Effective mask of wrinkles around the eyes at home: recipes and tips

Natural fruit and vegetables (spinach, red pepper, blueberry and raspberry) are packed full of antioxidants. They protect the epidermis of factors aggressive environment, the skin remains soft and silky.


With expensive beauty salon procedures everything is obvious – we have posted a pretty penny, and received the expected result. But can I remove deep furrows on the eyes, without resorting to expensive bial? Turns out, it folds away easy to get rid of, resorting to systematic care.

the causes of wrinkles around the eyes

The main factor that contributes to the formation of deep wrinkles on the upper part of the dermis – the slow formation of elastin and collagen fibers. These proteins, which are the special building blocks of nuts and bolts", with which is formed the constant of the structure that supports the epidermis. Deficiency of these substances, invariably, leads to the formation of wrinkles, "depressions" and cracks in the epidermis.

In the area of the century the curvature of the skin is the result of a small lipid glue, your disability.

To enable ageing in the area around the eyes of some factors:

  • The consumption of alcohol and smoking, high mimic activity and cross-eyed with low vision. These are the main reasons for the appearance of wrinkles, regardless of their age, they are often formed in youth.
  • Washing in chlorinated water, work in an industrial company, manufacturing, factory floor, diet irregular of energy and air pollution. These factors sometimes increases the risk of accumulation of toxins in the cells of the epidermis, which implies early aging. In cases members can occur the stagnation of liquids, which is causing the swelling of the skin.
  • Incorrect posture during sleep. Falling asleep with the face down, the person reduces the flow of oxygen to the head. When you repeatedly, the repetition, which is fraught with the appearance of sustainable and deep wrinkles.
  • Wrong face, their total absence or the use of cheap cosmetics – these causes, only to aggravate the structural changes in the dermis.
  • Factors of the external environment. The skin becomes dry, if you on it continuously, influencing the wind, dry air, ultraviolet rays or the cold. You century occurs the irritation. It is important to moisturize daily face nutrient creams.
  • The work has a computer – factor indirect, causing the formation of wrinkles on the face.

The epidermis around the eyes is organized in a special way, it requires a careful and thoughtful consideration. It is important to respect the elementary recommendations of care (before going to sleep and rinse with warm water, wipe the skin of cosmetic, apply natural and hydrating mask). These rules do not only prolong the youth, but to deny the risk of premature aging.

It is naïve to believe that the wrinkles – the fate of the women of 40. Each year, these ugly creases in the face, "matter of time", often appearing even 20 years old girls. For a better prepared in advance, that, both physically and morally. But this problem can be resolved: cosmetics, balanced, mask of wrinkles around the eyes, serum and milk are the main helpers in dealing with the structural changes of the skin.

cosmetic anti-wrinkles around the eyes

The simplest and most effective way to say goodbye to a treacherous – depth selection of good cosmetic products. A lot of attention to the active substances, presented in gels and creams. It is important for your product prevailed components, such as urea, hyaluronic acid. On account of the active retention of moisture in the deep structures of the skin, wrinkle decrease, skin is aligned.

For creams with a pronounced lifting effect on the area about the eyes the main components are: peptides, ceramide, plant extracts, organic acids, lecithin, anti-oxidants. These substances are characterized by a wide range of actions.

  1. Peptides resolve stalled processes, swelling, improve the elasticity of the blood vessels.
  2. Antioxidants protect the dermis the external factors of the environment.
  3. Organic acids align the skin tone, and removal of the integument excess pigmentation.
  4. Vitamins of the b complex And the extraction of shallow facial wrinkles, improve the elasticity of the epidermis.

Beauticians recommend to enjoy not only the day cream, but and during the night. It is not too much will be gels, serum and other concentrated with lifting effect. Are already available specialized range of cosmetics in each age group.

For the resolution of age-grooves are suitable special hydrogel patches. Is the stickers, which are rich in oligo-elements, active substances and plant extracts. They exert on the dermis the same anti-aging effect express mask.

