The most effective modern and natural methods to do it with a young person

We need your help. Today, we are going to tackle a subject that is very important with the passage of time is so beautiful and you have a young, fit person? As you age, women are looking for better-looking, trendy, cosmetics, as well as the traditions, methods, and tools provide you great and effective features, such as making a young person. We're going to see it as explaining and talking points, this is a problem with the best solution for you.

Look more youthful and more youthful – what's the difference

Youth is a state of mind, as they say, a lot of times people. But in the body as you age, there's the inevitable change that they make is not the most pleasant changes in your appearance. And this is the way we look, often leads to old age. To hide it, so you can enjoy a wide range of techniques. Some of them are really effective, and others are full of nonsense.

In an attempt to look more and more like a young lady trying to preserve her image and style, with all the time, in our youth, which seems absurd, or just plain awful. In order to look young, the women resort to make-up, bright, captivating, clothes, behavior, and setting. The injection into the skin of the faceAll of this adds up to is the foreign so-called "molodyascheysya" of a woman's life. But it's on the side.

Another approach to how to make the most of young, modern, and popular, ways to slow the aging process. In the modern day, and include all of the wonders, and achieving cosmetic surgery and cosmetics: face lift, botulinum toxin, botox®, ... packaging is going to hormonal and other means. Such methods can be useful, but in a very small amount.

The vast majority of women goes to the line. As a result, the skin is smooth, without a wrinkle, over a year botulínicae in 50 years seems like a stretch limitee face. On the one hand, and the objective is to be achieved, and to look for and acquire the characteristics of the youth, but on the other hand, the figure of a woman, it becomes inorganically, and 'unnatural', that is, in fact, it goes out of fashion-in the eyes of others, it is much stronger than that in the complete absence of each of these procedures.

How to stay forever young, that's truly

To slow down the process of aging of the body, it is only possible from the inside out. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to your health and way of life, and that these 2 parameters are essential to maintain the youth and beauty of women.

A major role in the deterioration of the skin's age to drive a decrease in the function of the hormonal, and also gynecologic diseases. The estrogen is the woman's beauty and woman's health, protecting the skin and the body from pathological changes. Support a normal hormone which is extremely important for a woman. It is for this reason that, after the onset of the menopause in women, particularly carefully at the need to keep track of your energy, and your skin.

Another important aspect is the full-fledged sleep, and the peace-of-mind as such. The lack of sleep, overwork and stress, a highly wear and tear on the body, and increases the speed of the aging process.

It is proven that women who have a schedule for replacement of labor have a higher risk for a variety of diseases and aging externally, and sometimes faster, than its contemporary, with a normal regime of work and rest. The normalization of the work is on your agenda , is one step closer to the beauty and the youth. The status of the health of the body directly affects the rate.

The heavy body of the disease and its treatment can have a negative effect on the appearance, and therefore, it should be timely diagnosis and treatment of the deviations, in order to save himself in the best possible way. The beauty of youth and, above all, health!

The only obstacle is that little can be done, it's in the genetics. All of the people, initially, in different capacities, this is the reason why some people are able to do not too long ago, and it's looking less than his / her age. And the rest of it needs to be carefully monitored by a young man, and in a way, despite the fact that the numbers in your passport at all times.

The shapes of the suspension of the

Aging is associated with inevitable loss of tonus of the skin and muscles, and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles dry and sagging of the skin. Change, it is possible to cut out the face. Of all the ways to "tighten" the skin, they are further divided into surgical and non-surgical.

Non-surgical techniques

These options are based on the hydration of the skin, and in the construction of long-lasting collagen scaffolding of steel, which slow the age loss of elasticity. Ultrasonic face lift in a bottleThis includes such techniques as:

  1. Criolifting: the effect on the skin if the temperature is too low, normalize muscle tone, and increase collagen production. For the development of the effect-you need at least 5 or 6 of those procedures.
  2. Photothermolysis: by the power of the laser, there occurs the destruction of the "wrong" - with collagen and a stimulation of the synthesis of the new skin begin to process variations. 3 procedures to show it was built before I dig in for a result.
  3. Ultra-lift: effect of the ultrasound will affect all the layers of the skin and the muscles. Resistant to the effect of the 3-5 calendar year from the date of use.

