Fractus rejuvenation: action, indications, contraindications

Fractus facial rejuvenation is safe and effective for the treatment laser, with which it is possible to get rid of various cosmetic defects and age of its manifestations. Is the rejuvenation can also be called photorejuvenation or fractus of photothermolysis. This method has been widely spread in cosmetology, thanks to the influence on general characteristics.

This technique is similar to the principle of action with laser milling, but it is the most effective method. So, after such a procedure can occur more than undesirable consequences and it requires more careful preparation.

фракционное skin rejuvenation

The action fractus facial rejuvenation

Perform all manipulations should only by qualified personal that have a lot of experience working in this area and, consequently, a greater health education.

Fractus rejuvenation is considered the best alternative to surgery that is used for the treatment of the skin of the face or body. During the rejuvenating session applies a special apparatus with situated therein the photovoltaic cells, which are responsible for penetration of a laser beam under the skin.

Laser effect contributes to the отмиранию of the skin cells and invigorate new cell growth.

During the contact of the laser with the skin are created by small damages, which stimulate immunity and help to renew the stains of the tissues, requiring the correction aesthetics. Because of this, the laser photothermolysis helps to improve the circulation of blood and the synthesis of collagen fibers and elastin, which disappears with the sagging of the tissues and increases their elasticity. Is formed a powerful lifting effect and started the process of rejuvenation of the skin, even in deeper layers.

  • stretch marks;
  • scarry changes of the tissues;
  • improve the tone and elasticity;
  • align the ground;
  • the color of the skin.

Types of fractus of photothermolysis

In косметологической practice the most used two main types of selective photothermolysis:

  • ablative photothermolysis selective;
  • non-ablative of photothermolysis.
Types of fractional photothermolysis

The first method is to remove the surface micro-sectors of the skin in an area of the face or body. For this, the laser penetrates into the dermis at a depth of 1.5 mm, and promotes the contraction of skin diseases of the integument, and the revitalization of regenerative processes. non-ablative method passes without the removal of the phase of the skin, and is the impact of a laser beam in a depth of 3-5 мм. This procedure contributes to the recovery deep layers of the epidermis. Beauticians recommend to perform both types of photothermolysis simultaneously to achieve the maximum rejuvenating effect and revitalization of the processes of regeneration of tissues.

According to numerous testimonies, to obtain a good result during the performance of fractus rejuvenation with laser can be already after a few procedures. Per week, the skin of the face or of the body of adstringantur and smooth and elastic, disappear wrinkle in the region of the forehead and around the eyes are smoothed over the skin folds and aligns the color of the dermis.

To secure the effect of photothermolysis, we recommend the implementation of various beauty treatments once a month. The effect of rate of application of this омолаживающей technique performed in the period of 2 to 3 years and a lot depends on the style of life of the patient, contributes to the extinction of rejuvenating the effect of smoking, the use of alcoholic beverages, the care of the skin of the face). If you delete all the negative factors, the effect of fractus rejuvenation will last the maximum time.

How is performed the procedure

The procedure fractus photothermolysis does not require special training. Before you start косметологическую procedure, you need to clean the skin of impurities and remove makeup. After that, the beautician cause skin анестезирующее substance in the form of ointment or cream and start the treatment of the skin the laser fixed. During the session, usually, occurs a slight tingling.

Time photorejuvenation takes about 30 minutes and at the end of the procedure on the skin, it is applied a special moisturizing cream. The physician should acquaint the patient with the code of conduct during the period of rehabilitation, compliance with which will help prevent complications. The duration of the therapeutic course and the number of procedures is determined individually for each person, considering indications, contraindications and the desired result.

There are accessories indications of fractus of photothermolysis:

  • varicose veins;
  • the reduction of the tonus of the tissues;
  • pigment spots;
  • fine and deep wrinkles;
  • irregular topography;
  • scar changes;
  • acne is a disease acne;
  • the porosity of the skin.
фракционное rejuvenation of the skin as is performed the procedure

The rejuvenation procedure helps eliminate the external signs of aging and restore the turgor of tissues. To carry out the healing course is recommended from may to September, when the rays of the sun is less active, which gives the possibility to avoid the unpleasant consequences, such as sunburn, and post-traumatic pigmentation.

Counter-indications and side effects

Direct contra-indication to the fractus rejuvenation is:

  • онкологическая pathology;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • auto-immune diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the inflammatory process of the skin;
  • psoriasis;
  • viral diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • various dermatosises.

Forbidden to perform a surgery for the procedure, if there are wounds in the acute phase, the freshness of the burn strengths and weaknesses of the eruptions of acne, burns, keloid scars, or vitiligo.

After a few days since the realization of fractus photothermolysis appears crust protective in the skin, which descends by yourself through 3-4 days. This is all the time it needs to perform the treatment of diseases of skin integument cream or any other means, which recommends a doctor for quick healing of the tissues. Prior to each exit to the street it is mandatory the use of sunscreen, which will prevent the appearance of age spots and protecting against uv rays.

Within two weeks, are prohibited from making peeling or enjoy scrubs, within one month after the procedure, it is not possible to take sun baths.

It is forbidden to ingest alcoholic beverages and smoking, as this delays the process of tissue regeneration. You need to refrain from visiting the solarium, the sauna or the swimming pool throughout the recovery period. If the procedure passes from a qualified expert, there is usually no adverse effects and oral rehabilitation is quick and without complications.

фракционное skin rejuvenation methods

Laser rejuvenation 3d

3d Laser facial rejuvenation is a treatment of aesthetic imperfections of the skin through the action of the laser, which allows you to replace a plastic surgery. Thanks to the laser, the technique 3d it is possible to quickly get rid of the signs of change are age-related and adjust the contours.

As shown in the comments, after the realization of procedures of rejuvenation 3d occurs a lifting effect and disappear different cosmetic defects:

  • wrinkles;
  • носогубные folds;
  • bags and puffiness below the eyes;
  • vascular сеточка;
  • pigmented lesions and т. д.

The technique the laser for rejuvenation 3d allows you to perform the restore of the neck, neck and face. Basic course of treatment is 3 to 6 procedures that are performed with a small interval of time (2 to 4 weeks).

During the procedure uses a laser beam which is in layers removes old skin cells of the integument, and performs the processes of regeneration. For this purpose is used a diode or ablative laser CO2. The best is to use the diode laser, because it's faster that regenerate the skin tissue of the integument.

The priorities 3d rejuvenation can be assigned:

  • the lack of need of use of analgesics;
  • minimum of a list of contra-indications;
  • lasting effect;
  • a short period of rehabilitation.

Laser rejuvenation 3d procedure is performed in three successive phases:

  • eliminates the main problem, or cosmetic damage;
  • creates a lifting effect;
  • to perform the polishing of the top layer of the epidermis.
Combine 3d procedure can be mesotherapy, biorevitalization and PRP fair.
фракционное skin rejuvenation contraindications


Fractus rejuvenation and 3d technical receive a large number of positive comments. Negative comments about this омолаживающей procedure are associated with a high price for this procedure and the inability to fully get rid of deep wrinkles.

The result of performed the procedure, much depends on the skill of the beautician, and initial state of the skin of the patient. It is also important to comply with all recommendations of the doctor after the procedure, because the majority of problems occurs through the fault of the patient himself. It's not worth to shoot with the accounts and the reputation of the clinic, it's good to settle down, have a medical license. Success laser, the technique helps to execute the processes of regeneration of tissues and get a powerful lifting effect.