Before the selection of cosmetics for anti-wrinkles around the eyes it is important to negotiate its composition with a cosmetologist. He specific recommendations of a series of products, given the state of the skin. For maximum effect, to better enjoy the serums, masks and creams from a single manufacturer. Resolve deep bending can be only in terms of the aesthetics of the cabinet (injection, peels, mesotherapy).

effective mask of wrinkles around the eyes

Beauticians include efficient mask to smooth out the wrinkles should contain certain substances that, regardless of the recipe.

Mask anti-wrinkles with lifting effect complimentary cooked-to-base of natural ingredients activate the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in the epidermis. These components retain moisture and deep, balls of leather, and normalize the blood circulation. They apply after 30 years.

Pronounced lifting effect provide:

  • the bananas;
  • the clay;
  • honey;
  • the gelatin;
  • cereal culture;
  • potatoes;
  • the hyaluronic acid.

Not less important, to the masked and cosmetics participated in moisturizing and nourishing ingredients:

  1. the berries and fruits;
  2. the calendula, aloe vera, and chamomile;
  3. the vitamin E;
  4. essential oils and plant deep;
  5. parsley and calendula.

To strengthen the effect of a mask contribute useful, rich in vitamins components. Attention deserve:

  1. the phosphorus contained in fish and eggs;
  2. vegetable oils;
  3. the yolk of egg;
  4. coffee, mineral salt;
  5. the cream of milk, the milk;
  6. the vitamins of the groups a, B, D, C.

Mask of wrinkles around the eyes are varied. The composition is better to include various ingredients to obtain a particular result. This approach allows to accurately determine the components most appropriate for the man the desired consistency.

recipes of masks at home

For the rejuvenation of the epidermis not necessarily attend the beauty cabinet. Personally cooked mask around the eyes anti-wrinkle in the home is not worst, in most cases, and better finished formulations. Here are some recipes for the resolution of age, wrinkles, created by women all over the world.

olive, potato mask anti-wrinkles around the eyes

One of the best in today's day recipes, which is easy to get rid of the deep "crow's feet".


  • 10 ml of olive oil in the base of almonds, or bramble;
  • 50 ml of mashed raw potato;
  • 1 yolk of chicken egg.

The ingredients are added to dishes at the same time and thoroughly mixed. The problem areas are carefully processed to a thick consistency. In the resting state, the woman spends up to 25 minutes. To effect clamping of face rinse stream of cold water. The frequency of repeat – 2 times per week.


the mask of aloe

The effective mask in a base of aloe vera and honey promotes the drafting of the structural rows.


  • 10 ml of honey;
  • 10 ml of milk cream;
  • 1 protein chicken eggs;
  • aloe vera juice (it is best to take the bottom of the sheet, to the best age of plants 3 years).

The protein is added in a vessel with honey and mix well. In the composition make aloe juice (sold in any pharmacy). The last puts the cream, the components which reinforce the effect of other ingredients.

Homogeneous consistency applied on the face with a cotton swab. The beneficial effects of the components of the mask is saved for not more than 20 minutes, after which the composition does not wash with soap in cold water. To fix the result of centuries pass, an ice-cube with the basis of chamomile juice. The remainder after the mixing procedure in dealing with the neck, the neckline.

the mask of the "first," shallow "crow's feet"

Useful composition for the madam, stepped up to 35 years of age outside. It is a mask of starch from wrinkles around the eyes, it cleans even deep structural changes of the epidermis.


  • 10 mg of potato starch;
  • 2 ml of vitamin E;
  • 10 ml of the sour milk or cream of milk (that I am fat, the better);
  • 25 ml of carrot juice.

The starch is added in slightly heated water, carefully, stirring constantly until complete dissolution. In the steam bath is brought to the ready. The consistency contribute with 100 ml of water. On low heat prepare to receive uniform, dense paste.

The vegetable juice contribute with dense consistency, in a ratio of 1:1. In the final stage sets ., essential oils (optional), vitamins, and well mixed to obtain a homogeneous mixture. The mask anti-wrinkle, ready to go!

indications and contra-indications

Anti-aging mask is characterized by a huge amount of merits obvious. His trademark is high-efficiency, hypoallergenic, t. to. almost all of them are based on natural and safe components.

