How to take care of the skin on the face, even after 30 years

At a very young age, it seems that the skin is always firm, smooth and radiant. And, for that reason, you do not need to make any effort. But a lot of times, in order to achieve the "natural" color, modern, old (sometimes very young) ladies, you need to apply to the skin, at least four of the tools (as funny it sounds): it's the first coat (base coat), and in the shade, powder, and concealer (concealer). To prevent this from happening to you, it's important to provide proper care for the skin on the face, after 30 years of age (or earlier).

That depends on the condition of the skin

skin care after 30

Start taking care of yourself, it is advisable to do not with a 50-year-old, and when it comes to teens, don't leave it for later. After that, it will come with the old, in addition to this, the climax, implement, and grandchildren, and it will not be that of youth and beauty. Don't you need to see here the call to stop everything and run to the plastic surgeon or beauty parlor (even though, sometimes, each other). To do this, it is never too late.

Sure, the mother's repeated on the provision of day-care, and even explained it to you. But, for some reason, the mom lecture, come to the place of no. And it is only by looking at the reflection in the mirror, and saw the first few lines, it is helpful to remember the lessons you teach. The point of this post is a simple one: the sooner you start care, the more resources and time it will save you in the future.

To begin to examine the root causes of the aging process. Because there is no reason to say that in order to achieve victory, get to know your enemy. To this end, the factors that affect the condition of your skin to study it carefully and choose the method that you deal with each and every one. In the courtyard of a new era of high-tech and science moves forward by leaps and bounds, but it is a unique tool to slow the aging of skin cells no-one invented it. But it is a tool to completely regulate it, it is still the dream of all women.

You have difficulty skin, especially on the face of it, to promote one of the following reasons:

  • the inheritance of genetic;
  • of time;
  • to the natural environment;
  • bad habits, lack of sleep, smoking, and drinking);
  • power supply;
  • for external cuts, bumps);
  • the current state of health.

Leaving from side to side, the genetic component affecting it now, no one should consider the factors that the human being is capable of change or minimization of the adverse impact and the ways in which settings.

The time of the

From the age of 30, begins with the withering of the skin. This is manifest in a decrease of the turgor (elasticity), sagging (loss of elasticity), and the rise of the mimic and age wrinkles. These cases will appear due to the age of the loss of hyaluronic acid.

Delay the length of time without a spell, so that none of us is, of course, is impossible. But, using a special menu of anti-ageing methods (peptide lotion, milk serum, with hyaluronic acid, is worthy of a look, at any age, in our own hands. And it's not always that you want to be shouting to the media and the extreme measures of plastic. And that's precisely what we're going to leave it for later.

The natural environment

The sun, the wind, the frost and can be dosed from the time, or to change one's place of residence. A lot deny it, it is not going to work. Therefore, knowing the impact, it remains to make the adjustments:

  • the rays of the sun to evaporate the moisture and it will destroy ultraviolet light, it means the application of a moisturizing cream with an ELEVATOR, the filter in the summer will help to prevent the effects;
  • the wind, softens the upper layer, and dried, you will be able to help to exfoliate, and cream;
  • noel, its influence is ambiguous, the positive tied to negative, to neutralise the negativity of the winter, and is in need of a nutrient (in bold) of the oil.

Bad habits

It is in the hands of every woman. Quit smoking, alcohol, and the time of sleeping, you are able to it all. The other thing is that a lot of you simply don't want to, or to deal with the habits and overcome commonplace laziness. After all, one of the options you are always working on rotating shifts - days, and the sleep have to be maintained, of not less than 7 hours per day. During this period of time, your body will be able to recover. And, considering that in the regeneration, and after 30 to 35 slows down, you need all 8.

Power supply

A man is what he eats. Right, the saying goes, with a slight change – you need to take into account the work of the digestive system. The power supply must be complete. The use of large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the presence in the diet of cereals, and soups, and to contribute to the right to the return of the substance, stability in the digestive system. It's going to improve the shape and appearance.

The external

The Regular damage (when you turn on the a lesson in wrestling, boxing), and the use of irritating ways, find yourself in a room with a rough – beauty is more than just transportation. Scars, and fit to adorn only men. Therefore, these factors must be denied.

The state-of-health -

All of the ailments, stress, and infections it will immediately be reflected on his face. They look like the unpleasant-itching, redness, dark under-eye circles, puffiness and the color profiles (icteric, ash, or earth). In order to avoid these problems with the help of the basic and preventive health care.

It includes an annual medical examination, the vaccines, the most common of the infections and the right way to live.

The stress of as well helps you to calm down.

A few general tips

the mask on the face

To sum it up: to achieve the effect of rejuvenation, or to save the youth from her face in a half is not long enough. You will need a set of steps, and cosmetic products. They are:

  • cleansing including the removal of dead skin cells), and the recovery of health (toning);
  • proper hydration and nutrition.

In the first stage, it is necessary to clear all of the impacts of the external environment. For a day out on the skin and then you install a huge amount of dust particles in the air, impurities that are harmful (from the exhaust pipes of cars), of chemical products, which are in abundance, please refer to the air of the big city. And for the night, builds up the sweat and the product allocation (fat).

