Refreshing face serum: must be in a cosmetic bag

Tired of looking for rejuvenation products that usually end up wasting money and no results at all? This is the time to get acquainted with an effective anti-aging serum! What kind of composition, how it differs, how to choose it correctly and many other interesting information you will read here.

Understand whey

effective serum for facial youth

The amount of active ingredient in the serum is twice that of cream.

Concentrated products or energy cocktails with high biological active ingredients in liquid consistency are called serums or "serums". Compared to creams, the amount of active ingredient in them is double. The most important feature of this product is its unique composition formula, which is almost completely absorbed by the skin cells.

Thanks to this action, the anti-aging serum has an immediate effect on the transformation of facial skin.

You can start using it from the age of 25, as a variety of serums are produced, designed to meet the needs of skin of all ages.

What is the difference

Many do not understand how the serum differs from regular creams or other cosmetic products, as it is another marketing strategy or trick of a cunning manufacturer who decides to increase soybean sales by releasing something unknown in the market. In fact, there is a difference. It is as follows:

  • serum is the most concentrated emulsion saturated with a variety of rejuvenating bioactive components;
  • its consistency is made in such a way that the active ingredient quickly, penetrates into the structure of the skin, gradually releasing and performing the task;
  • the amount of preservative in its composition is much lower, in contrast to creams;
  • after the first use of this product, you will notice a positive change in your skin;
  • the use of such a product is minimal, as it should be taken in a few drops;
  • composition is enriched not only with vitamins, minerals, but also with active acids that trigger the rejuvenation process in cells.

What they can afford

This formulation is chosen not according to the type of epidermis, but depends on the existing skin problems that need to be addressed.

Anti-aging serum is capable of:

  • significantly rejuvenates the epidermis, improving its quality and appearance;
  • tightens aging and sagging skin that seems to lose its elasticity;
  • smoothes small and medium wrinkles, folds of age, thanks to high concentrations of active ingredients;
  • to remove pigmentation and whiten skin surface;
  • to eliminate inflammatory reactions;
  • to strengthen small vessels and capillaries;
  • eliminates dryness and congestion;
  • to increase the tone and local immunity of the epidermis.

General suggestions

how serum works for facial youth

Cosmetics advise you to use the following tips:

  • select a product based on your skin problem that needs correction. It is wrong to choose a serum according to the type of epidermis, ignoring its defects;
  • many manufacturers indicate the age range on the package, which is easier to navigate when making a purchase;
  • due to the high concentration of active ingredient, this composition can cause allergic reactions, therefore, it requires early testing on the skin in the wrist area;
  • your purchase will be useful if you are successful after consulting your cosmetologist or dermatologist;
  • study the composition of the product carefully, depending on the season, i. e. the lighter composition is preferred for summer, and the denser for winter;
  • apply the emulsion in a minimal amount (drop by drop) and only after thoroughly cleansing the skin surface. After 20 minutes, a thin layer of daily care cream can be applied to the skin.

Anti-aging serum can be used in the morning and evening, as it has no time limit for use.

Serum must be applied to previously cleansed skin.

How to use it properly

This serum is applied exclusively to previously cleansed facial skin, taking into account the direction of the main massage lines, both in the morning and at night. In the morning, such cleansing can be replaced by rubbing the skin with a tonic, and at night you should spend more time to remove makeup and dirt that has accumulated during the day.

Serum used immediately after exfoliation will have maximum effect, as the epidermis will lose its dead stratum corneum, which retains certain parts of the composition on the surface.

Read the following rules for implementation:

  • rub into the serum with light massage movements, starting from the center of the frontal zone, gradually moving to the temporal area, then treating the cheek area from the center to the auricles, then the nose, chin and neck.
  • Cosmetics recommend using cosmetic lines from the same manufacturer, as they often complement each other, enrich each other and contribute to a clearer anti-aging effect.
  • Such drugs are recommended for use in courses that imply daily use for 3 months, after which it is necessary to rest or replace the manufacturer.
  • Do not exceed the dose so as not to over-saturate the skin with active ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Each bottle of such serum is equipped with a dispenser or pipette, which ensures the production of the required amount of product (about 3 to 4 drops).
  • Always read the preparation instructions carefully before use, as some manufacturers advise rubbing the composition into the epidermis carefully.
  • If you are using serum and cream, you should definitely see a pause between the use of these two preparations, which on average last about 5-10 minutes.
  • You should not use a refreshing serum more than 2 times a day. During this year, no more than 4 courses are allowed, among which compulsory rest must be observed so that the skin rests and does not get used to the same composition.
  • It is permissible to use several active serums at once, but it must be applied to different parts of the face. This is best done after consulting and agreeing with your beautician.


Any cosmetic product requires strict adherence to all manufacturer's instructions, therefore:

  • serum intended for young epidermis is not suitable for skin aging;
  • only regular use provides a lasting anti-aging effect;
  • if there are papillomas and vascular tissue, it is not recommended to use such serum, as they will receive the maximum amount of active nutrients that stimulate further growth and increase in size;
  • if you have dark skin and do not want to change its color, it is better not to use serum, as it has a whitening effect;
  • serum designed to improve and restore oval and facial contours is not recommended for use before the age of 35.

Best anti-aging serum rating

For readers who want to choose a high quality anti-aging serum, we show the following popularity ratings:

  1. Anti-Stress Serumgives fresh, radiant and calm skin from the first application. It contains valuable amino acids, echium, vegetable oils that instantly increase and relieve stress on a daily basis. The drugs are packaged in separate ampoules, each designed for 1 application. Full application is about 3 weeks. This serum is not recommended for owners of sensitive types of epidermis, as it can cause irritation.
  2. Concentrateis ​​very popular because of its light texture, like gel, it absorbs quickly without leaving any marks and sticky feel on the skin. Immediately after application, the skin becomes firm, radiant and soft. Fine wrinkles are smoothed, the skin looks taut.
  3. Rejuvenating Serumis ​​recommended for all skin types, but is suitable for oily and combination epidermis. The drug actively launches significant wrinkles, and is consumed very economically, as 1 application requires 2-3 drops.