Indications for use of masks from wrinkles:

  • sagging of the epidermis, loss of elasticity;
  • andtoniony the epidermis;
  • "crow's feet" in the zone close to the eye;
  • pigment spots;
  • the low content of turgor in the dermis;
  • acne;
  • age of 40 years of age.

If say, in general, when the first signs of structural changes to skin coverage, they should seek the advice of a beauty salon. It will surely determine the nature of the violations, the depth of the defect and will help with your elimination.


  • open wounds, lesions of the skin;
  • the idiosyncrasy of the individual components;
  • a large number of pints and cancer;
  • ulcers.

When a predisposition to allergic reactions should be cautious when applying any mask.

the rules on the use of masks

Mask anti-wrinkles suggest maximum caution when you use, t. to. this impact is very thin and delicate layer of the dermis. It is important to follow strictly the prescription of the recipe. Beauticians recommend that you join a series of simple rules:

  1. Ensure absence of allergic reactions to the components and ingredients of the composition, specified in the recipe.
  2. The masks are applied on clean skin with open pores.
  3. The mixture under no circumstances should you enter in the mucous membrane of the eye.
  4. If the composition was very fluid, it is used as a compress or lotion.
  5. The effect on the skin should be easy, pure, non-intensive scrubbing. The composition is distributed so problematic regions layer fine and uniform.
  6. When the procedure is not worth go out in the sun for 40 minutes.

Listed the recommendation is valid for all types of masks, regardless of the recipe.

an extra careful with the skin around the eyes

An extra careful with the skin around the eyes is no less important than the masks and beauty treatments. Centuries you want to the regular daily make-up in the form of a nourishing cream. Here are some tips to take care of gentle skin area near the eye:

  • Purification of skin covering the dermis necessarily purified from cosmetic and routine dust, нandparaandпливandющейwithя per day in the pores. The best is to use lotions, emulsions and milk, t. to. generally dry skin.
  • The basic protection of the area near the eye. Slim dermis is very vulnerable, therefore, the solar, the skin of your deal with the solar. It is important to use sunglasses, which sometimes reduces the risks of education unwanted withparaлandдonчеpara.
  • Makeup. The epidermis of the face provide signedtparaOh in the form of ethereal oil, vitamin complex and moisturizing lotions.

After 25 years of unkempt skin of the face ages of man. This part of the body it is necessary to considerate and lean attitude.

recommendations of beauticians

Beauticians have compiled a list of recommendations, after which it is easy to maintain the youth and beauty of the epidermis, regardless of age.

  1. Chlorinated tap water – under a taboo. Wash better mineral or filtered water, нandwithtAAMI or herbs ontвandрandми.
  2. Eliminate the use of cosmetics, not corresponding to your type of skin.
  3. After the application of nourishing cream on the face, can not before 45 minutes.
  4. During the processing of problematic areas in masks and creams important to the application layer it was subtle, otherwise there is the danger of зandparaупonривandния then.
  5. More and more, walk in the open air.
  6. Avoid products that contain preservatives and substitutes. Alcoholic beverages and aeration would dehydrate the structure of the dermis.

Listed above recommendations are general. They should use every girl and woman, regardless of age.

comments women

Tamara, 38 years old

After 35 years, noticed that the upper eyelid has quickly become the fall. Pull a cat by the tail, not wanted, and immediately, entered into the struggle for beauty. Liked expensive lotions and creams with lifting effect, but a result of the special not realize it, yes, and it is expensive. Eventually, he passed the mask of aloe. Wrinkles around the eyes started to move away already after 4 treatments. I put the mixture of 2 times per week. Try, will not regret it!

Ludmila is 42 years old

Enjoyed the awesome mask from potato starch. Thick paraandшицand it was in my case this wand-выручandлonчparaOh. Ingredients that you have in the kitchen of every housewife. Just a 20-minute break is relaxing and enjoyable, and from crow's feet eyes and the trail does not remain. If you're still in search of the "mask", I highly recommend it!