Skin care after the summer - to restore and nourish

The holiday season is in full swing! During the summer, we strive to enjoy the sunshine, that we sometimes forget about safety precautions. Golden tan improves color of the face, the skin simply glows more, you do not need to do intensive makeup. Yes, and in the care of animals of numerous drop-if t. to. in the summer, just enough easy hydration. But with the arrival of autumn, we can find problems that, sometimes, is not easy to decide with the help of family! As should be the skin care after the summer?

skin care after the summer

Activates a "mania" tan promotes the desquamation of the dermis, wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation. Under the influence of the absorbed energy from the sun in the epidermis are beginning to form free radicals, which, subsequently, leads to a violation of the integrity of a certain layer of the skin.

It also enables exposure to the sun stimulates the excess sebum production and hyperkeratosis, which in turn can result in worsening of the acne in about a week after the return of the holiday!

The external signs of corruption buying:

  • the dryness and peeling
  • decrease in the turgor of the skin,
  • the reduction of elasticity,
  • the appearance of wrinkles,
  • the expansion of the capillaries,
  • the sensitivity and redness
  • pigmentation.

To prevent photo-aging, it is necessary to take, as a general rule, the daily use of funds, with factor (SPF) in the summer period, and not to abuse a tan. You can also use the natural factors of protection. For example, shea butter, sesame, almond and coconut oil are naturally a factor SPF of 2-4, and will be perfectly to moisturize the dry skin.

But what to do if the summer has passed, and you have one or some of the following signs of the cause of action of ultraviolet radiation? There is a set of measures that you can take for their own account and take advantage of the beauty salon.

Home care for skin affected from the sun

What you can and should stand alone, walk up to a beauty salon:

  • To recover your layer should begin to actively nourish the skin from the inside out. For this it is important to note the balance of the entire body and drink 1-2 litres of drinking water per day. And also need to more carefully monitor your energy. With the arrival of autumn the quantity of fruit and vegetables in our diet is decreasing, therefore, it is worth thinking about, to drink atamine course. Note the composition! There, necessarily, must be present vitamins of the b complex, calcium, vitamin E, folic acid. And also we should not forget the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids, which affect significantly the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
  • If, among other signs of fotpovrezhdeniya, you discovered acne, so you can enjoy a cleansing Detox diet, that has as objective to establish the exchange of substances and cleanse the body of impurities and toxins. The diet involves the use of only fruit juices and a puree of fruit and vegetables over three days. During the period of treatment of acne should also reduce the intake of sugar and yeast, as these products enhance the fermentation processes in the body.
  • Calm irritated skin from the sun, help compresses on the basis of medicinal herbs. You can use a daisy, also of great help for 20 minutes compresses of green tea which contains many antioxidants.
  • Also the need to rethink your makeup. If in the summer we use, moisturizing, light texture, with the arrival of cold weather, you should pay attention to more nutritious creams that protect your skin from temperature variations of the air inlet. Note the presence in the composition of nourishing oils, as well as the components such as panthenol, squalene, and lanolin. For an extra moisture can be used under cream and milk serum with hyaluronic acid, and to improve the tone and elasticity ideal serum of milk with a vitamin a content With.
  • Alginatnye mask known for its powerful moisturizing effect and suitable as a tool for the emergency rehabilitation of the skin. For greater effectiveness, before using a mask, you can apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream.
  • In the fight with the pigmentation of the help homemade facial mask. For example, you can mix 2 tablespoons of milk cream with 1 teaspoon of one tablespoon of citrus pulp. For greater efficiency in the dough, you can add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide or lemon essential oil.
  • To regulate the production of the sebaceous glands to apply the mask to the base of white clay (kaolin). The mask it is also possible to prepare independently: 2 teaspoons of clay mixed with a little water until you get a homogeneous mass. For more nice consistency, add a little bit of any cream for the face.

Care professionals for the recovery of the skin

home skin care

The autumn is the best time for the start of the intensive course of cosmetic procedures. The sun is not as active as in the summer, so it is possible the application of different skins. Professional treatments primarily focused on the update and stimulus to the metabolism of the skin, restoring the balance and the decrease of pigmentation.

  • ANA – peels (chemical peels based on the action of fruit acids) promote an intense update of the top layer of the epidermis and careful of your ontsalesiani. There are several ways to home use and for professional use, but it is better to trust in the expert, as well as incorrect use can cause damage to your skin. The beautician will help you choose the percentage they operate of acids, exfoliants, and assign a complement of care.
  • Biorevitalizatsiya – injeparaциonнная technique that is based on пonдparaonжнonм introduction of medications with hyaluronic acid and designed to instantly recover the water balance of the cells of the epidermis.
  • Photorejuvenation procedure, founded on the power of penetration of the intense pulses of light absorbed by the cells and vessels of the dermis and act on all layers of the skin that produce the collagen and melanin. The cells with large content of melanin are destroyed under the effect of absorption of energy of light, after which one starts the process of formation of new collagen fibres and elastin.

The recovery of the skin, prone to paraуперonзу

Separately, one should mention the skin, prone to paraуперonзу, as well as many procedures that she is against-indicated due to a genetic predisposition to the breakage of the blood vessels. But the fulfilment of certain rules in a significant way to improve the state of the skin:

  • You must eliminate all the means that lead to the increase of the microcirculation of the tissues.
  • It is forbidden to frequent visit baths, alcohol tonics, and lotions and mechanical cleaning.
  • Not if can do massages, and use cosmetics with the content of acids.
  • It is not desirable to the application of the abrasive surgical and other procedures with aggressive peel. To exfoliate the need to apply sparing agents with the words "for sensitive skin".
  • The cosmetic products may not contain dyes, mineral oils and perfumery odorant.
  • Twice a year should be taken within a complex of vitamins PP, K, C and e, which normalize the coagulation of the blood, the tonus of the blood vessels, strengthening the walls and reducing the permeability.

From salon procedures: microcurrent therapy, phototherapy and laser, lymphatic drainage, mesotherapy cocktails, special to the strengthening of the blood vessels, плазмonлифting. Clean the vessels, which became visible, can help eleparatрonparaonагуляция and special therapy.

mask for the face

It is important to remember that the skin is an authority, and their status depends on our attitude be attentive to your body. Fortunately, the processes related to fotonсturanium, in large part reversible. Avoid sunbathing do not need to more important to know how to measure. Autumn – a time to give her skin a vacation and to begin the complex operations of events before the winter period.