Injection methodsfor the introduction of a variety of different materials in the layers of the skin, it helps to prolong the youth, without a more radical surgical methods, despite the fact that the method is close to them, in fact. To introduce a substance, such as:

  • 3D-filaments of absorbable material, for the formation of a new contour to the face, and hyaluronate (to slow down the aging of the skin, increases the synthesis of collagen);
  • biorevitalizatsiya-of-low-molecular-weight hyaluronate (hydrating and rejuvenating the skin);
  • bioreinforcement (hyaluronate with a thick gel that creates an "armature" for the skin of the face, forming its natural, youthful-looking);
  • plasmolifting (plasma, blood platelets, is injected into the skin, accelerates regeneration, reduces the appearance of wrinkles);
  • mesotherapy: the layers of the skin and then introduce a variety of cocktail, of biologically active substances, depending on the purpose of the procedure, you can do it at a young age for the prevention of the change;
  • fillers: these are substances, generating, modeling, creating a circuit of some areas, fillers, biologically inert, and is introduced in greater depth in the skin, and the result will be akin to a cosmetic surgery.


The surgical technique for the work hardening , are also very different:

  1. A Circular lift or iridectomy: the cutting is carried out in the area of the temple and over the ear, you may make another incision under the bottom of her chin.
  2. Spacelifter: a cutting technique similar to that of iridectomy, but in parallel, they are used to the muscle elements in order to prolong the effect.
  3. Endoscopic restoration of a: movement of the tissue through a small incision in the course of the growth lines in the hair, it moves with the skin and the muscles.

They tend to have problems and possible complications. The negative parts are in situations such as the following:

  • a response in the event of an allergic reaction to the input of the component;
  • the infection of the infection through puncture wounds, and cuts,
  • the scarring and inflammation after incision;
  • the elongation and thinning of the tissue;
  • the need for a long, long time to recover after the operation.
  • the strain to mimic the muscles, the blunt technology, the risk of damage to the nerves;
  • the surgical techniques require a general anesthesia, which may in the end kill;
  • lack of attention to their operations.

As can be seen, man-made ways to rejuvenate your carry a number of dangers and you can make sure it really is a tragedy for the women. A large number of cosmetic clinics, it does not give confidence in the success of each and every one of these procedures, and the management of complications of them, and it is often not possible due to lack of staff and the instrument (for example, cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the event of any complications from the anesthesia).

Natural methods of skin rejuvenation

To do this, the skin on the face younger, you can use simple and safe techniques for natural skin rejuvenation of the face. To do this, it is well suited for exposure to the outside: a mask, a massage, a gym for your face, and nutrition, and sport. First of all, to understand in the last few paragraphs.

A life-style

With the proper nutrition to the youth of the face

To look young and beautiful, you should maintain a healthy life style: sleep at least 8 hours during the night so as not to get into bad habits. Physical activity should be your first assistant, it is useful to carry out in the air for about 20 to 30 minutes a day, and the total number of aerobic activities per week and must be a minimum of 150 minutes of intensive care. It's going to increase the saturation of oxygen in the blood, and improve the nutrition of the skin.

Proper nutrition is the second cornerstone in the field of youth in the face. The diet should be well balanced in protein, fat, and carbohydrate (60% carbohydrate, 15% fat, 25% protein, as well as in its own right. The beauty of the face, it should be consumed with fats from plant sources that are rich in omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids: olive oil, olive oil, flax seed, to pumpkin carving.

The great popularity and success, and enjoys a mediterranean diet: rich in marine products, fibers, grains, fruits and vegetables. The power to reduce the damage to the body from damaging free radicals and protects cells from the aging process. Nutrition is of the utmost importance for the maintenance of the youth, and, in general, and of the person, including to our site.

