How to take proper care of the skin of the child

The body of a newly-born work of individual laws, and even the skin is different to that of the skin complexion, adult, so on and take care of her needs more thoroughly. To prevent inflammation, and the bad illnesses, every day, to carry out a range of procedures are recommended. After all, it is the care of the skin of the baby and offers to its purity, the absence of a rash, and the diapers, which will have an impact on the health of the child.

The characteristics of the building, the skin of the baby

care for your baby's skin

When you are prompted to turn the light on to the surface of your skin covers a thin layer of grease, an officer of the trust and confidence of the barrier, and the womb. Before that, it was thought that the lube and need to clean up or wash up, but the doctors don't recommend intervening in a biological process — and you totally get into the skin of the baby.

After the disappearance of the lubrication and the skin acquires a reddish tint, which is normal:

  • this phenomenon is due to an increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood.
  • the impact of the proximity of the blood vessels, and the lack of transcutânea of a layer of fat.

You can get vascular of the design is surrounded by a" when the hypothermia in infants.

Skin care products powered by its tenderness: it is soft and velvety, thanks to the gun's lanugo. The small top of the hair cover the back of both the shoulders and to the hips, turn. But after only three days on the surface of the skin to become dry and form a skin. This is the adaptation of the habitat and the water into the air, as in the sebaceous gland they will work on an intermittent basis. The most sensitive and exposed to the child's foot and hand, due to the lack of lipids in pionki-sparing moisture.

Sometimes the skin is covered with rash in the shape of small white dots – Io. They are safe, if they are not going to get your way out, or delete it. As it was only going to be the well-functioning of the sebaceous glands, just. Acne is a red ("bloom") that indicate the hormonal restructuring of the body in childhood, and also do not pose a threat to human health.

The rules for the care of

  1. To avoid damage to the skin of the newborn, the nails of an adult, and you must soon face, and to treat the file.
  2. If there is a mold), inflammation or a boil, the adult hands it is advisable to carry care with the skin of a healthy member of the family.
  3. All of the good, to the extent, therefore, it is better to use regular soap with no fragrance and a creamy, water-based.
  4. Available in children's make-up must be of the highest quality.

The care of the face

Every day, after waking up, the child will need to wash them in warm boiled water. In the first few weeks, the water is warmed up to 36 and, in the future, you may want to reduce the temperature of up to 25.

  1. Eyes then wipe with a damp cloth to disk in a direction from the outer corner to the inner.
  2. At the end of the outside a clean, damp q-tip.
  3. Twice a week it is cleaned, a layer of the outside of the eye. Don't forget to clean up the areas for your ears, because they do not accumulate dirt, leading to an inflammation.
  4. At the end of the procedure, and gently wet it with a piece of cotton, clean your face the babies.

Taking care of the body

For up to six months, babies should be every day bathing, and cleaning is carried out after each evacuation of the bowels. To avoid the appearance of a diaper to allow the flow of air out of the bathroom with them, rather than practicing it several times a day, for 10 to 15 minutes for your skin to "breathe". Start with the procedure in the first minute, gradually increasing the length of time.

  1. If not he would heal umbilical ranka, to bathe the baby in boiling water. The water cools down up to 36 " With soap and water every day, and enjoy the necessary, and washing your hair to two times a week. After the water in the wound, treat it with the green paint. Before putting on the diaper, carefully delete it (or to him if not to rub!) the body of the baby with a towel or flannel in the diaper.
  2. Some pediatricians do not recommend bathing baby for the first 2 to 3 weeks, so as not to exclude an infection in the belly button. In this case, the whole body of the child on a daily basis wipe clean with a soft cloth soaked in a cushy boiled water. Particular attention will need to wash it and increase the space fraldaom.
  3. After each trip to the hygiene of the baby, you need to wash it, stroking the clitoris, in the direction of the gluteus medius is the fold. Also, the washing is carried out after every three (3) of the urine, so that in this way did not show up diaper rash.
  4. The care of the skin in infants, this involves the application of topical creams, in order to protect the delicate surface of your property to the urine. So the butt don't sweat it, use the cream under a diaper or childrens cream.
  5. After each dive, all the folds of skin on the body of the baby, but not necessarily, to clean the oil out of the baby, for it did not appear diaper rash, and dry skin.

Potential problems

taking care of a child's face

Even if the parents know how to take care of the baby and to your skin, it is not always possible to avoid the problem:

  1. Most of the mothers worry about the appearance at the head of the child is done, it is not a disease. For the removal of oil prior to swimming in cream or vaseline oil. And when a child is in the bath, rub the affected area's head with a damp cloth, clean gauze or a bandage. It excessively doesn't need to, so as not to hurt your delicate skin – enough to, circular, light strokes.
  2. When you are prompted by the eruption of heat, you should review the custom of pampering the baby, and put off a lot of hot things. To help baths with a camomile infusion or a decoction of the bark of the oak tree.
  3. With the advent of the napkins to wash the baby after each urination and bowel movement of the intestine is often changing a diaper, and diaper rash. A diaper change should be accompanied by a treatment of the inflamed area with a special cream. The recommended air flow of the air in the bathroom.

Good customer service, which prepares your child for a good mood, health, and my mother, and a precious peace-of-mind. Enough to pay attention troublesome areas of the body, in order to prevent more serious infections of the skin.