Product allocation is mixed up with your sweat, clog your pores, forming foci and inflammation, redness, dark spots.

First, foam, water, clean the face, and then (no more than 3 times a week), we will use a light peel, exfoliation of Horny cells. We treat the root and by making the day-or night cream on your face. In the area of the eyes and lips, also apply a cream designed for this purpose.

The second one aims to provide all the nutrients necessary for the regeneration of the skin. Moisture, light-cream, with particles of a moisture; - the need for a period in the summer, when high temperatures increase the loss of water. And nutrition, respectively, a more oily cream, this is required at the time of the winter season, the body needs in order to provide the heat.

After the cleansing, after the age of 30, it added an extra step – the replacement of the cells of the skin is hyaluronic acid. For this reason, before you apply the cream, you can use the peptide cocktail, the healing of the buttermilk.

In addition to routine care, each and every two or three days, it is desirable to conduct a more in-depth care, face masks, tools for the stimulation of metabolic processes, oils and extracts.

Ideally, each and every women in addition to makeup products at home, on the shelf, it should look like:

  • day-and-night-cream;
  • the tool is the product of the care of the skin around the eyes and lips (usually from the match);
  • the buyer, or much water;
  • a tool to facilitate the delivery;
  • tonic;
  • serum with hyaluronic acid

The main rule in order to preserve the health and beauty of your skin – care should be a regular and daily basis. The highlight of the 15-minute morning and 10 at night, it's not as hard as someone else's opinion. And watch tv every two to three days and can be combined with the application of the mask.

Care in the home

The most popular of which is the care in the home. As well as it does not require the added cost of labor-esthetician. At the same advocating for the patient.

There are misconceptions that only a beauty salon and the procedures are able to maintain the youth and health of your skin. Properly applied, the folk, at times a lot more energy-efficient than the factory ones. For those living in the remaining ingredients.

The skins of fruits and vegetables and fruits which contain a higher amount of the vitamin that manufacturers. Therefore, the purpose of which will be the largest. Life-giving power of honey (you can see in the video), and honey is also a good idea to apply in the crude.

Many of the recipes for face masks are taken off, the manufacturers of the people's bank of recipes. After all, it is not surprising that the major manufacturers each year, contests for the best recipes.

At home, you can use the berries in their raw form, they save an enormous amount of time. A simple way to make a powerful weapon against the aging of the skin. The mineral water is in the form of ice to tone and 'lift' is not the worst of the body. The white of the egg, its nutritional value it is able to compete, it may not be that, the placenta (afterbirth). The ability to pull back the skin's pores, smooth fine wrinkles scientifically proven.

It was in the hands of the beautician

A trip to the beauty parlor replaces the one-week-of-home care. But with the condition that the specialist of a high qualification, and the journey was not to be the channels of participation. To find the wizard of your business, it is all the more difficult. Cosmetics, beauty salons is becoming a year older.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the traveler, who leaves the visitor in a book of complaints and suggestions (if any), or find them on the internet. You can chat with other people and girls, who already enjoy a similar service. It is also necessary to pay attention to the expertise of the worker.

The second disadvantage to (after you search), this is quite a high price for the service. But this is a problem that is solved more easily. During the first visit of a visitor to always have a recommendation for the cosmetic care of the selection of the tools in a more efficient way of a company.

The weather is a factor, it's only beauty salon, procedure, chemical peels, and certain masks, which will raise the beauty, and t.-d.). Subsequently, trade (beauty people), only for carrying it out. The wizard will even tell you what the mask is, and where it's best to do it. The rest of the steps needed to go it alone.

You may also, by mutual agreement, to further develop the program for the week included, and the house and the filter is taken care of.

The subtlety of the aged care

bad habits

So as not to damage the softened skin of the woman Pereztopensim 30 years of age, the foreign national must abide by the rules and secrets:

  1. To apply the cream, you should be easy to the hammered movement, and avoiding friction, which can stretch and traumatiza of the skin;
  2. The procedure is to be undertaken, not only on the face but the neck area and the neck, they do not require less maintenance.
  3. Keep in mind the type of skin and the use of the tool that is convenient for her, drawing attention to their age. After all, taking care of your dry or combination skin, 25-year-old woman in need of a lot of different how to take care of oily skin, after about 30 years of age;
  4. Night cream apply, preferably for about one hour before you sleep;
  5. Lipid, anti-oxidants, hyaluronic complex, the best is to apply it after the use of a home for the cream;
  6. Before going to bed, drink a lot of fluids, there can be swelling;
  7. Daily massage on the tips of the fingers, such as contrast, treatment of the water, it is capable of, with no the collagen and increase the elasticity and enhance the skin tone.

Ideally, the care of the skin after a 30-year-old is expected to combine as a beauty salon and the procedures of, and in the home. After all, without the daily humidifying and purifying, it is not complete. Each and every one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. We hope that your skin youth, health and radiance.