No less important is the regimen of a drink for the beautiful, and the voltage of the l'oreal skin-it needs hydration not only outside, but from the inside to the outside. For the evening you should drink for at least a year and a half gallons of liquid oxygen, of which the greater part of it must be in the water.

The characteristics of the baby

The influence of the outside on the skin, it is of great importance to maintain their beauty. Make-up should suit the age and individual needs. You need to identify your skin type and choosing the appropriate means.

To reduce the damage to the skin, you should use the creams as an additive in the sunscreen. filter: photo-aging is one of the topics that are most talked about. It's not worth the increase in the number of matching tools: the experience is optimized for no more than two of the layers of the skin, she, cream, and the tone of the base. The powder should be used on the problem areas, but to reduce the fat content of the skin, and if you need to reduce the number of them.

Hydrate your epidermis from the outside, during the day, to help us water in the face: it is enough to be applied to the skin 2 or 3 times a day, and a very small amount of oxygen in the liquid, using a cotton swab. This will increase the hydration of the skin, and reduce the need for means of protection.

Advanced techniques

To prolong the youth and beauty they contribute to the body of the following: a mask, a massage, a sauna.

The mask

Nourishing and moisturizing mask - this should be the first item in the context of skin the following. For this reason, optionally, you can go to the salon on Friday and have had several too many face masks can be prepared at home.

One of the most recent innovations in the are of the impression material of the mask. They contain the components of the algae, and help to pull you up and refresh your skin: it's dry, the mix has to be diluted with water to the face, apply a moisturizing cream and cover your face with a thick layer of a solution, a paste, let it dry for about 40 minutes and rinse thoroughly, then apply a moisturizing cream.

It hasn't lost its relevance to the clay mask, they are well, they will emit toxins and contribute to the reduction of the number of lines. At home, you can take advantage of the product at hand: it is useful for the skin, the skin cream, a strawberry, and cucumber. The product is ground to a paste, and is superimposed on the clean skin for 15 to 20 minutes.

For the development of the effect of the organic compounds necessary for the regular usage. Vegetable mask that contribute to to prolong the freshness of the skin and the integument, and they have the bare minimum in the event of an allergic reaction to their action on the body.

The massage line


The facial massage improves muscle tone and restores the skin microcirculation , even in the deep layer of the dermis. Massage treatment are in accordance with the rules: before your procedure, you will need to clean your face and the oil from the cream, or massage oil, it's time to start the massage, it's a night out for a couple of hours before going to bed, and to this day, it is better to refrain from massage and application of cosmetics.

With the classic massage place in the following way: in a relaxed position, begin to hit the skin in the direction of the massage lines, it will gradually, which increases the pressure. The need to proceed slowly, especially in the area close to the eyes. The massage of the line, have the meanings:

  • from the chin to the ears;
  • at the corners of the mouth to the ear of the sink;
  • from the nose to the apples of the face.
  • on the face and on the apples of your cheeks in a circle on the apples of your face.
  • the bridge of the nose to the top of the forehead and at the sides, forming the letter "T";
  • from the outer corner to the inner eye down the side of the bottom;and
  • the inner rim of the eye to the exterior of the upper century,
  • the bridge of the nose to the side of the scalp.

Every move has to be repeated 6 to 10 times, and the duration of the session only about 10 minutes. You can perform a massage on each day, exchange rate of 10 to 15 procedures a month. If the women are on the menstrual period, and the procedure to carry out after they are finished, as well as during the months of fall, and the tone of the skin, and may develop pulmonary edema.


Exercise strengthens your metabolic processes and increase the youthfulness of the face and the body. Exercise is the best to do it in the evening, and then apply a moisturizing mask. A variety of activities: 2-3 times per week.

Attention! Fitness which tightens your muscles, gives you a chance to fight with a sagging face, but the wrinkles, it is best to use massage. For this reason, it is important for you to understand the single figure of the face, and to understand which are the muscles that are hypertonicity, and you need to relax and unwind with a massage, and that the hypotonicity – here it is, it will be relevant to the project.

