

  • Dim, grey, painful face color
  • Tired of the look
  • Reduces the skin tone, sagging, dryness
  • The network of wrinkles

Before a session is held to make-up removal and antISEPtnical treatment of skin diseases of the integument. Only then can the doctor-beautician begins the rejuvenation of the area – done flash laser in an area of the face.

The procedure of the Elite – the perfect option for those patients who need immediate, visible effect, in this case, the time for rehabilitation, not completely.

It should be understood that, in order to improve the effect you will need a course of 3-5 procedures, which must be repeated with 10-14 days.

Counter-indications for performing laser rejuvenation

Contra-indications for the realization of fractional and non-fractional laser to rejuvenate the procedures are the same. These include:

  • The burn of the sun and a solarium (against-indicated during the months before and after the procedure)
  • The reception of a retinoid, hormonal contraceptives
  • Diseases neoplastic
  • Several nevi (signs of birth)
  • The period of pregnancy and lactation

Doctor-aesthetician about fractional laser rejuvenation

Fractional facial rejuvenation, and body – is a laser procedure that aims to effectively fight with multiple signs of aging. Depending on the state of the skin and the wishes of the patient that we can offer as ablative laser rejuvenation, which gives a great result, but it does require some period of rehabilitation, and non-ablative – more schAdfamous and sometimes giving is not so pronounced, but also the result is quite effective.

To get the best results from laser procedures, it is necessary to combine them with an injectable techniques, for example, with bioremediation.

Price of laser rejuvenation

The prices of laser rejuvenation depend on:

  • the type of laser rejuvenation (fractional or non-fractional, ablative or non-ablative)
  • the zone that you want to process the laser
  • the number of laser to rejuvenate the ongoing procedures