Gym and fitness in the most efficient and effective of the natural methods that I know, I know, but you have to be careful because you can hurt yourself, and to make it worse, if you use them properly. It takes a little bit of an understanding of the muscles in the face, and to understand the reason why, specifically, do you have on your face, and they were all in wrinkles, and for that you clean the skin. For best results, it is very important for you to understand, the best way is to find a good specialist in your area and try to go through with it in the course of a massage, as a result, if you are in the city either does not exist or you can't find it, search for it on the internet and do it at home, it is no less effective, for example, there are a number of courses both free and paid video training for these experts, such as Carol, the Media, by Emma Hardy, Santa Maria Runge, Camilla the Most and the t. d. d.

Well, I tried everything, and even more so, they are very similar, and in some cases, in general, if you copy one to the other. I recommend that you, the expert, who actually gets good at the age of 47, as well as the technique that it includes fitness and massage, and lymphatic drainage of the face, which sets it apart from the rest. First, you have to draw the person according to his or her expectations are, it will take up to 2 months, after that you just need to keep the purpose of the exercise 2 times a week. The cost is small, and the on the face of it, so to speak.

Indications and Contra-indications

Gymnastics and massage, it is not possible to do this when you:

  • open sores on face.
  • pustular eruptions on the skin, inflammation, fungal infection;
  • after a peel, laser resurfacing, injections of 1 to 2 weeks;
  • after the plastic surgery;
  • when skin diseases (psoriasis, acne, dermatitis).

The massage room and gym, you can do this to people regardless of their gender, this approach can cause for the young person, and a man and a woman. The procedure has no age limit.


To look fresh and young, you need to correctly use make-up. There are common misconceptions about makeup to look younger. It's not worth doing the following:

  • use several layers of heavy make-up to create a shade of cream, moisturizer, base, shade, cream, concealer, powdered), the great number of the cosmetics it leads to the rapid aging of the skin;
  • the abundance of enthralling and whimsical colors, the focus, and not on the lips, and eyes;
  • the sparkling brilhoe to her lips, and glowing, really – to get boys, girls, age seems inharmonious;
  • the lack of cleaning is ideal for the skin before you apply your make-up and moisturizer;
  • the arrow keys on the wide and broad of brow: even though the fashion is, he added, the age of the woman.
  • the mask of the flowers and the unusual, especially when paired with shades of brilliant.

In the evening, from the pictures, it is permissible to use a vibrant color to create a more expressive image. It should be kept in mind so that you can pull out the eyes or the lips, not the look, not the age and not that bad. With the help of the make-up , you can give yourself a fresh, if:

  • to moisturize and cleanse the skin before applying makeup;
  • then apply the shade of pastel shades to create a natural image.
  • to reduce the amount of cosmetics on the eyes, rolling of the eye lashes, tattoo;
  • to remove the fatigue, you apply a bit of white eyeshadow in the corner of my eye;
  • to enforce requirements of the resource under the eyes is very delicate, Pat, motions for an outside line, you can apply a lighter tone;
  • under the eyebrows, apply eyeshadow in a shade lighter to open up the eye;
  • to set the image to apply the powder: the nose, the cheeks, the chin, the lower part of the brow, this will help to reduce the burden on the skin;
  • during the day you can enjoy metyoudemi wipes or micellar water, to restore the color.

To do this, the person is younger than you, you need to approach a holistic way to care for the health, active lifestyle, eating properly and taking care of the skin on the face. The range of beauty treatments and plastic surgery to good effect, but it can harm you, due to the presence of a large number of complications, even to this day.

The aggressive application of these methodologies, with the same good results may contribute to the age-of-line, and a negative impression in an attempt to "rejuvenate". Play an important role in maintaining the youth and beauty of the people that play and vitamins and minerals. Animal treatment, massage service and a gym help you to achieve the prevention of premature aging of the skin and maintain muscle tone and health. Some of the tricks of the make-up will also help you to enhance your face and hide the signs of aging.